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"Harvest Cart" in Suffolk.

Epigram on the Belfast Riots.

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TELE-GRAFINNS.—The Telegraph Department in India is to have its efficiency increased to a fair ex- tent, by the introduction of nine hundred clerks belonging to the fair sex. We need hardly say that the tender of such service was most appropriate, for the young ladies are naturally well acquainted with In the working of the needles. GET ALONG WID'EE !—We are deeply pained to ob- serve the following paragraph extracted from the Mo- ravian journals The Government of Moravia has decided that widows who pay taxes have a right to vote in municipal elections. This is a most distressing development of the rights tf woman, and one which we trust will not extend to Great Britain. If this additional motive ior desiring, to become widows were to be allowed to tempt the sex the result would be awful! A RETORT THAT IS A LITTLE TOO SPIRITED.— Retaliation in commerce, as in other things, sometimes takes a most savage form. Now lock at India, how we treat her in our commercial relations! Because India sends us her cotton badly ginned, is -that any reason, we ask, why we should send her our sherries- so fearfully brandied ? DIFFERENT WAYS CF TRAVELLING.—Man travels- to expand his ideas; but woman—judging fram the number at boxes she invariably takes with her-travels only with the object of expanding her dresses. His GRANDMOTHER.—" Poor thing very painful!" said Old Mrs. Bowline (grandmother of the lamented Tom Bowline the darling of his crow), on reading a, letter from her nautical relation, wherein he told her that he had seen the Needles right in the eye of the- Wind. A QUESTION FOR NOTES AND QUERIES.-SUppos- ing you found a greenback, would you, when found, be able by any means to make a note of it ?" A RmDLE.- Why is a gentleman enjoying a snooze, and refreshed by it, like a hunter who goes at a jump. with a number of other ? Because he takes his (s)leap with the rest. + A Chapter of Accidents.-A farmer living near

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