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The Scene at Que-enstcwn.

The Arrival at XiiverpooL…

Examination at Bow-street.I



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THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH ON THE METROPOLITAN RAILWAY. Almost immediately after the close of the inquest which was held last week on the body of the woman lately killed, under suspicious circumstances, on the above line, a respectable elderly man made his ap- pearance, and said he had been to the dead-house and identified the body as that of his daughter. He stated his name to be Mr. C. Pritchard, upholsterer and undertaker, of No. 3, Crescent-street, Euston-square, and Adam and Eve-yard, Enston-road, and that the matter had been brought to his knowledge only within the last hour under the following circumstances: —Whilst at dinner that day he had sent for a paper, and his eye lighted on the paragraph headed Mysterious Death the Metropolitan Railway," containing a description of the de- ceased female. He at once recognised it as that of his daughter. He at once jumped up from his seat, and hastened to Marylebone Workhouse, where he found his surmises to be too true, and that the body of the deceased was really that of his child. Mr. Pritchard then made to those present the follow- ing statement :—He said Her name is Emma Jane Gollop, aged 33, the wife of Henry Gollop, a chair- maker by trade, residing at 15, Harrow-street, Lisson-. grove. They have three children, one eleven, another six, and one three years of age. Her husband was an invalid, and in very bad circumstances. She had unfortunately formed a connection with a married man, named Henry Powell, an organ-pipemaker, worK- ing, he believed, at Messrs. Gray and Davidson's, op some other organ builders in or near the Euston-road. On Saturday night, between eleven and twelve, his son and daughter were having something to drink with him (Mr. Pritchard) at the Adam and Eve public- house, near the Hampstead-road, and she went off in a bit of a huff, and threatened to go to an aunt from whom she had some expectations. Her husband left to go by the train, and on Monday morning his son- in-law came to him and said he believed his wile had gone off to her aunt's, as she had not been home, but he added that whilst he was in the train, and just as it was moving off towards Baker-street, he saw her and that fellow Powell together on the platform, and had he seen her before the train started he would have got out of the carriage and mado her got in. They had heard nothing of the occurrence till he had read it that day in the papers. > Subsequently some other relatives arrived, and wrSit them the deceased's eldest child, a rather pretty girl but poorly clad, about eleven years of age, who cried very bitterly. At the same moment another person, who was a, passenger, made his appearance. He gave his as John Haydon, in the employ of Messrs. Pickford and Co., and states positively that he was in the train, and as it was moving he saw a woman and a man and one of the company's servants struggling on the plat- form, and saw the woman fall between the platform and the carriages, and then saw one of the men drag out something that looked like a Mhawl from the wheels. These statements are calculated to involve the affair in further mystery; but the police are about to take steps for at once fiinding the man Powell. On Thursday, Mr. J. J. Blake, the coroner's officer for the central division of Middlesex, succeeded in dis- eovering the residence of the man Pow-ell,who was in the company of Emma Gollop on Saturday night, when she met her untimely death. He will remain under strict surveillance; but, as there is at present no specific charge against him, he cannot be given into custody. He has not offered any explanation of the circumstances, nor has he given any reasons why he did not come forward to give information of the matter when the death of the woman was made public, and a full description given of her in the newspapers. Powell is a man of about fifty years of age, and ia- said to have been in the company of the deceased for some considerable time previous to their appearance at the railway station near midnight. Deceased, intended going to her aumt, who resides at Paddington, near to Powell's. The coroner's inquiry into the case is, ad- journed until Monday, the 3rd of October;. but in con- sequence of the new light which has been.thrown on the matter he will probably appoint an earlier day for tha-resumption of the inquest.


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