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USK. PETTY SESSIONS, before G. R. GREENHOW-RELPH, S. CHURCHILL, and F. M'DONNELL, Esqrs. ROBBING LODGINGS.—James Hall, a tailor, was charged with stealing 7s. 6d., the property of Mary Ann Thomas. It appeared that prisoner, who was employed by Messrs. Waters and Son, lodged at the house of prosecutrix's father, from whence he decamped on the 3rd August, and the money was missed from an unlocked drawer in the bed- room he occupied after his departure. He was appre- hended some time afterwards in the neighbourhood of I Chepstow, and was now remanded to the 23rd for the completion of the evidence. HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICES. We briefly noticed last week, a Harvest Thanksgiving Festival held at Usk on the 15th inst. We are now enabled to give detailed particulars of that gathering, as well as of a similar one held at Monkswood on the 20th inst. At Usk, the proceedings commenced with divine wor- ship in the parish church, at half-past eleven, the service, which included special lessons for the occasion, being read by the Rev. S. C. Baker, vicar, with responses by the choir. The choral part of the service was admirably performed by the Usk choir, assisted materially by members of the 'Llangwm and Gwernesney choirs, and some friends, who, as members of the congregation, joined in the services. Alfred King, Esq., who is at present engaged in training the choirs of the diocese, presided at the organ. The special psalms were chanted; the anthem, Great is the Lord," was sung with great precision, and the beautiful Harvest hymn- Come ye thankful people, come, Raise the song of Harvest Home"- was rendered with great force and spirit. A very appro- priate sermon was preached by the Rev. Joshua Evans, vicar of Llanover, from Luke xii, v. 16 to 20, at the con- clusion of which the offertory was read, and thank-offerings to the amount of 1;3 10s., were collected. A very excel- lent luncheon was provided for the members of the choir and others, at the Three Salmons Hotel, after the morning service, when Mrs. Macfarlane had again an opportunity of shewing how excellent a provision she can make at the smallest possible cost. The visitors for the most part spent the rest of the day at the Priory, where tea was provided. Evening service took place at half-past six, when the psalms were again chanted, and the magnificent hymn, "The strain upraise of joy and praise;" also the Harvest hymn, ''Praise, 0 praise our God and King," were performed with considerable effect. The eermon preached by the vicar, from 4cts xiv, v. 17, was very suit- able to the occasion. A collection was made during the singing of the evening hymn, which produced the sum of £ 1 7s. Both the services were well attended. The thank-offerings are, we understand, after the payment of expenses, to be applied in promoting the training of the choir, which has already had the advantage of several practices under Mr. King, and any surplus there may be will be placed in the alms-box at the church door for local purposes. At the Monkswood gathering a large number assembled, the church being quite filled. The choral service was beautifully executed by some members of the Usk choir, and an impressive sermon was preached by the Rev. W. Phillips, of Risca. From half-past four until six o'clock tea was laid in the school-room, which had been tastefully defbrated by Mrs. Welsh, the schoolmistress, and some ladies from Usk, The repast, which was of excellent quality, was largely patronised, the room being filled three times, and nearly filled by a fourth party. Upon the tea tables being removed, addresses were given by the Rev. J. Price, the Rev. W. Phillips and the Rev. S. C. Baker, which proved amusing and interesting, as well as highly instructive, and suitable vocal music was provided for the entertainment of the assembly by the Misses Merrett, Mrs. Roberts, Miss Sweeney, Mr. Boxall, and other friends. The room was densely packed during the evening, and the proceedings throughout were, in spite of very unfavourable weather, of an exceedingly satisfactory character. The appliances for serving the tea were kindly furnished by Mrs. Crump, Estavarney; Miss Morgan, The Hill Mrs. Jenkins, Pantypudding; and Mrs. Howells, and the admirable manner in which the ladies present conducted the proceedings at the tables, greatly contributed towards the very genial and pleasant feeling which per- vaded the social party. The proceeds of the tea party are intended for the benefit of the village school.