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Messrs. Gabriel's Invention. TEETH WITHOUT SPRINGS. OSTEO EIDON: Patent, March 1st, 1862. No. 560. GABRIEL'S Self-adhesive PATENT Inde- VJ structible MINERAL TEETH and FLEXIBLE GUMS, supplied without palates, springs, or wires, and without operation, are indestructible, and warranted for mastication and articulation, even when all others fail. Purest materials only, at half the usual cost. "Perfection of art and mechanism." For purity and comfort unapproachable." &pGABR/ £ 7^ THE OLD ESTABLISHED* J 27, HARLEY STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE, AND 34, LUDGATE HILL, (over Benson's, Silversmith), LONDON; 134, DUKE STREET, LIVERPOOL; 65, NEW STREET, BIRMINGHAM. AMERICAN MINERAL TEETH, without springs, -L\. best in Europe, from 4 to 7 and 10 to 15 Guineas per set, warranted. Single Teeth and partial Sets at pro- portionately moderate charges. Only one visit required at the London Establishments from country patients. Whole Sets made in one day where time is an object. Specimens, as exhibited at the International Exhibition, may be seen at the Crystal Palace (Industrial Court) and at the Polytechnic Institution. THE ROYAL TOOTH POWDER, as prepared for Her Majesty.—Is. 6d. and 2s. 6d. per box; also, GABRIEL'S celebrated GUTTA-PERCHA ENAMEL, chemically prepared for personal use, prevents tooth- ache, and arrests decay.—Price Is. 6d. per box. Sold by all Chemists. GABRIEL'S PRACTICAL TREATISE ON ARTI- FICIAL TEETH, and the only effectual mode of supplying them, (Post Free) explains their numerous improvements. GABRIEL'S new work should be read by all who value health, and before consulting a dentist.HEBALD. Coal Coal Coal J RICHARDSON begs to inform the inhabi- « tants of Usk and its neighbourhood, that he has become the Agent for the ABERTILLERY RED ASH COAL COMPANY, and he respectfully solicits a share of their patronage. All orders en- trusted to him shall receive his prompt attention. June 30, 1864. MONMOUTHSHIRE. LETTERVANE FARM, LLANGATTOCK- VIBON-AVEL. MESSRS. COURT & SON are instructed by Mrs. JiL Louisa Gwilliam and Sons, to SELL BY AUCTION, on the premises, On Wednesday, September 21st, 1864, The whole of the Valuable LIVE STOCK, AGRI- CULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, DAIRY UTEN- SILS, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects. Particulars in Posters. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock. Monmouth, September 7, 1864. CHAPEL HOUSE, MARKET STREET, USK. MESSRS. GRAHAM & CO. have been favoured ilL with instructions from the Rev. G. Cosens (who is leaving the neighbourhood) to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the above premises, On Tuesday, September 27th, 1864, The whole of his Genteel and Useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects. Sale to commence precisely at one o'clock in the afternoon. For full particulars see Posters and next week's advertisement. R B A Ke w N &ts, D It t I't I 'D U S,I, TRUE UNCOLOURED TEA. This Tea is imported with the leafnot Coloured, is highly recommended by medical and scientific men, and combines purity with fine flavour and lasting strength. Sold by Chemists, Stationers, and Confectioners in all parts of the kingdom. Usk—Robinson, Bridge St. Pontypool—Edwards, Bookseller. Chepstow—Barrett, Moor St. Newport—Newman—Thomas. Pillgwenlly—Morgan, Post Office. Pillgwenlly-Morgan, Post Office. T. EVANS, a Boot, Shoe, and Gaiter Manufac- jK fcy turer, and Currier, HL \V 16 AND 17, CROSS STREET, BKJL ABERGAVENNY, |H| BEGS TO CALL THE ATTENTION OF THE ■H9B