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The Scene at Que-enstcwn.

The Arrival at XiiverpooL…

Examination at Bow-street.I



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The Arrival in London.

The Inquest on Mr. Briggs.


The Inquest on Mr. Briggs. On Monday morning Mr. John Humphreys, one of the coroners for the county of Middlesex, resumed at the Town Hall, Hackney, the inquest touching the death of Mr. Thomas Briggs, who was murdered on the evening of the 9th of July in a first-class carriage on the North London Railway. Mr. Superintendent Howie had the management of the case on behalf of the Commissioners of Police, and Mr. May- nard, from the office of Mr. T. Beard, appeared on behalf of the accused man, Franz Muller. A number of persons had assembled in the court and its immediate vicinity in the expectation that the accused would be brought up before the coroner and the jury under a warrant from, the Home Office, as it was known that the inquiry had been adjourned until torday with that view. The expectations of those present were, however, doomed to disappointment, as, owing to the late hour at which the accused arrived- in the metropolis, his examination at Bow- street had to be deferred until this morning, and con- sequently he could not bebrought up to Hackney Town Hall. Upon talung his seat, The Coroner said: Gentlemen of the jury, you may re- member that we adjourned on the last occasion for the production of witnesses then absent from England. They have arrived since, but they have a prior claim upon them at the police-court, and there is no course open but to again I adjourn the court. I have at present no evidence to lay before you, owing to the absence of the witnesses in question; and I regret that, owing to the circumstances stated, I must now adjourn and trouble you to reassemble again. The Foreman: Under the circumstances that cannot be avoided. Coroner: Well, gentlemen, I shall adjourn the Court until to-morrow morning at ten o'clock. The inquest was resumed next day. The evidence was but a repetition of that given at Bow-street on Monday. The witnesses were the cabman Matthews, Sergeant Clark, Mr. J. W. Briggs, Mr. J. Death, and Inspector Tanner. At the close of the evidence by the last witness, the Coroner That is as far as I propose to carry the case to-day, gentle- men. The remainder of the evidence to be taken is not very voluminous. I shall now adjourn the court until Mon- day, at eight o'clock in the morning, when no doubt the case will be completed. The proceedings were accordingly adjourned until the time mentioned.