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SPORTS AND PASTIMES. 0 A SALMON was caught this week at Montrose which deserves an obituary notice, as it was a monster unparalleled. It weighed 501bs., was 53 inches long, and 29 inches in girth. It was odd no one thought of it as a fit Royal present. IT is now generally admitted that many of the ladies who are followers of old Izaak Walton are quite as expert in salmon fishing as their lords, Lady Pigott, of Suffolk, ranking the highest in such piscatorial pursuits. PAIITKIEG-ES are plentiful throughout England generally, but, in consequence of the great drought, there is little cover for the birds, and the sportsman has gieat difficulty in getting near to them. In Cornwall they are, for the most part, remarkably fat and strong on the wing. Some heavy bags have already been made, but sportsmen have to act with great caution, owing to the forward condition of the birds. In the east, more especially, the birds are found very strong on the wing, and are remarkably wild, owing to the want of cover. Mr. C. Nunn, of Farnham, near Bury St. Edmunds, bagged forty-one brace of birds and several bares and rabbits in the course of a long day's sport. From Yorkshire it is stated that, as the harvest is not so forward, there has been more cover for the birds. Good bags have been made in this part of the country, and partridges have been selling at 2s. 6d. per brace. THE great Doncaster race meeting has ever been considered only second in importance in the sporting world to the week in which the Derby is run on Epsom Downs, and perhaps there has been as much specula- tion upon the great St. Leger this year as at any former period. The horses which figured prominently in the betting were the first three in the Derby, but Scottish Chief being scratched, Blair Athol and Gene- ral Peel were neck and neck in the estimation of specu- lators. At the last moment the Miner beat the Derby winner at York, who allowed him 71bs. Without taking that into consideration, he was soon quoted at 10 to 1; 7, 8, and even 5 to 1 being taken about him before the day, whilst Ely and Baragah carried heaps of money for their owners and friends. Outsiders were backed at extraordinarily long prices, for it appeared to be a foregone conclusion that the race must fall to the five first-named. The generality of persons well informed in these matters believed the contest for the prize would only be a match between Blair Athol and General Peel. The following were the principal prophesies in the sporting papers Touch- stone," in the Era, was strongly prepossessed in favour of Blair Athol and General Peel, and was the most inclined to Ely, Miner, Baragah, and Coast Guard for the remainder. From the fact of Bara- gah being so recently amiss, and the demonstration that had apparently set in so strongly against him, he did not think him so taking as the other three, one of whom he thought was bound to finish among the lead- ing trio. But he considered they were not so worthy of notice as Blair Athol and General Peel, and he thus anticipated the fiat of the judge Genera] Peel 1, Blair Athol 2, Ely 3. "Stable Mouse," in the same nancr. placed Minor 1, General Peel 2, Blair Athol 3. Observer," in the Field, con- cluded his review of the St. Leger candidates as follows" There will no doubt be important changes in the market before the race comes off, and which may affect the chances of several animals now in the background. But if the cracks of the day' remain in their positions, and run as they did in the Derby, I have a strong prepossession that the increased time, and the change in the course, will be so beneficial to General Peel as to enable him to verify the opinion both of his late and present trainer, of being by far the best three-year old of the season, and the most probable winner of the St. Leger. Next to him I think Miner will be discovered; but in spite of my doubts as to his staying, I should advise my readers to avoid taking any liberties with Blair Athol." The writer to Bell's Life said, "NVe cannot look beyond General Peel, Blair Athol, Miner, Ely, and Cambuscan for the actual winner. The lot is hard to choose between, the first two named being particularly troublesome; and the difficulty may best be got over, perhaps, by sticking to public form' and Blair Athol." "Orange Blossom," ii- the same paper, selects General Peel The Gem," Blair Athol and The Olympian," General Peel. Beacon," in the Sporting Gazette, thought the con- test ought to lie between Blair Athol, Miner, and General Peel; but as the latter had given indications that he was not gifted with the staying powers neces- sary to get a mile and three-quarters, he believed he should see Blair Athol effect the double victory; and that his most dangerous opponent would be the Miner. Rhyming Richard," in the same paper, selects Blair Athol; Cock Robin," Blair Athol; "Birmingham," General Peel; Troubadour," Blair Athol; Sitiens," Ely; PeepingTom," General Peel; and "East Riding," Gen. Peel. Augur," in the Sporting Life, considered the struggle confined to four—Blair Athol, Gen. Peel, Ely, andMinor; and, being bold enough to anticipate the judge, ventured to prognosticate the three first posi- tions as under:—Blair Athole 1, General Peel 2, Ely 3. Orlando," in the same paper, selected Miner. The writer in the Sunday Times, after reviewing the pre- tensions of the candidates, said the field was sure to be selected from the above, but not more than 17 or 18 may run. Of these we have a very great respect for Blair Athol and the overlooked Peon, but we cannot reconcile ourselves to the idea that either of them will make General Peel lower his colours, for he will have much greater advantages in the north than ever he had in the south, where he not only sweated profusely in his preliminary gallop for the blue riband, but was ridden to a stand-still in the race for that much-envied trophy. The result of the race was just as the generality of the prophets predicted, and proves the correctness of the Derby running. Blair Athol" was again first, and General Peel" second.

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