PUBLIC TO THE LARGE STOCK — OF BOOTS AND SHOES OF EVERY ■BJD DESCRIPTION HE HAS CONSTANTLY ON WH SH HAND. MB MB RIFLE GAITERS MADE FROM THE ■M||N PRIMEST COWHIDE, ON THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS, SUITABLE FOR JJHIV SHOOTING OR WALKING PURPOSES. IMPORTANT, IF you want to Borrow Money at a Cheap and Easy Rate, go to Mr. W. WILLIAMS, 16, Dock street, Newport, Mon., and Insure your Life, and lie will guarantee that with Approved Personal Security, you can have any Sum from JE50 to £1,000, for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years, repayable by fixed Half- yearly or quarterly Instalments. MONEY TO LEND.—T0 TRADES. MEN, FARMERS, & OTHERS.—MONEY immediately advanced on good personal security, or Leasehold, Copyhold, and Freehold Property, from X50 to E5000, at 5 per cent interest. Upwards of three hundred thousand pounds have already been advanced.-Apply to Mr. C. JOHNS, Licensed Appraiser and House Agent, 4, Prospect Place, Stow lIllI, Newport, Mon. N. B.-All applications by post to contain 4 stamps for reply. WHY PAY MORE THAN £ 6 PER TON? GUARANTEED BETTER THAN EVER. J. H. S. WILDSMITH AND CO'S. PREPARED BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME, for Potatoes, Turnips, Mangolds, Wheat, JL Grass, Barley, Oats, Beans, and all other Crops is the BEST and CHEAPEST FERTILIZER known. Price £6 per Ton, equal to any hitherto made and sold at zC8 per Ton. 1-1 Tons is equal to 1 Ton of best Peruvian, contains the same elements, and costs nearly X5 less. X6 per Ton, free in Wolverhampton; or delivered to any Railway Station or Canal Wharf, E6 10s. per Ton. fOR FULL PARTICULARS, READ OUR CIRCULAR AND TESTIMONIALS. TERMS: FIVE PER CENT. ALLOWED FOR CASH WITHIN ONE MONTH, ADDBESS CHEMICAL WORKS, HORSLEY FIELDS, BONE WORKS, WILLENHALL ROAD, WOLVERHAMPTON, AND SPA ROAD, LONDON. Mr. GEORGE JONES, Coal and Manure Merchant, Agent, Abergavenny. TEA, GROCERY, FLOUR, AND PROVISION WAREHOUSE, KING STREET, BLAENAVON. WD. GEORGE begs to thank the Inhabitants of Blaenavon and its V Y i Neighbourhood for the liberal support accorded to his father, Mr. W. H. George, for so mauy years, and to state that the business will be carried on in future by him in the same place, where he trusts, by strict attention to business, good articles, and moderate prices, to merit their patronage and support, Good Black and Green Teas, ..from" 2s. 8d. to 4s. 1 Lump Sugar from 6d. to 6|d. Moist Sugar „ 4Jd. 5|d. | Yellow and Mottled Soap „ 2d. „ 4d. Composites and Dip Candles, Pickles, Sauces, &c., &c. Peek, Frean, and Company's Biscuits. English, American, and Dutch Cheese, English and American Bacon. Flour, Best and Seconds, Bran, Gurgeons, Sharps, Meal, Oats &c. GOOD HOPS, 9d. PER LB.; BEST KENT, Is. 6d., And every other Article in the Trade, on the most moderate terms. The Shop will be opened on SATURDAY, JULY 16, 1864, with, an entire NEW STOCK, pur- chased at the best Markets. ABERGAVENNY. V\T BABEE, ON retiring from Business, returns his sincere thanks to his numerous Friends for the kind support he has received during his long residence in Abergavenny, and respectfully and confidently introduces to them his Successors, his late Assistants, Messrs. HOLMAN and GATH (who have lived with him some years), and for whom he solicits a continuance of their patronage and support. iacox.3vrA.nsr & O-A-TH, IN soliciting a share of public patronage, accept Mr. BABER'S kind introduction as a sufficient recom- mendation, and simply trust on a prompt attention to Business and regard to quality, to insure for themselves the same kind support so long conceded to their respected Predecessor. High Street, Abergavenny, April 1, 1864. GAME. