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EPITOME OF NEW3. The effect of sugar and tobacco on the teeth, says the Lancet, was discussed at a congress of German surgeon- dentists, recently held at Frankfort. The congress decided in both instances that the articles, when taken in a pare state, and not in immoderate quantities, are not injurious. It is to be regretted that the second porpoise sent to the Zoological Gardens has got a severe cold. It was caught oif Boston, in Lincolnshire, and came up by train wrapped in a wet blanket and enveloped in wet grass. It is no wonder that, after such treatment, his respirations or blowings are described as "something between a cough and a sneeze." He has been placed in the pond with the sturgeon, which seems very jjalous of him. He never opens his eyes, and is evidently bad with the influenza. South Australia is about to change its desig- nation, which is a misnomer, as part of it is in west, part in north, and part in central as well as southern Australia. It is proposed thilt the name of the late good Queen Dowager should be extended from the capital to the entire colony. In the Birmingham Court a first dividend of 6s. 8d. in the pound has been declared on the estate of Messrs. Morgan and Adams, bankers, of Hereford and Ross. This dividend is upon proofs amounting to about £ 140,600. A final dividend of one farthing in the pound has also been declared on the estate of Messrs. Owen and Glltch, bankers, of Worcester. This makes a totalof 10s. 3fd. paid by this estate. The Electric Telegraph Company's sub- marine communication with the Isle of Man has been restored, and messages can now be forwarded to Douglas, Peel, and Ramsey. The directors of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company have declared a dividend of three pounds per share pet of the ordinary profits, and a'bonus of thirty shillings per share from the Insurance Fund, both free of income tax, the warrants for which will be issued shortly. Lord Carlingford is resolved to dispute the honours of M. Nadar, the French aeronaut. He claims for himself the credit of discovering the principle of aerial navigation, and promises that, in a short time, he will make the chariot" upon which he has been experimenting for so many years fly in any direction." The efeath of Mr. Weld, of Lutworth Castle, Dorsetshire, is announced. This gentleman, the representative of one of the oldest Roman Catholic families of England- was born in 1777, and was the son of the founder of Stoneyhurst College. The deceased gentleman was a great patron of yachting, was himself a skilful boatman, and singularly successful in the construction and sailing of his yachts. A pear tree (the "William), which has borne a crop of fruit this season, is now in full bloom for the second time. Jt cas'be seen growing in a small yard at the Gardeners' Arms, Ingleton-street, Brixton. The Cavalry Barracks at Knightsbridge, it is said, will shortly be pulled down, and that new barracks will be erected near Hans-place, Sloane-street. Mr. Dance, of Birmingham, predicted a worse earthquake than the: last" to come off on Saturday last, but it didn't. An interesting lottery is promised on Christinas Day in St. George's-in-the-East, namely, a dip into a bag by a number of girls for the prize of £100, which is to be given to the fortunate one when she can select a husband suitable for her Colonel the Right Hon. Lord Berwick has,. with extraordinary liberality, presented to each of the coips comprising the 2nd Battalion of the Shropshire Rifle Volunteers a handsome silver cup, to be competed for among themselves. It is currently reported in Paris that the Empress of Russia is in very bad health, and that the doctors give little hope of her recovery. Two of the I I Long Firm," who gave the names of Edwards and James, came to grief the other day at Knutsford Sessions. They each got eighteen months' imprisonment for defrauding a Manchester tradesman out of X50 worth of furniture. A large number of receipts for goods, obtained under like circumstances, were found on the prisoners. Amongst other things purchased were a Milner's safe, a garden roller, a dog- -cart, a wasliing machine, wine, cigars, &c. The Galway Packet Company are doomed to be unfortunate. Another steamer has come in late, and this time no less than two days late. At the same time one of the Cunard line made a splendid passage, and brought news from the United States to within a week of the time of her arrival. In consequence of the tower of Bristol Cathedral being considered man umafe condition. it will moH probably be taken down and rebuilt. The expense is estimated at about 10,00"i, of which sum, it is reported, the Dean and Chapter will supply £ 6,000. It is said that it has been for some time the fashion witb some RomanCartholics to visit Westminster Abbey on the anniversary of the Translation of Edward the Confessor, and perform a service of adoration before the shrine. They were prevented doing so this year, however, by the authorities, who (iireated the Confessor's Chapel to be closed on that day, in order to put a stop to the practice. The Rev. Joseph Stephenson, who is supposed to have been the oldest member of the University of Cambridge, died last week. He was eiVucated at St. John's College, and graduated in 1791, three years previously to the late Lord Lynd- fcurst. In 1802 he was presented to the rectory of Selworthy, near Miaehead, Somerset, and held it up to the day of his death. The benefice, which is worth X340 a year, is in the gift of Sir T. D. Acland. Dispatches forwarded to the Secretary of State for War from Lieutenant-General Cameron, commanding the troops in New Zealand, have just been published in the Gazette, and entirely corroborate the accounts formerly received. The Lords of the Treasury have approved of Leeds as an inland bending town; and the Commissioners of Customs have promulgated an order that wines, spirits, tobacco, tea, and other goods, may be deposited, ufider bond, in premises set apart for that purpose from November 2nd, when the Dew arrangement will take effect. The only other towns in possession of this privilege are Bradford, Halifax, and Manchester. A French medical journal says that hydro- phobia may be cured by a single vapour bath. The officers of the 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards, quartered at Dundalk, have presented their commanding officer, Colonel Shute, with a handsome four-in-hand drag. At a meeting last week Sir William Page Wood, the Vice-Cham cellar, said of Sunday-schools he should know something, having been a Sunday-school teacher six and twenty years. This announcement was received with loud applause. Mr. Justice Byles, at a recent sitting in Cham- bers, very kindly warned both plaintiff and defendant against law, and, in mercy to both, refused their application to fight it out in a superior court. The original sum at stake was a' sovereign. The chrysanthemum show in the Temple- gardens it is thought will be the finest display ever witnessed in any London square or street. The prices of wheaten bread in the metro- polis are from 7d. to 7 £ d.; of household ditto, 6d. to 6'd. Some bakers are selling from 4jd. to 5jd. per 41b. loaf, weighed on delivery. The polling of Barnstaple resulted in the return of Mr. Lloyd, the liberal candidate. He appears to have taken the lead early, and maintained it finally to the close, eventually winning by 21 votes. The Royal burgh of Linlitbgow has become bankrupt, and Provost Dawson appeared last week before Sheriff-Substitute Home in the Sheriff Court-house to represent the bankrupt burgh. The liabilities, consisting chiefly of law expenses, amounted to £5,814 19s. 2d., and the assets were only £ 935 16s. 6d. v. The dissolution of the Prussian Chamber has not benefited the King. In Berlin the old Liberal majority has been increased, and the elections in the provinces are believed to have gone the same way. A dispatch from Vienna affirms that the Polish insurrection is increasing steadily in the governments of PTock, Lublin, and Cracow. From the Gallician frontiers also, the insurgents obtain constant supplies, whilst, it is stated, the Russians energetically carry out the policy of extermination. The outgoing mail steamer Atrica, from Liverpool to America, has met with an accident near Cape Race, where so many awful disasters have occurred. Fortunately, the Africa got to St. John's, though with extensive damage.




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