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DISTRICT INTELLIGENCE. Monmouth Races. Stewards His Grace the Duke of Beaufort, the Earl of Uxbridge, the Hon. "Wyndam Quin, and John Hamilton, Esq.; Judge and Clerk of the Scales-Mr. T. Marshall; Starter-Mr. Starling, junr. These races commenced on Thursday, and, judging from the success which attended this day's sport, combined with the gradual though marked improvement that has characterised the meeting for the past two or three years, we may safely augur that it is about to resume its tormer position as a racing event of no mean importance, indeed, such cannot fail to be the case so long as the Duke of Beaufort continues to extend to it the support and in- fluence he has latterly done, and so long as the arrange- ments of the committee are entrusted to the able hands of Mr. Henry Dyke, as hon. sec. The ground was in capital order, and the weather proved exceedingly fine for the running—a natural result of the latter being that the course was crowded with spectators, including a large proportion of the elite of this and neigh- bouring counties; indeed, it must have been many years since so many stylish equipages have graced Chippenham mead, there being no less than some half-dozen four-in- hands" driven on to the ground, besides a proportionate number of less imposing equipages of all descriptions. Although, of course, it would be impossible to give anything approaching a complete list, we append the names of those of the most distinguished visitors we noticed:—His Grace the Duke of Beaufort, and party ^comprising: the Earl of Coventry, Colonel Poulett Somerset, M.P., Colonel Edward Somerset, Captain Little, Mr. George Payne, Mr. C. C. Martin, Captain Draper, and Captain Gratrex; Mr. John E. W. Rolls' party: Mr., Mrs., the Misses and Mr. C. Master, the Hon. Captain Neave, Mr. C. Stanhope, Colonel Scudamore, Mr. Octavius Morgan, M.P., Mr. and Mrs. Hume Nicholl, Mr. and Mrs. John Rolls, the Misses and Mr. J. A. Bolls; Mr. Reginald Herbert's party: Captain and Mrs. Smythe, Miss Scrope, Mr. Dalrymple Treherne, Mr. Thoro Id, Mr. R. Thorold, Mr. Walter de Soddington Blount, Mr. Reginald, and Mr. Alphonse; Herbert; Hon. F. Morgan's party Lord G. Bruce, Hon. H. Dighton, Hon. F. Morgan, and Hon. A. Morgan; Mr. A. Rolls' party: Mr. and Mrs. Curre, Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Booker, Miss Lindsay, Mr. and Mrs. A. Bolls, Mrs. and the Misses Segrave, Mr. and Miss Steward, Hon. Wynd- ham Quin, Hon. — Arundel and Major Wickham; Lord Raglan and party, Mr. Crawshay Bailey and party, Mr. T. Gratrex, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Mitchell, Major Herbert, Major M'Donnell, Mr. O. A. Wyatt, Mr. F. C. Hanbury Williams, &c., &c. The time fixed for the racing to commence was two o'clock, and shortly after that hour, the horses went to, the start for the THB COUNTY MEMBERS' PLATE. A handicap of £30 given by 0. Morgan, Esq., M.P., and Colonel Somerset, M.P., added to a sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, 2 ft. to go to the tund, for 2 yrs. old and upwards; a winner of any race after the declaration of the weights (at 12 o'clock on the 14th of Sept.) to carry 51bs. extra. The winner to pay 5 sovs. to the fund. One mile. Mr. "W. Barnett's ch. m. Norma, 4 yrs., 8st 21bs (J.Holman) 1 Mr. Brayley's Endsleigh, 2 yrs., 6st 21bs ("Ward) 2 Mr. Adam's, b. g. Wortham, 6 yrs., 8st 51bs.(Deacon) 3 Betting: 6 to 4 on Endsleigh. The Race: Wortham started with the lead, but was soon collared by the favorite, who held the running half round, when the chesnut came up from the rear, and the lot kept well together for some time, Norma ultimately rushing to the front, which position she held, during an exciting struggle, to the post, being landed the winner by a head; third well up. THE BEAUFORT CUP. A handicap of 10 sovs. each, 5 ft. if declared on Tuesday, September the 13tb, with a piece of plate added, the gift of His Grace the Duke of Beaufort. Any number of torses the property of the same owner may run for this race; a winner of a stake of the value of 100 sovs. after the weights are out (Sept. 1, at 11 a.m.) to carry 51bs. extra. Entrance, 2 sovs. to go to the fund. One mile and a quarter. (20 subs., 7 declared.) Mr. John Day's Teneriffe, 3 yrs., 7st 21bs (Morris) 1 Mr. J. B. Morris's Balham, 6 yrs., 8st 7lbs (Fordham) 2 Mr. Stephenson's Turn of Luck, 5 yrs., 8st 41bs (Hayward) 3 Mr. Brayley's Golden Dust, 4 yrs., 8st (Cannon) 0 Mr. H. J. Smith's Avondale, 4 yrs., 7st 10lbs (J. Grimshaw) 0 Mr. Sly's na. Littlecote, 4 yrs., 7st olbs^ (Maidment) 0 Betting: 6 to 4 on Teneriffe; 5 to 1 against Balham; 7 to 1 against Golden Dust. The Race: There was some difficulty in getting Little- cote to the post, after which the horses got away well together, Avondale leading, closely followed by Balham; Littlecote, however, soon shewed in front with a good lead, the two first-named horses being at about equal distances