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Game on Nanty- March Farm, Llangwm, in the occupation of Walter Harris, as tenant, is STRICTLY PRE. SERVED, and that all persons in pursuit of the same will be treated as trespassers. GEORGE P. IRVING. 24th August, 1864. T HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that the GAME on JL the STEPS FARM, in the parishes of Gwernesney, Llangwm, and Llangeview, is STRICTLY PRE- SERVED, and any person trespassing thereon will be prosecuted. Sept. 2, 1864. J. E. WILLIAMS. NOTICE.Any person found trespassing in pur- N suit of Game or otherwise, on the land in the parish of Llantrissent, in the occupation of Mr. Edward Williams, will be prosecuted. THUS. BIGHAM. Treworgan, August 30, 1864. NOW READY. PRIZE POEMS receiving the 100 Guineas JL offered in the Advertisements, "Ho! FOR A SHAK- SPEARE," and awarded by Messrs. Webster, J. Stirling Coyne, Andrew Halliday, George Rose, and Thomas S. Stuart. Illustrated with Lithograph Portraits of Queen Elizabeth and the Queen of Beauty. Can be had GRATIS at all the best Drapers in the Kingdom, or forwarded, on receipt of stamped address to DAY & SONS, Lithographers to the Queen, Publishers, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London. SCHOOL BOOKS. — Guy's, Mavor's, Butter's New London, Universal, and otber Spelling Books. Arithmetics — Dictionaries — Catechisms — Histories — Copy and Cyphering Books of every description and price. Sold by J. H. CLARK, Usk. BRUSHES and COMBS, and other articles for the Toilet, of the best shapes and manufacture, at J. H. CLAEK'S, Woodbank House, Bridge-st., Usk. C1HURCH SERVICES and PRAYER BOOKS, J in Plain and Elegant Bindings, in great variety, at J. H. CLASS'S, Bridge-street, Usk. The South Wales Coal Company HAVING appointed Mr. WILLIAM JAMES their Agent for USK, LLANDENNY, RAG- LAN and MONMOUTH, respectfully solicit a con- tinuance of that support of which, up to the present time, they have received so large a share, and which they take this opportunity of thankfully acknow- ledging. Orders for COAL, COKE, LIME, &c. given to the Salesmen at the above mentioned stations, will receive prompt attention, or to Mr. James personally, or at his address, St. Mary's street, Monmouth. CW Fire Bricks, Tiles, Pipes, Slates, and other Building Materials supplied to order. To Anglers Visiting Usk. HERBERT WILLIAMS, Chemist, Bridge Street, 11 Usk, invites attention to his large assortment of FISHING, TACKLE of every description, of first-class make. H. W.'s practical knowledge of the Gentle Art," enables him to supply such SALMON and TROUT FLIES as are peculiar to the stream, and which will ensure success to the angler. The Monmouth Quadrille Band. MESSRS. MC CARTHY & A. PITTWAY beg to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and others of Monmouth and its neighbourhood that, in order to supply a want so much felt in this locality, they have succeeded in establishing a first-class QUAD- RILLE BAND. The newest and most popular Dance Music will invariably be selected and no pains will be spared to give every satisfaction. Terms may be known on application; and in order to prevent disappointment an early notice is desirable. Monmouth, Aug., 1064, mHREE SALMONS HOTEL, JL H USK. FAMILY PRICE LIST. WINES." s. d. Port (DRAUGHT) PER Bottle 3 6 „ (BOTTLED) „ 5 0 „ „ EXTRA OLD „ 6 6 SHERRY (DRAUGHT) „ 3 6 „ (Golden) 5 0 » (PALE) „ 4 0 CHAMPAGNE „ 5 0 1) (Moet's lst brand) 7 0 Sparkling Moselle „ 7 0 Claret (3rd quality) 2 6 „ (2nd" ) „ 4 6 „ (1ST „ ) 6 0 Rousillon. „ 3 9 Masdeu 4 6 Hock. „ 5 0 ALE, PORTER, &c. Ale (best Burton) per Doz. pint bottles 5 6 Porter (London). „ „ (DUBLIN) „ CIDER „ PERRY „ SPIRITS. Brandy (Martell's 1st brand) ..per Bottle 5 6 (PALE) 5 0 Whiskey (Campbelton & Islay).. „ 4 0 „ (IRISH) „ Gin (2nd quality) 2 3 ,,(lst „ ) 2 6 Hollands. 