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,Outside the Hall.

John Singleton Copley, Lord…

Shells of Explosion.


Shells of Explosion. Air-Well known. Music (for wind instruments) by Sir W. Arm3trong. One practice day, in Armstrong's reign (Which banished quite the old smooth bore, Though it had often helped to gain Great victories in days before), The bursting gun, the useless shell, Experiments of fancy wild, Methought seem'd rather like a sell," And Armstrong like a petted child. I gazed on guns, cut shorter, till Their shot went hopelessly astray; I saw him public money spill, y As boys at pitch and toss" will play. 'Tis thus, I thought, in every age, By schemers nations are beguiled, 'Tis now the shell and great gun stage Of Barnum, with the British child. A TRIMMING FOR LEITRIM —Heraldry is not the nonsense which sciolists suppose it. For instance, this Lord Leitrim, who vulgarly excluded Lord Carlisle from an hotel, and who has been very promptly ex- cluded from the commission of the peace for his indecent behaviour to his Queen's representative, has mottoes which aptly illustrate his apparent nature. One is Virtute non aslutid," which means, I am valiant but foolish." The other is, "Patriis Virtutihus," which is, My father had virtues," and leaves the inference to the reader. His lordship's respected crest is a fawn's head, erased, proper," for which we suppose will be substituted a donkey's head erased, properly from among the heads of the counties round Manor Hamilton, the only specimens of manners in his lord- ship's possession. CRUEL TREATMENT OF AN INVALID.—A helpldss invalid, whose case required peculiarly gentle treat- ment at his attendants' hands, was the other day at Brighton placed, by his doctor's orders, in a Bath chair, and, in this position, he was pulled about by two of his own servants. Barbarous GOOD GIRLS.—Some kind little milliners have, out of their scant earnings, subscribed, we observe, in aid of the victims at Warsaw. This is indeed a pretty illustration of the Needle being true to the Pole. "IT'S AN ILL WIND," ETC.—The conveyance com- panies are not in the least alarmed at the probable success of the Pneumatic Dispatch. They say that the new company must come to blows as soon as it begins to work. STRANGB HALLUCINATION.—An old gentleman re- siding at Camden-town has told an acquaintance he always made himself tea every night, and got up in the morning a little coughy. He has since been taken care of. FITTING COMPANION FOR THE ARCHDUKE.—The proper person to proceed to the new empire of Mexico with the Austrian Archduke is easily guessed. Of course, Pax should go with Max. A NEAT TRICK.—Take a quantity of the very best wheat, and stack it very nicely. When you have con- cluded your labours invite company, and you can then show them a very neat rick. FATHER THAMES.—A. malicious foreigner thinks our river must have enjoyed this popular appellation from Londoners hearing so many exclaim, Pah aE, they go near it. SIMPLY ABSURD.—A gentleman, who backed Sand- ford for the recent Cesarewitcli, has claimed his bet, on the plea that the horse came in last but one-last,. but won! The question will not be referred to the- Jockey Club. FASHIONABLE INTELLIGENCE.—Mrs. Eobinsonhas taken a stall at Covent Garden for the season. It is whispered that she will sell onions principally. THE HEIGHT OF SHABBINESS.—A man so mean that, to save time, he would even cut down a court. A TRIP TO SUIT PRESIDENT LINCOLN.—A "ran" through the South. ——

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