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TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. AMERICA NEW YOEK, Oar. ff. Southern Charleston advices to the 2nd insif. state that the Federal movements indicate permanent more than immediate operations. The report that Hooker had reinforced Eosecrans with two corps from Meade's army is confirmed. Considerable skirmishing is taking place in General Rosecrans' rear, tife Confederates endeavouring to interrupt the communications between Nashville and Chattanooga. A large number of troops have reached Eosecrans,. who has established lines in front of Chattanooga. General Bragg is fortifying Missionary Ridge. The Southern journals contain reports that the Con- federates occupy Knoxville, and that General Burnside is retiring to Cumberland Gap. Advices from Nassau to the 26th report that seven steamers from Wilmington and three from Charleston had arrived lately. One of the latter left Charleston eleven days after the surrender of Forts Wagner and Gregg, proving that the port is not closed. « NEW YORK, OcT. 7. President tincoln has appointed the 26th November as a day of thanksgiving for Americans at home, at sea, and abroad. A malignant fever has appeared in the fleet before- New Orleans. Its progress is being checked. Four- steamers have been burnt on the Mississippi. Numerous lives were lost. Confederate emissaries are supposed to have set the vessels on fire. It is reported that a French frigate is on the way to Charleston. A portion of the committee appointed to arrange the ball to be given to the Russian naval officers are opposed to inviting the French and English officers now in port. The question is not yet decided. The Confederates are operating in General Rose- crans's rear, leading to the supposition that Bragg has attacked Rosecrans in front. All is quiet at Charleston, Knoxville, and on the Eapidan. NEW YOEK, OCT. 7. There are no Confederates at present in the She- nandoah Valley. The New York Herald asserts that peace propo- sitions have been discussed in the Federal Cabinet. The nature of them is unknown. NEW YOEK, Oct. 9. The situation at Chattanooga portends an early en- gagement. The Confederates have rendered the roads in Rosecrans's rear difficult to travel except for strong military commands. A portion of the Confederate cavalry has moved towards Kentucky to harass Burnside's lines. A part has also moved southward against Bosecrans. It is rumoured that the Confederates have captured Shelbyville. The Confederates, opened fire on Chatta- nooga on the 5th from Look-Out Mountain. Shells were exploding in Chattanooga. The New York Herald asserts that Bragg's army has been swelled by reinforcements to 270,000 men. NEW YORK, OCT. 10. In Tennessee the Confederates have attacked. Shelbyville, capturing 15,000 prisoners., They have also captured M'Minnville, with 500 prisoners and seven wagons, together with 500 prisoners at Waldron Ridge. The Confederate cavalry have been defeated near Franklin, Kentucky, with a loss of 300 prisoners and four cannon.


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