6 0 Rum 3 6 LIQUEURS. CURA<JOA „ Maraschino. „ NOYAU „ JERATED WATERS. Soda Water, (1st quality) per doz. bottles 5 0 Seltzer WATER „ „ 6 0 Lemonade h 6 0 Potass Water" „ 6 0 Gingerade „ CIGARS. Estrellas per Box 24 0 Habanas 34 0 Manilla Cheroots. 30 0 Any quantity supplied at the same rate. Posting Arrangements on the most reasonable scale. LILES' EATING HOUSE, TEA, COFFEE, & REFRESHMENT ROOMS. 21 Flannel Street, Abergavenny, THE CHAMPION LIVER & STOMACH PILLS. These Pills are compounded from the recipe of one of the most eminent Physicians of the day are pre- pared by an able and experienced chemist, and are ao- kowledged by the Faculty to be the most valuable medi- dine for all disorders of the stomach and derangements of the liver, ever prepared. Try a box, numerous testimonials have been given of their efficacy. Sold in boxes, Is. lid. each, by Messrs. Barclay ana Sons, wholesale agents, London.; by J. H. Clark, Book. seller, Usk; Thomas Roderick, Druggist, Fontypool; and all Medicine venders. MARKET STREET, PONTYPOOL. JOSEPH SAUNDERS, FRUITERER, SEEDSMAN, &c., begs to announce that he has taken a LICENSE for the Sale of GAME, and he begs to solicit the patronage of his Friends and the Public, Oysters, Pickles, Sauces, Plain and Fancy Biscuits, Brc., Always in Stock. AGENTS WANTED by an old and wealthy Fire and Life Insurance Company of sixty years standing. Commission liberal. For terms &c., apply to F. J., care of Mr. Vicker's, 2, Cowper's Court Cornhill, London, REGISTRATION OF VOTERS. COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that THOMAS Dt ANTHONY LISTER, Esq., barrister-at-law, having been duly appointed to revise the List of Voters in the Election of Knights of the Shire for the County of Monmouth, will make a circuit of the said county, and hold courts for that purpose, at the places and times, and for the several parishes, town- ships, and places undermentioned, that is to say at- CHEPSTOW. At the Beaufort Arms Hotel, on Monday, the nine- teenth day of September instant, at one o'clock in the afternoon, for— Caerwent and Crick Mounton Chapel Hill Newchurch East Chepatow and Hardwick Penterry Dinham Portskewitt Howick Saint Arvans and Hamlet Itton of Portcasseg Killgwrrwg Saint Arvans Grange Llanvair Discoed St. Pierre and Runstone Mathern Shirenewton NEWPORT. At the Town Hall, on Tuesday, the twentieth day of September instant, at half-past twelve o'clock in the afternoon, for— Bettwa Nash Caerleon Borough of Newport Christchurch Risca Henllis Rogerstone Malpas St. Woollos MAGOR. At the Wheat Sheaf Inn, on Wednesday, the twenty- first day of September, instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for— Bishton Llanvihangel Roggiett Caldicot Magor Goldcliff Penhow Ifton Red wick Llangstone and Llanbedar Roggiett Llanmartin and Llandevaud St. Brides Netherwent Llanwern Undy Llandevenny Wilcrick Llanvaches Whitson CASTLETOWN, At the Coach and Horses Inn, on Wednesday, the twenty-first day of September instant, at two o'clock in the afternoon, for— Coedkernew Michaelstone y vedw Duffryn Petsrstone Graig Rumney Machen Upper St. Brides Machen Lower St. Mellons Marshfield NEWBRIDGE. At the Newbridge Inn, on Thursday, the twenty- second day of September instant, at half-past twelve