second and third, and the others considerably in the rear; in this order they ran for some time, until on nearing the straight the ruck closed up, and in the course of a sharp struggle Teneriffe rushed to the front and Won cleverly by a length, being hard put to by Balham, and the third horse (Turn of Luck) being also well up. THE MONNOW STAKES, Of 3 sovs. each, and 25 sovs. added; the winner to be sold for £50, but if entered to be sold for 225, allowed 141bs.; two yrs. old, 6st. lOlbs., three 8st. 81bs., four 9st. 91ba., five, 9st. 131bs., six and aged, lOst.; mares and geldings atfowed 3ibs.; a winner of any race during the last twelve months of the value of-50 sovs. to carry 51bs. extra. Six furlongs. Mr. Meredyth's May, 2 yrs., (£25), 5st 121bs (J. Grimshaw) 1 Mr. Andrew's Lizzie, 6 yrs., 8st lllbs., (£25) .(Maidment) 2 Mr. G. Bruce's ca.Vera Cruz, 2 yrs., 5st 91bs, (£25) (C. Page) 3 Duke of Beaufort's Hoops, 2 yrs., 5st 71bs, ( £ 25).(Phillips) 0 Mr. G. Trotter's Forest Queen, aged, 8stl31bs, (£25) (Owner) 0 Mr. John Thomas's Wee Agie, 3 yrs, 7st 51bs, ( £ 25) (C. Gray) 0 Betting: 6 to 4 on May; 3 to 1 against Hoops; 5 to 1 against Vera Cruz. The Race: Alter eight or nine false starts, caused by the stubbornness of May—during one of which all the horses except May and Wee Agie went round the course before they found their mistake—the horses got away well together, Lizzie, who during the false starts had appeared eager for the race, jumping off with the lead; all the horses excepting the Forest Queen being well up. Lizzie held the running up to the distance post, when she was deprived of it by May, who, after a hard contest, beat her by a length. The winner was bought in for 60 guineas. THE TROY PLATE. Of 25 sovs. added to a handicap sweepstakes of 5 sovs each 2 ft. to go to the fund; a winner of any stake of the value of £50 after the declaration of the weights, (Sept. I, at 11 a.m.) to carry 51bs. extra; to be ridden by gen- tlemen qualified for the Anglesey stakes at Goodwood, Officers in the Militia, Volunteers, or Members of the Monmouthshire, Ruperra, or any regularly established Hunt Club; professionals 71bs, extra, One mile and a half. (8 subs.) Mr. Milward's ch. m. Miss Clifton, 6 yrs., 9st 131bs (James) Mr. Brayley's Ibex, h. b., 4 yrs., lOst 4ilbs (Mr. "Wood) 2 Mr. F. C. Morgan's Teddy, 6 yrs., list 41bs (Owner) 0 Mr. Bosley's ch. h. Sir Holme, aged, 9st 71bs (R. Sly) 0 Mr. Merrick's b. g. Tom Payne, 6 yrs, 9st 41ba (Mr. Williams) 0 Betting: 6 to 5 on Miss Clifton; 5 to 2 against Ibex; 4 to 1 against Sir Holme. The Race: Sir Holme started with the lead, with Miss Clifton second, and Teddy third; in this order they spread out, leaving the other two together in the rear. In pass- ing the stand Miss Clifton displaced Sir Holme, and Teddy closed up, but Ibex soon collared him and he was thrown out of the race, the running in the second round being made by Sir Holme, Miss Clifton, and Ibex, each alter- nately shewing in front; Miss Clifton stumbled on com. ing into the straight, but her rider picked her up very cleverly, and, after a close run with Ibex, landed her the winner by two lengths, the other horses being left far in the rear. The owner of Ibex entered an objection to Miss Clifton on the ground of her never having been properly described, and the matter, upon being referred to the stewards, was left by them to be decided by the New- market authorities. THE CHIPPENHAM STAKES. Of 10 sovs. each, 5ft. with £50 added. For 2 years old, 7st., 3 yrs. old, 8st. 71bs.; 4 years old, 9st. 21bs.; 5, 6, and aged, 9st. 61bs.; mares and geldings allowed 31bs.; a winner of £ 50 31bs., or £100 5lbs. extra. Horses having started twice without winning allowed 5lbs.; thrice 91bs. The winner to pay £10 to the fund. Six furlongs. (10 subs.) Duke of Beaufort's Crytheia, 3 yrs., 8st 91bs .(Fordham) 1 Mr. Brayley's Golden Dust, 4 yrs., 9st 4lbs (Cowley) 2 Mr. ReldifFs Cranbury, 3 yrs., 8st 121bs (Pearson) 3 Betting: 6 to4 on Cranbury. The Race: Crytheia started with the lead and was never once collared, Golden Dust being second, but the latter was shortly deposed by the favourite; he however regained his position on nearing home, and left Cranbury last by a head, Crytheia being declared the winner by four lengths, after a very fast race. THE KYMIN STAKES. Of 5 sovs. each, 2ft. to go to the fund, with dB50 added, for 2 yrs. old colts, 8st. lOlbs., and fillies 8st. 71bs.; a winner of 200 sovs. to carry 71 bs. extra; horses having run three times without winning allowed 51bs. Three horses to start or the public money will not be added. Five furlongs. (17 subs.) The Duke of Beaufort's Todleben, 9st 31bs (Fordham) 1 Mr. R. Wales' Wings of the Wind, 8st 71bs.(H. Grimshaw) 2 Marquis of Hastings' Roulette, 8st 71bs .(C. Page) 3 Betting: 5 to 2 on Todleben. The Race: Todleben started with the lead, and had the race in his own hands from the first. He won easily by four lengths; a bad third.