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A WIDOW AND HER TWO SONS: UN- NATURAL CONDUCT. The Court of Assizes of the Oise, France, has just tried two brothers named Pierre and Louis Petel, the former charged with attempting to murder his own mother, a widow, residing at Venette, and the latter with being the instigator of the crime. About 3 in the morning of the 23rd of May last, the garde-cham- petre of Venette, named Matton, was awakened by widow Petel, who told him that an attempt had been made to murder her during the night. The poor wo- man being covered with blood, and in a state of great exhaustion, Matton and his wife gave her every assist- ance in their power, and as soon as she was able she told them that a person had entered her bedroom about midnight and had attempted to strangle her by putting a cord with a slip knot round her neck, but that she had managed to get her hand into the noose so as to pre- vent complete strangulation. She cried for help, and resisted her assailant as well as she could, but he thrust a handkerchief into her mouth to stop her cries, and then pulled the cord with such violence that she was drawn off the bed and fell on the floor in a fainting fit. The murderer, thinking her dead, took the hand- kerchief from her mouth and fled. She added that she believed her younger son Pierre to be the criminal; that her elder son Louis had twice tried to poison her, and that the motive for these crimes was her sons' desire to obtain possession of her house and property. Pierre, who was in the service of a farmer at Com- piegne, was at once arrested, and on his person was found a handkerchief stained with blood, as were also his own clothes. It was likewise proved by his master that he had been absent part of the night from the farm. Before the examining magistrate Pierre con- fessed his guilt, and stated that he had committed the crime at the suggestion of his brother, who had pre. viously tried to poison their mother, but failed. As this confession was fully supported by collateral evi- dence, the jury found both prisoners guilty, but with axtenuating circumstances, and the Court accordingly sentenced them-to hard labour for life. Government Emigration. The Government

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"Harvest Cart" in Suffolk.

Epigram on the Belfast Riots.

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