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THE COURT. --+-- HE ft Majesty the Queen continues at Balmoral and enjoys excellent health. THE Prince and Princess of Wales, accompanied by the Prince and Princess Christian of Denmark, and the Princess Dagmar, and Prince Frederick of Den- mark, left town last week and arrived at Sandringham- hall, in Norfolk. THE King of the Greeks has also left London, and is being feted in Paris. THE King of the Belgians is expected in November, on a visit to her Majesty, and will probably remain at iGast two months. THE King of Denmark returned to Copenhagen last week. His Majesty's return is said to have been hastened in consequence of the gravity of the political situation, and the arrival of important notes froxi France and England. IT is understood, says the Court Journal, that the Prince and Princess of Wales will stay at Sandring- ham for about six weeks, and the attention of agricul- turists is attracted more especially to the Prince from the fact that his Royal Highness has identified himself ivith them by taking the Hall Farm under his own im- mediate care. Henceforth it is hoped the Prince of Wales's name will become as familiar in connexion with agriculture as was that of the Prince Consort. AN Aberdeen paper gives the following additional particulars connected with the accident which hap- pened to her Majesty's carriage. Three of her Majesty's jillies, who were out with ponies on Wednesday, and were surprised at the Queen's carriage not coming up M them on their way home, began to conjecture the muse of the delay, when one of the party rode back, accompanied by another, to find out the reason. Not meeting the carriage, they went on to the place, when bhe Queen, whose pony the gillie had, ordered the )ther two to be brought up, and her Majesty and the Princesses having been seated in the saddle, rode home to the Castle, refusing to enter a carriage which aad been' sent forward to bring them home. Next morning, on the arrival of the gillie who had acted so well, an order was given him that her Majesty wanted ;o see him. On obeying the order, his astonishment may be surmised when the Queen presented him with i splendid watch in token of her appreciation of his issiduity.