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TREGARE. THANKSGIVING FESTIVAL.—A thanksgiving gathering, and a social tea meeting, took place at Effil Newydd Meet- ing House, on Wednesday last, both of which were verv well attended. The Rev. Mr. Campbell, M.A., from Mon- mouth, discoursed in the afternoon from Galatians, vi chap., 7 verse-" Be not deceived, God is not mocked whatsoever a man soweth, that also shall he reap.The subject of which he elucidated with great ability, and rendered remarkably clear and instructive to his audience, as well as fitting to the occasion, sustaining the closest at- tention throughout. At the conclusion, the meeting was adjourned, in order to prepare the creature comforts, and an excellent tea was afterwards well served, at the low charge of sixpence a head, of which anumerous company partook, and who passed well-merited compliments upon those who superintended the trays and general manage- ment. Tea being over, the meeting recommenced, Mr. Williams, of Wern-y-Mellin, being voted to the chair. The Rev. W. Campbell, M.A., (Monmouth), was again, called upon, who, after expressing his very great satisfac- tion at the success of their meetings, gave a brief, but im- pressive and animated address upon the subject of Gratitude and love to God;" remarking that the present meeting was the happy result of the past efforts of the friends of truth in that locality, declaring his conviction of the ultimate success of the principles there proclaimed, and asserting that the human mind loved truth as naturally as the eye sought light, no one being content to sit in dark- ness. The speaker concluded by heartily avowinghis readi- ness and willingness to work with every one for the common good. Mr. Dawe, (Monmouth), followed in a sound, pithy, and practical speech, upon a similar subject. Mr. Charles Forward, (Raglan), afterwards entertained the audience with an excellent, and pathetic discourse upon Love, and the power of kindness." The meeting terminated about eight o'clock, with praise and prayer, all being highly grati- fied with the proceedings.