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EPITOME OF NEWS. Owing to the warmth of the late summer many chestnut-trees in the Champs Elysjees and other quarters of Paris are now is bloom for the second time- Lady Fitzhardinge met with an accident last week, at Berkeley Castle, by slipping down one of the highly- polished oak stairs of the old baronial hall. Her ladyship is going on mpst favourably, although some weeks will elapse before she gets rid of the strain in her. foot. A clerk in a Liverpool house named Samuel E. Parker Hey, was sent to the bank the other day with £2,500, and has not since been heard of. The money was in bank notes. The police have issued a reward of £100. Hey is about twenty years of age, five feet eight inches high, and has light brown bear. Mr. Mason, the envoy from the Confederate States of America, left London at the latter end of last wet k by the mail train for Paris. Mr. Macfarlane remains for a few days to wind up some unimportant matters of a financial nature. John Buntin, a seaman belonging to the Lemnus of Liverpool, has been committed by the Liverpool magistrates upon the charge of murder. The victim, was a seaman on board the Lemnus, and the outrage took place at Buenos Ayres on the 9th of June last. A case of horse stealing for a lark," came before a London magistrate the other day. The prisoner was found riding a horse bare backed, and without bridle or halter, along the High-street, Lower Clapton, and when stopped by a policeman he assaulted the officer. It appeared, however, that he had really mounted the horse in a tipsy frolic, and the magis- trate, taking a very lenient view ot the circumstances, dischai ged the prisoner, whose real name did not appear. The Board of Trade telegrams were forwarded on Thursday morning to the various ports on the west and south coasts to hoist the drum signal, indicating that stormy winds may be expected from more than one quarter successively. A contemporary states that the Great Eastern steam vessel has been seized under an Admiralty warrant by the ewners of the Jane, which vessel was run down by her off the Irish coast. Immense fortunes, a contemporary asserts, have been made in Manchester by speculators in cotton goods since the opening of the American war. At the outset a merchant bought a million pieces of printed goods, and had them only for a day or so, when they became enhanced five shillings each in their selling worth. The enterprising speculator cleared thus a quarter of a million sterling by a single transaction. A few nights ago the Brothers, Capt. Grayburn, of Grimsby, laden with deals, in making her way up the Hum- fcter, caught the sands on Whitton Middle, and besides losing a great part of the cargo the captain's son, about two years of age, was drowned. It appears the captain succeeded for some time in keeping both the lad and his wife from being carried away by the tide, but in order to save the latter he was compelled to let go his hold of the former. The rectory of Scotton, near Kirton-on-Lindsey, Lincolnshire, has become vacant by the death of the Rev. Christopher Frederics, M.A., formerly of Trinity College, Cam- bridge, who has held the benefice fifty-three years. It is worth £725 a year, with a house, and is in the gift of Sir Richard Frederick, Bart. The deceased was the heir to the baronetcy. The late Mr. F. Hinde, M.A., Oxon, son of Mr. Hinde, formerly a solicitor of Liverpool, has bequeathed the sum of £ 1,000 to the Royal Infirmary in that town, free of legacy duty. An attempt to cultivate cotton has been made in the Jardin des Plantes at Clermont, in the department 'in Of the Puy de Dome, and has been attended with success. Several feet of ground were sown with cotton seed brought from America. The cotton plant has blossomed, and should the weather prove fine in autumn the director of the garden expect to gather a plentiful crop. It is said that their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales will visit his Grace the Duke of Beaufort at Badminton in the early part of November, and that apart- ments in the noble mansion are now being prepared for the reception of their Royal Highnesses. A lawn meet will take place upon the occasion. The Staffordshire horse nail makers who gave notice to their masters a short time ago for an additional 3d. per thousand on the wages they were then receiving, have now got their wishes gratified; all the masters (with one or two exceptions) of Coseley, Sedgley, and adjacent places, having on Friday consented to give them the extra 3d. This 3d. is not in reality a rise it is simply a return to the old price. It is understood that the present Lord Mayor of London will succeed to the valuable and honourable post of Governor of the Irish Society, vacant by the death of Alderman Humphery, it being generally conferred on the Lord Mayor in whose term of office it is vacated. The emoluments are con- siderable, being generally reckoned at £1,000 a year. Mrs. Gurney, who has been divorced from her husband, the member for King's Lynn, the Court Journal says, has married Mr. Taylor, the partntr of her flight, and is living ■wilh him at Harptree, near Hi is Vol, so that the reports that she had pensioned eft Taylor, and was living in strict retirement, are without foundation. Mr. Hail, an Englishman, was called to the French bar last week, being the second now practising in Paris. A knowledge of the English language has become necessary to barristers in Paris in consequence of the numerous commercial as well as criminal cases in which English