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To the MERCHANTS, BUILDERS and Others of Herefordshire and Monmouthshire. Coal, Coke, Lime. ANYONE requiring the same may have it for- warded to any Station by applying to JAMES LEIGH, GENERAL DEALER, BLAENAVUN, MONMOUTHSHIRE. IMMEDIATE CASH ADVANCES.— L Money lent in sums of not less than £50, on Personal Security, at a fair rate of interest. Also a large amonnt ready to be advanced on Freehold Securities, for A term of years, in sums of from £500 to £20,000 each, at from 4 to 5 per cent. interest; charges moderate, and the strictest confidence observed. Full particulars forwarded per post, on receipt of 6 postage stamps. Office hours from 10 to 3 o'clock. Apply to Mr. SYDNEY T. EVANS, Land and Estate Agent, Old Masonic Hall, Newport, Mon., or Brook House, Llantarnam, near Newport. -sluou,il,gisul ,(pa¡.nmb 10 Sli-eaS -JPn¡ paxij Áq olqnk-edail IsiuaK g.10 f 'g Ig 'f .1°J 'OOO'IW 055 UIOJJ rang J £ ITB aAlJq utla no^('^JUIIOAG puosiaj paAOiddy ¡tlq1 aaiuBJtmS ijiav atl pus 4ajlrl inog aansnj put, "uoK '^aodAva^j '¡aa.qs ^ooa «9i 'SHVITlIAi 'IA °* oS ASB3: T pus dfeaqQ b Xeuoj^ Mojaog 04 noA. \LMVAtIOdiIlTI FITS. — J. JONES (late of the Lower Argoed, Shirenewton), having succeeded in curing those afflicted with the most obstinate Fits ever known wishes respectfully to acquaint the public, that he may be consulted by appointment.-Address J. JONES, No. 9, Union Street, Thomas Town, Merthyr Tydfil. Respectable references given from parties cured. PURE SWEETS. SCHOOLING AND CO.'S PRIZE MEDAL PURE SWEETS, JL comprise a great variety of first-rate MACHINE MADE CONFECTIONERY Of the most wholesome and delicious character. SOLD BY GROCERS, CONFECTIONERS, DRUGGISTS, &0, IN TRANSPARENT AND OTHER PACKETS, AT ONE PENNY PER OUNCE. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. SCHOOLING & CO., Wholesale and Export Confectioners. BETHNAL GREEN, LONDON. SOLD IN THIS DISTRICT BY :— Usk-Mr. James Williams, grocer, and Mr.S.Robinson, druggist. Abergavenny- Mr.J.H.Conway, grocer. Pontypool-Mr. T. Roderick, chemist. PERFUMERY, POMATUMS, and SOAPS of P the most approved kinds, on Sale at J. H. CLARK'S, Bridge-street, Usk. L1LES' EATING HOUSE, TEA, COFFEE, & REFRESHMENT ROOMS. 21 Flannel Street, Abergavenny, LETTER PRESS PRINTING- of every descrip- tion COPPER PLATE Cards, Letter Headings, and Bill Heads at the London Charges, at J. H. CLARK'S Offices, Bridge-street. TJsk. T. EVANS, M Boot, Shoe, and Gaiter Manufac- Mb/ turer, and Currier, JW 16, Cross st. and Sydenham House, ■BjyflL High street, Abergavenny, BEGS to call the attention of the BHBBMI Public to the LARGE STOCK HMSIHBV of BOOTS and SHOES of every VHjjjlfll description he has constantly on HjMffl hand. nHj BH RIFLE GAITERS made from the 1|||||| primest Cowhide, on the most Reasonable Terms, Suitable for J&pmg Shooting or Walking purposes. rIPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS.—The UBK OBSERVER has the LARGEST CIRCULATION in the COUNTY OF MONMOUTH of any Newspaper published. Being issued in the centre of the County, and widely cir- culated in both the AGRICULTURAL and MINERAL Districts, it is decidedly the best medium for Auctioneers, Soli- citors, Tradesmen and others to make their Notices known to the Inhabitants of Usk, Abergavenny, Ponty- pool, Caerleon, Blaenavon, Raglan and the surrounding Parishes. The Champion Liver & Stomach PILLS. THESE PILLS are compounded from the T recipe of one of the most eminent physicians of the present day (who, from purely philanthropic motives- knowing their excellent properties by experience — has been induced to give the benefit of them to the public at large). They are prepared by an able and experienced chemist, and are acknowledged, by the faculty, to be the most valuable medicine for all disorders of the stomach, and derangements of the liver, ever prepared. It is a well-known fact that most of the diseases incident to the human race, arise from a disordered stomach, and irregular state of the bowels, and for want of a suitable remedy, taken in time, thousands of (at first) simple mala. dies, become serious illnesses. To guard against this great evil, and to preserve the blessings of health, these pills are confidently and earnestly recommended. They act generally on the constitution, cleanse the blood of all impurities; regulate the secretions, and give tone to the stomach; correct the morbid condition of the liver, regulate the bowels, and, by removing all impediments, restore elasticity and vigour to the whole frame. Sold in Boxes (with directions for use) ls.lfd. and 7-id, each. 2 2 (A Saving by taking the Large Size). Wholesale by W. H. CLARK, Usx, and Messrs. BAR- CLAY & SoN, LONDON, and Retail by all Medicine Vendors. LOCAL AGENTS: ABERGAVENNY. Mr J S Meredith, Bookseller ABERSYCHAN Mr E Martin, Druggist BLAENAEON .Mr J Pope, Druggist CHEPSTOW Mr W E Clark, Bookseller NEWPORT Mr T J Jones, Chemist, High St. PONTYPOOL ,,Mr Roderick, Druggist N.B.