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POLITICAL GOSSIP. -.JiiL.o. A PARLIAMENTARY return shows that the salaries paid by the government to Roman Catholic army chaplains amount to £10,000 per annum. THE Duke of Somerset, with Rear-Admiral the Hon. James R. Drummond, C.B., and other Lords of the Admiralty, have left London for Paris and Marseilles on their way to Malta. The First Lord and his col- leagues will visit Gibraltar on their return home. THE liberal constituents of Honiton intend to bring forward a gentleman to contest tli-e second seat for this borough—a Mr., Richards, from Wales, being the candidate expectant ME. JUSTICE WILLIAMS, who has had a most -severe attack of indisposition, t'tlld whose state was described as critical, is said to be gradually recovering. His lordship is now at Exmouth, where he has obtained much benefit from the sea air. THE Queensland Assembly, as we learn by a tele- gram published in icbo 'South Australian Register and dated Brisbane, July 25, have passed an act legalising marriage with a deceased wife's sister. THE Gazette -de France quotes the following passage from a letter addressed by Garibaldi to the Rifle Club at Can Italy" Practise with the rifle. The rifle fatally constitutes the justice of modern civilisa- tion, and, when handled by stout arms like yours, it gives men the right to have no masters bnt them- selves." THE French Cliarivan, or Punch, publishes a wood- cut representing a Prussian soldier grown of enormous size, and covered with laurel, having at hi-s side an Austrian, also in uniform, but as thin as a thread- paper. The latter says, It is really altogether annoying; you are not leaving me the smallest wreath of glory I The other replies, Ah! my dear ally, I look so handsome ap I am,! And then, you know, you have the honour of accompanying me Is not that enough r EABL RUSSELL has arrived at Balmoral, m order to be in attendance on Ifer Majesty, in the place of Sir Charles Wood. Themoble earl left the-Countess and Indies Bussell at Windermere, sleeping at Sterling the first night, and on the following day he proceeded on his journey to Balmoral. THE disbandment of the 14bh Hants (Basingstoke) Rifle, Volunteer Corps, for not obeying the command of the officer at GaiJdford last Easter Monday, has been confirmed by the Earl do Grey and Ripon, after a full consideration of the evidence adduced at the late court of iuaulry held at Winchester. THERE are now between 70 and 80 prisoners in custody, awaiting their trial for offences arising out of the late Belfast riots. The quarter sessions com- mence on October :21; but, as usual in all cases of a party nature, the informations will be returned from the quarter sessions to the assises; and as the ordinary gaol delivery will not take place till March, we have it on good .authority, says the Belfast Whig, that a. special commission of assize for the discharge of the gaol will take place soon after the October sessions. Mr. Hamilton (crown solicitor) and Mr. Dunne, ( deputy crown soliciter. North-East Circuit) are at present in ■Pelfast. THE Moniteur-du Soir has an article touching the arrangements made between the Emperor of the French and the Mexican Government. According to the terms (it says) of the convention concluded at Miramar between the Emperor Maximilian and the French Government, an annual sum of 25 millions of francs was to be paid into the hands of the paymester- in-chief of the French army in Mexico at the rate of 2,0S.3,333f. per month. The first instalment, due on the -31st July, has been regularly paid in gold at Mexico to the chief of the French Treasury. The pay ef tfce French army in Mexico was, moreover, to .be from the 1st July, at the charge of the Mexican Government. A-coordiag to a private stipulation, the French Treasury, which had made the advance of those expenses for the month of July, received as re- imbuxserfient on the 1st of August a, further sum øf J,742r(IGOf.. MB. LAW.SON, in a lector published by the Times, eempares the revenue which is paid by Ireland with the Government expenditure upon Ireland. The gross revenue from Ireland is £ 5,734,231 (of which Customs and Excise make up £ 4,579,000). The expenditure on account -of Ireland, the most of which was voted by Parliament, amounted to £ 4,736/1(99^ besides which' the interest <011 the Irish 'National Debt comes to together ^88,910,160, the whole of which is paid out of the English Exchequer, and this does not include the Maynooth College and Gal way packet votes. We therefore spend on Ireland ■ £ 8,175,929 more than we get from her. It is true that a large part of our Irish expenditure is on the military force (sg3 730.060) and fche.eonstabulary (< £ 727,500); but.even if we deducted the cast of the military force (which is essential to civil ord&r there), the Irish Government wo-eld still be at a lose; to us. MR. WHAliSiEY, M.P., has been commissioned to go out to Cs-srera, to present to Garihaldi the yacht which has been purchased by public subscription for the great Italian LosD PALMESSTOS will be 89 years old on the 20th cf next month. THE Earl of Carlisle cannot be considered to have recovered from his recent illness, but he has been ei-I !I better since his residence at Castle Howard, Yorkshire. THE man who sent the threatening letter to Lord Palmerston's Irish agent has been discovered and committed for trial, to the great joy o £ the respectable ortion of his lordship's tenantry, who feel that they 3ia--e an upright and generous landlord. LOBO RAGIAN has been nominated by the Duke of Beaufort to the captaincy of the Doddiiigton Squadron of the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars, in the room of the late Sir. W. Codrington, Bart. This nomination has received the hearty approbation of the members of the troop, to whom it was submitted for approval by his Grace. THE rumour whieh has been current for some time past, that the Right Hon. J. W. Henley, who has for so many years represented the county of Oxford in the House of Commons, intends to retire at the end of the present Parliament, is now stated to be entirely without foundation. It is not probable that there will be any opposition to either of the present mem- bers, as nothing but the retirement of Mr. Henley would bring Sir Henry Dashwood forward again. THE Royal licence, directing the Archbishop of Can- terbury to consecrate the black bishop, Dr. Samuel Crowther, ran as follows:—"We do, by this our licence, under our royal signet and sign manual, autho- rise and empower you, the said Rev. Samuel Adjai Crowther, to be bishop of the United Church of Scotland and Ireland, in the said countries in Western Africa beyond the limits of our dominions. The Patriot asks, "What has her Majesty, or if she pleases, the Head of the English Church, got to do with places external to her dominions? or wherein does this piece of impertinence differ from the Papal aggression which was so resented here ? We fear the blackamoors of Western Africa will not yield due obedience to the bishop who has been set over them without asking their leave."


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