o'clock in the afternoon, for— Aberystruth Monythusloyne, Bedwas Upper including Hamlets of Bedwas Lower Clawrplwyff Llanhilleth Mynyddmaen Penmaen CROSSYCEILOG. At the Upper Cock Inn, on Friday, the twenty-third day of September instant, at ten o'clock in the fore- noon, for— Llangattock-juxta-Caerleon Llanvrechva Upper Llanthewy Vach Llanvrechva Lower Llanvibangel Llantarnam PONTYPOOL. At the Crown Inn, on Friday, the twenty-third day of September instant, at half-past two o'clock in the afternoon, for— Llanvihangel Pontymoile Panteague Mamhilad Trevethin USK. At the Town Hall, on Saturday, the twenty-fourth day of September instant, at ten o'clock in the fore- noon, for- Bettws Newydd Llangwm Isha Glascoed Llangwm Ucha Goytrey Llanhennock Gwehelog Llanllowell Gwernesney Llantrissent Kemeys Commander Moukswood Kemeys Inferior Newchurch West Llanbaddock Tredunnock Llandegveth Trostrey Llangeview Usk Llangibby Wolvesnewton RAGLAN. At the Beaufort Arms Inn, on Monday, the twenty- sixth day of September instant, at half-past twelve o'clock in the afternoon, for— Bryngwyn Llansaintfraed Clytha Penrose Llangoven Penyclawdd Llandenny Raglan Llansoy Tregare Llanarth MONMOUTH. At the Shire Hall, on Tuesday, the twenty-seventh day of September instant, at ten o'clock in the fore- noon, for— Dingestow, and Hamlet of Monmouth Treworgan Penalt Dixton Rockfield Llangattock-vibon-avel Saint Maughans Mitchell Troy Wonastow TRELLECK. At the Crown Inn, on Wednesday, the twenty-eighth day of September instant, at twelve o'clock at noon, for— Cwmcarvan TinternParva Llandogo Trelleck Grange Llanishen Trelleck Parish Llanvihangel Torymynydd Trelleck Town ABERGAVENNY. At the Cwmrygydion Hall, on Thursday, the twenty- ninth day of September instant, at twelve o' clock at noon, for— Abergavenny, including the Llanvapley hamlets of Hardwick and Llanvair Kilgedin Lloyndee Llanvihangel-nigh-Usk Bwlch Trewyn Llanwenarth Citra Cwmyoy Upper Llanwenarth Ultra Cwmyoy Lower Llantillio Pertholey (citra Llanellen and ultra) Llanfoist Llanthewy Skirrid Llangattock-nigh-Usk Llanvihangel Crucorney in- Llanover Upper eluding the hamlet of Pen. Llanover Lower biddle Llanthewy Rytherch Oldcastle TREDEGAR. At the Tredegar Arms Inn, on Friday, the thirtieth day of September instant, at half-past eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for— Bedwellty, including the Uchlawrcoed and hamlets of Ishlawreoed, Manmoel CROSS ASH. At the New Inn, on Saturday, the first day of Octo- ber next, at Half-past one o'clock in the afternoon for— Grosmont Llantillio Crossenny Llangattock Lingoed Llanvihangel-yestem- Llangua lewern Llaavetherine Skenfrith And for all other parishes, townships, and places in the said county, if any omitted in the above notice. MEMORANDUM.-It is requested that those Over- seers who have not already sent their Lists to the Clerk of the Peace, will immediately send them; together with Lists of Persons objected too, and of new claims. The punctual attendance of Overseers at the time fixed is required. All Overseers are required to bring with them to the Revising Barrister's Court the several Notices of Claims of Voters, and all Notices of Objections to Voters sent or delivered to them and all bills, re- ceipts, and vouchers for expenses incurred by them, ruust be produced to the Revising Barrister. N.B.- Wilful neglect of duty in any particular re- quired or set forth in the Act of 6 Victoria, cap, 18, will subject an Overseer to a Fine not exceeding Five Pounds, nor less than Twenty Shillings. CHARLES PROTHERO, Clerk of the Peace. Newport, September 9th, 1864.