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L*iri3_OOUET. FE THE Court was held during the past week at Bal- moral. The Queen, accompanied by the Duke and Duchess of Saxe-Coburg and Princess Helena, have taken occasional walks and drives in the vicinity, and her Majesty appears to be gaining health and spirits in her Highland home. THE Prince and Princess of Wales are in Denmark. At Elsinore their reception was most enthusiastic and flattering. The Danes appeared to have forgotten their past griefs in loyalty to their sovereign, who came to me6t his daughter and her illustrious husband. As so little has been written about the infant Prince Albert Victor of late, says the Court Journal, it will be interesting to most to leam that he is acknowledged to be a child of remarkable beauty and of singular intelligence. THE Prince and Princess of Wales will be absent about three weeks from the date of leaving England, during which time they will visit St. Petersburg and Stockholm. IT is confidently reported in Court circles that an engagement between the Princess Helena and the eldest son of an illustrious house will soon be publicly announced. GREAT preparations are being made for the recep- tion of the Prince and Princess of Wales for the shooting season, after their return from Denmark. The prosrects of the shooting season on the Royal estate are very good, as there is a great quantity of partridges, an abundance of pheasants, and every variety of game. The very dry season has of course been very favourable to game preserving, and poaching being almost unknown here, the principal enemy which the keepers have had has. been Master Reynard, a' good supply of foxes being preserved by the directions of the Prince. The alterations and improvements which have been and are being made under the direc- tion of Mr. Carmichael, the resident steward, are very inaiked, and have already completely changed the aspect of the estate. The 'plantations, which had become completely overgrown and choked with rank underwood, have been thinned, portions of the park have been raised and planted, and new and excellent roads made. A new and commodious house has been provided within the park for the head keeper, and on the table land before it have been constructed eighteen large pheasantries, each being about fifty feet square, all connected, and forming one large and compact block. The kitchen garden, which has been laid out, and is to supply the Royal table with fruit and vegetables throughout the year, comprises fifteen acres of land, seven of which are completely enclosed with brick walls, that on the north side being of great height, and parallel with it are six large grape conservatories. The new labourers' dwellings, each of which is provided with three sleeping apartments, approach completion, and others are to be commenced. All the old cottages have been repaired, painted, and ingrained. The royal stables have been still further extended, so as to show uniformity of appearance and afford sufficient accommodation for his Royal High- ness's stud. The comptroller's house, which is really a very beautiful mansion, situated in the park to the south-west of the hall, is completed. A model of Sand- ring haITI-hall has been constructed according to the plans of Mr. Humbert, and if they are carried out a splendid palace will supersede the present modest mansion of Sandringham-house. Nothing has as yet w' been decided in the matter; The beautiful Norwich gates and their accompaniments are on the point of completion—the decorator being now engaged in put- ting the finishing touch to them. The Home Farm falls into the hands of the Prince of Wales at Michaelmas. SINCE the departure of her Majesty from Windsor nearly 200 workpeople have been engaged at the castle re-painting and re-guilding the Queen's rooms. The stone-colour which concealed the fine oak-panelled ceiling of the grand entrance and staircase leading to the marble statue of George IV. is being renovated, and other important improvements are going forward.




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