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The Scene at Que-enstcwn.


The Scene at Que-enstcwn. A correspondent of amomingwntemp^iT, writing from Queenstown en Thursday, says :-This Priest of Irish seaports could not have ueen the s t.. i wilder excitement to-day if a visit had been expected from the greatest of living heroes. In fact, it m«y -e doubted whether the impending arrival of a v.c.ouous general, fresh from some desperately tougiiu D^ field, would have so universally raised the blooa o,A townspeople to fever heat, and io is quite ^er^ the coming advent of one of those less showy but more substantial benefactors of their kind, who render pi*-cioBS service to humanity by brain woiu:, wouldhave excited no such sensation. Eager-peering eyes have bean anxiously on the look-out for the signal which would announce that the Etna was about to pay a flying visit to the harbour. To approach her during her almest momentary sojourn became tne objeut; of universal longing, and the ofliea of her agents here vas incessantly besieged by crowds of applicants tor permission to go on board the tender which would be dispatched to fetch her mails and passengers. As soon as the Etna was signalled, spectators clustered^ wasos over a sugar-cask upon every point from which a, good view might theoretically be obtained, though all that th3 gazer could see was the otusicle of the vessel on board which there was a.n alleged murderer. There was a great rush towards the tender when she wa,s about to leave the wharf at seven o'clock, but none were allowed to go in her save tne rsprete j. ^a^ e of the press and the American consul, and there was an unmistakable scowl of envious disappointment on the brows of the many who were left behind. As the tender neared the packet the impatient curiosity which was seething in the brea.sts of the visitors rose to ft boiling point, and within a few moments after the Question, ".Is Muller on board?" nad received an affirmative reply, the tender was all but asserted, and ali who could leave her gathered upon the Jitna s

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Examination at Bow-street.I



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