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The Wheat Harvest.

Gardening Operations for the…

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Singular Capture of a Pair of Foxes.—As the gamekeeper of a gentleman living not ten miles from Preston was going his round in the wood early one morning last week, he espied a very large dog fox fastened by the neck between two trees growing close together. Although apparently exhausted by his attempts to release himself, the cunning of the animal appeared to have saved its life; for, on the keeper approaching, Reynard did not pull in his head, or try to escape by that means, as it was an experi- ment he had doubtless tried before until nearly suffo- cated. He simply showed his teeth. But the keeper was as cunning as the fox, and, by the help of a fishing net he had in his pocket, he secured his legs and head. Thus captured, his head was easily lifted from between the saplings. Beyond a slight bruise on one side of his neck, the fox had not been injured, although he must have been captive for hours, as he appeared famished. At the hall he was put into a kennel near the stables, with a chain round his neck. On the second morning after his capture, as the keeping was taking him his usual meal, he discovered another fox, of equal size, lying by the side of the prisoner, and the strange animal, on seeing him, darted away. The keeper believed this to be a bitch fox, which would, in a night or two, venture into the kennel again. The following evening he missed two Cochin China pullets and a bantam cock, but the she fox was not in the kennel. On looking inside he dis- covered the feathers of the birds, although the cunning occupant was fastened by a chain. It be- came evident now that the she fox was the thief, and bad robbed the hen roost, and that the prisoner in the kennel had received, at any rate, a portion of the property, well knowing it to have been stolen. A trap was set, and a night or two afterwards the bitch fox was caught in a net, and then the pair were taken by the keeper, and in the presence of the squire and several other gentlemen were suspended by a cord frem an apple tree, as a terror to others of the tribe.


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