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,Money Market.

The Corn Trade.


The Corn Trade. MARK-LANE, SEPT. 12.-There was a more plentiful supply of English wheat at this day's market, and pur- chases being made with caution, prices rather declined new white selling at 42s to 463, and red at 39s to 438 per quarter. At the close of business several parcels were unsold, although of good quality. A fair quantity of foreign was brought forward, and demand ruled dull, at 38s to 48s per quarter, being rather under the terms of last market day. Supply moderate. of American, yet rates weak at 39s to 43s for red, and white at 44s to 45s, there being few purchasers.—The Flour trade ruled quiet: rates for town-made, 36s to 40s; seconds and country, 27s to 34s per sack; fresh American, 22s to 24s per barrel; and sour, 19s to 21s 6d. — There being more Barley at market than required, prices rather went aown, malting selling at 31s to 36s per craarter grinding, 26s to 27s; and feeding, 28s to 30s — Demand for Malt increases pale brings 60s to 66s and brown, 50s to 54s.—With Oats the market was heavily sup- plied, and easier prices prevailed, but with a large business English and Irish feed sold at 18s to 22s; potato, 21s"to 24s 6d; Scotch, 20s to 26s; and foreign, 17s 6d to 24s 6d. Peas firm in value, but cautiously purchased: white and maple at 36s to 40s grey, 3Js to 37s; and blue, 38s to 45s.— Beans a slow sale: small English, 42s to 46s midd. size. 33s to 40s large, 36s to 38s; and foreign, 34s to 44s.-The value of Indian Corn is 30s to 31s. LIVERPOOL, SEPT. 13.—Market moderately attended. Wheat and Flour, although offered on lower terms, are iti poor request. Indian Corn 6d lower; Beans steady Oats and Oatmeal quiet. COTTON, LIVERPOOL, SEPT. 14-Market quiet, and irre- gular m price. Sales will orobably foot up 3 000 or 4 000 bales. TALLOW, SEPT. 14.—The market is steady: prices are quoted as follows Town tallow, 41s 9d, net sash Peters- burg Y.C., on the spot, 42s; October to December, 43s; December, 43s 9d to 44s January to March, 44s 3d March, 45s- HOPS, BOROUGH MARKET, SEPT. 14.—Messrs. Pattenden and Smith report an active demand for the finer portion of the new growth, which sells freely at the late advance in prices. Inferior and mouldy samples are dull of sale. HAY, SMITHFIELD MARKET, SEPT. 13.—Messrs. Harvey and Easton report trade at last day's prices. Prime mea- dow hay, 90s toll5s clover, old, iOOs to 135s • straw 27s to 32s.. FRUIT AND VEGETABLES, CovENT-aARDEN.—Sup- plies of most things are on the increase, especially those of grapes and melons. App'es, plums, and peaches are also abundant, and there is a fair supply of William's Bon Chretien pear, a flne kind at this season. Kent filberts fetch from 45s to 60s per lOOlbs. New walnuts promise to be plentiful. For Potatoes there is a heavy sale, and prices for them have a downward tendency. Flowers chiefly consist of orchids, heaths, asters, mignonette, and roses. Pineapples per lb, 6s to 8s; Grapes, per lb, 3s to 4s; Peaches, per aoz., 8s to 10s; Nectarines, ditto, 2s to 8s; Melons, each, 2s to 4s Figs, pe-t doz., Is 6d to 2s 6d; Plums per i sieve, 2s to 4s Pears, per doz., Is 6dto 3s Oranges, pr. 100,16s to 20s; Lemons, pr 100,14s to 20s; Nuts, Barcelona, do., 16s; New Brazil, do. 16s; Almonds, do., 18-3 to 20s; Cabbages, per doz. Is to 2s; Asparagus, p. bundle, 4s to 6s; French beans* per half-sieve, 4s; Peas, per basket, 2s 6d to 38 6d; Potatoes York Regents, per ton, 60s to 30s; Rocks, do., 45s to 55s: Flukes.. 60s to 90s; Carrots, per bunch, 6d to 9d; Turnips* per bunch, 6d to 8d; Cucumbers, each, 4d to Is; Beet por d&z., Is 6d to 2s; Shalots, per lb., 6d; Garlic, per lb 6d- Lettuces, each, Id to 23: Endive, per score Is to 2s ■ Horseradish, per bunch, Is to 4s; Mushrooms', per pott*. Is to Is 9d; Parsley, per 12 bunches, 3s to 4s; Herbs, per bunch, 5d. bunch, 5d.

Cactle Market.