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SEVEN 10U8FS DESTROYED B7 FIRE. A devastating fire has occurred at Tliaxted. fl s '1 town in Essex., .It appears,that George Sargent, a journeyman glazier, living in a cottage on the TC side of Mill-end, was out at work, and his wife, berrra' absent in the gleaning field, had left three children-as home, the eldest -only six and a half years old. Ohe of them, in playing with some lucifer matches, set fire to some wood andt.atra.win an outboiktiiig, and it is believed that the sides of the house were'smoulderir-g some time before it was discovered externally. Soon. however, it blazed out, and, from the dry sta,t^vojt? every material, burnt like paper; missing, in the first instance, some other cottages, it ran to the back of the thatched roof of one held by James Ramsay,, a shoemaker, who was quietly working at his business until told by his neighbours that his house was on fire. It then came to the two previously misseftf dwellings, occupied by Hutt, Turner, and Salmonf and quickly leaped over the street to a double' tenement occupied by Mr. Edmund Franklin aajfil' Arthur Perry, the. Sun Inn being only sa,ved. ljIiy; pulling down pa.rt of the stables to cut off the cbffi- munication. The fire continued to rage on both sides of the road, and took the residence of Miss Fa.r. row, Mr. Nathan Tyler, baker, and would have ex- tended to that of Mr. Joshua Willis had it not been pulled down to stop any farther spread in that direc- tion. In the meantime it had continued its cou"=3 eastwardly into Orange-street, and there consumed, r or much injured, the cottages occupied by Greenwood, Heard, Phillips, and tha Widow Wyatt, besides nume- rous outbuildings, which, as they were genera1t1.. thatched, received ignition like touch-psper. The fire first began a little before three o'clock in the afternoon, and in the short space of about Sve boar" fifteen houses were burnt down, two pulled down, and; others much injured;, a barn and stable of Mr. Nath_ h', Tyler's totally destroyed; the Sun stables much' iii-; jured, and the Star slightly so. Mr. Nathan Tyler's ten cottages, and his own dwelling and shop, I •" were insured in the County Fire Office Mr. Perry V' three houses and outbuildings in the Norwich; one belonging to Mr. Ramsay in the Royal Exchange; and two, the property of Hunt's trustees, also' in the Royal Exchange the estimated damage being alto- gether from .£2,000 to < £ 3,000.

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