-To meet the convenience of persons at a distance, W. H. CLARK will forward a box, Free by Post, for 14 stamps, „ _■ OSTEO-EIDON. Patent, March 1,1862. No. 560. ASTEO-EIDOIT, now Protected by Royal w Letters Patent. Analysed and Reported on by Professor PEPPER. Prepared in the Laboratories and under the personal superintendence of Messrs. GABRIEL. The OSTEO- EIDON is guaranteed free from any ad- mixture. Being completely plastic, it is moulded with the utmost accuracy to the mouth and jaws, so as to be at once UNFELT by the wearer, and undistinguished by the keenest observer being elastic, it occasions no feeling of pressure, WHILST THE COATING of virgin gold secures it from being tainted by drugs or abnormal sec. retions. EFFICIENCY OF ARTIFICIAL TEETH. The inventions of Messrs. GABRIEL, the old estab- lished and experienced Dentists, have brought the practice of their profession to so high a degree of perfection, that partial or entire Sets of Teeth can be promptly and per- fectly adjusted, and in such a manner as to be removed and replaced at pleasure, TO BE WORN WITHOUT the least INCONVENIENCE, to present the appearance of Natural Teeth of great beauty, and to be incapable of any noxious effect upon the mouth. ^HEOLD ESTABLISH 'RHEOLD ES-RABLISHED 27, HARLEY STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE, AND 34, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON LIVERPOOL, 134, DUKE STREET; BIRMINGHAM 65, NEW STREET American Mineral Teeth, best in Europe, 4 to 7, and 10 to 15 Guineas per Set, Warranted. STOPPINGS FOR TEETH. More Teeth are sacrificed by the use of injurious Stop. pings, having high sounding names, than by any other process. These stoppings invariably contain quicksilver or some other injurious substance, which slowly but surely undermines the tooth it was intended to save. Gabriel's Chemically prepared White Gutta Percha Enamel Is the best Stopping extant for Decayed Teeth, Tooth- ache, and, no matter how far decayed, fenders the injured member again sound and useful, and prevents tooth.ache. This preparation is entirely free from any metallic sub- stance, and, as its name signifies, is specially prepared for the purpose. With directions for use, Is. 6d. per box GABRIEL'S PRACTICAL TREATISE may be had gratis Town of USK, County of MONMOUTH. To HOTEL KEEPERS and OTHERS. TO BE LET, rtlHAT FIRST CLASS FAMILY AND 1 COMMERCIAL HOTEL, called the "THREE SALMONS," With the STABLES, COACH-HOUSES, GRANARY, and Large and Convenient OFFICES and OUTBUILDINGS, together with a very Productive Kitchen and Pleasure GARDEN attached. The above old-established and well-known Hotel, has for many years commanded a large and exten- sive Business. It is situated in an advantageous position in the town, and has just been put into good repair. The River Usk abounds with Salmon and Trout, and the Scenery of the neighbourhood is truly delightful, which causes the town to be the resort of Anglers and Tourists; and the Hotel is within five minutes walk of the Station on the Coleford, Monmouth, Usk, and Pontypool branch of the West Midland Railway. For Particulars, address-Mrs. JAMES WILLIAMS, Bridge Street, Usk, Monmouthshire (private). PATENT MEDICINES of all kinds, of genuine quality, constantly on Sale at J. H. CLARK'S, Bridge- street, Usk. THE ROYAL FARMERS' Fire, Life, and Hail Insurance Institution, an old-established and safe Office, in which Lives, Houses, Furniture, Stock, Crops, and Farm Produce of every kind, may be Insured at as low a rate as in any of the First Class Offices. J. H. CLARK. Agent for Usk. THE FOLLOWING PERSONS 1 are AGENTS for the USK OBSERVER," through whom Papers may be obtained, or Advertise- ments forwarded. Abergavenny.Mr Meredith Llangwm.Mr Northover to Dodson Llandenny.Mr Wintle „ Mr Richards, Market Llanarth.Mr W Hunt, grocer Abersychan.Mr Martin, drug. London.Messrs Mitchell & Co. Bettws Mr Williams Red Lion Court, Fleet street Blaenafon.Mr Rees, bookseller „ Mr R Jaques, 5, Chatham Caerleon.Mrs. Thomas, books Place, Blackfriars Cardiff. Miss Howell, books Monmouth.Mr Rees Chepstow.Mr Clark, books Newport.Mrs Read, High St. „ Mr Taylor „ "Mr Johns, Commercial St. „ Mr Griffiths,, Newcastle.Mr Weare Croesyceilos.Mrs Jenkins Pontypool.Mr Hughes, books. Crumlin.Mr Willis, grocer Edwards, „ Dingestow Mr Burtt "Mr Richards, Market Goytrey.Mr Pape Pontnewydd Mr Knapp GroBmont.Mr Price Raglan.Mr Jones, grocer Kingcoed.Mr T Jones Shirenewton.Mrs Fry, grocer Llan. Torymynydd.Mrs Lewis Tintern Abbey.Mr W Jones Llanvetherine.Mr Watkins Trelleck.Mrs Jones, grocer Llansoy,Mr Griffiths