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The Scene at Que-enstcwn.

The Arrival at XiiverpooL…

Examination at Bow-street.I



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EXTRAORDINARY AFFAIR. Wednesday, at Guildford, befora the borough magistrates, Robert Hannam Collier, M.D., Pli.D., F.G.S., &c., was charged with threatening to shoot M'r;Marmad1ilke Wilkin. The defendant is well known in the scientific world as the successful inventor of pacer-making processes. The complainant is a paper- maker, residing at Stoke next Guildford. The com- plMnant deposed:—I live at Laurel-villa, Stoke-road. Yesterday morning I was at Mr. Elkins' office^, in Great St. Helen's, London. The defendant came to see Mr. Elkins on business. I was in an outer offioe at' the time, and presently was called in to disprove something which the defendant had said. He threats ened to print and publish a libel on my mother.. I told him that if he did so I should consider it my duty to give him a good horsewhipping. Upon this- he jumped up in a violent passion, and called me a great many names. I rushed up to him, andwe closed. He put a finger to one of my eyes, and tried to gouge it out; he also tried to bite my nose. I struok him. and defended myself as well as I could. We were eventually separated by a person whom Mr. Elkins called in. The defendant then said, I will go and buy a six shooter this afternoon, and have your life and all the d- d Wilkins." This wa& about half-past 12 o'clock. I left the office, and then want out for a walk. I came down to Guildford by the five o'clock train from London. The defendant was- in the same train, but not in the same carriage, and when we got out in the station- yard he called out to me, I am ready for you this evening; I have got it! I suppose that he, meant the revolver. ILrie followed me through the town, making use of threatening and abusive language. He left me in the Crbmmercial-road, and I went home. The defendant briefly cross-examined the complainant, but the facts of the case, as deposed to by the latter, remained unaltered. The complainant handed in a letter, which, he alleged, the defendant had, sent to his house, and which would explain the origiaof the quarrel; but the magistrates considered it foreign to the investigation. The defendant, in answer to the charge, said that he had no recollection of making use of the words imputed to him concerning the pistol. He denied that he had any intention in any way to injure the- complainant; but, when the complainant spoke of "chastising" and horsewhipping" him, as a man of honour he felt himself bound to resent the affront, and if the magistrates thought that he ought quietly to submit to such an indignity, then he was guilty. The magistrates deaided that the, charge was proved, and ordered the defendant to find one surety of isO and to be bound, over, himself in the same amount, to keep the peace towards the complainant for six months. The defendant entered into the re- quired security, and the parties then left the court. Four Fatal Accidents in One Day. FoID"

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The Arrival in London.

The Inquest on Mr. Briggs.