interests are engaged. The consumers of French brandy will do well to see that they are not supplied with mangold wurtzel cognac. In Paris it is a general complaint that of late years it has been extremely difficult to obtain pure brandy of good quality, even at the greatly augmented rates that have prevailed. In the champion ploughing class, at the Woodstock agricultural meeting, three men competed, two of them the crack ploughmen of Howard's and Ransome's; one, a local ploughman, using Howard's plough. Excellent work was done by all, and the prize was awarded to Powell, ploughman to Ransome's and Sim's. The last accounts from Alexandria state that the inundation of the Nile is assuming alarming proportions, and has already caused serious damage. The total amount subscribed to the Hartley Relief Fund reached £ 33,231. After providing for every claim likely to be made, a surplus of £20,440 remained for distribution among the twelve inspection districts of England and Scotland- about £ 1,700 each-to be applied to the relief of suffering occa- sioned by colliery accidents. A Berlin artisan, has come into possession of a very interesting historical curiosity-the marriage ring of Luther. On the ring is an inscription bearing the name of Martin Luther and his wife, as well as the date of their marriage. The autho- rities of the Royal Musem entertain no doubt as to the genuine- ness of the relic. The demolition of the citadel of Messina has just been commenced in the presence of the authorities. The syndic dealt the first stroke with a hammer. The city was decked out with flags on the occasion, and Te Deum sung- in the cathedral. Professor Wilson (Christopher North) and Allan Ramsay are each to have a statue in Prince's-street Gardens, Edinburgh, where workmen are already preparing sites for the two memorials. The Mayor of Boulogne has presented the Viscountess de Renneville with a splendid diamond brooch, for the complimentary things she has written in the Gazette Rose about that watering-place. The puff direct has been well acknew- ledged.by the reward direct. The correspondent of a contemporary says, Who would not write for newspapers when such a perquisite as this is among the items ? 1 Sir,—You are invited to call and examine a new corpse-presen-er- Wilson's patent air-circulating -now in practical operation with a body.' The elections in the Ionian Islands have ter- minated, and the result has been generally ifl favour of the union with Greece. A nest of greenfinches, fledged and ready to fly, has just been found in a barley rick at Gusbery, in Dorset- shire. Such a circumstance, so late in the season, is very re- markable. Telegraphic dispatches of twenty words are now forwarded in Prussia up to a distance of forty-five miles for 9d.; for any distance between forty-five and 200 miles similar dispatches cost only Is. The National Gallery is now closed, for the annual vacation, until Monday, the 2nd of November, when it will be reopened to the public, the days of admission being I • -Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays; Thursdays and Fridays being set apart for the use of students. The "Gazette" formally announces that her Majesty has been pleased to appoint to the see of Gibraltar the Right Rev. Walter John Trower, D.D., late Dean of Exeter, and formerly Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway. Cardinal Wiseman has been suffering for the last few days from severe indisposition, and has been unable to leave his bed. As soon as he can be moved it will be necessary for him to leave town for change of air. The commencement of the sporting season has been marked in Essex by an affray between gamekeepers and -poachers, in which one of the former was shot, though not seriously hurt. The man who fired the gun is in custody, and is said to be an old offender. A quantity of buffalo beef was brought from America to Berlin at the beginning of the summer. The specu- lators are so well satisfied with the results of their experiment that they have just sent out orders for extensive consignments of this novel article of diet. A contract for a new Portuguese loan is understood to have been entered into by a London house, but the amount being moderate, a doubt seems to be entertained if any.portion of it will be offered for public subscription. A French physician, M. Graw, has found out the means of makiu g all medicines tasteless The juvenile world will subscribe for a monument. The voyage round the world, which has been for some time announced, will begin on the 5th of March. The staning-place is Trieste, the piice £ 500, and the trip will last eight months. In June last there were 58,441 thriving cinchona plants on the Neilgherry Hills in India. Chemical experiments have been made on the bark, which prove that the cinchona is now naturalised in India, and is superior to the cinchona intro- duced into Java by the Dutch. The Accounts nt- Generars-office will be open OD Thursday, the 15th; Friday, the 16th and Saturday, the 17th of October for the delivery out of any regular interest draughts which have become payable in respect of the October dividends, and of any other regular interest draughts which shall have become payable during the closing of the office. There are at present 14,886 parishes, in- clusive of the Scilly Islands, in England and Wales, maintaining, or liable to maintain, their own poor. Returns of pauperism are received weekly in respect of 14;681 of that number; 205 parishes, incorporated under Gilbert's Act, or still under the provisions of the 43rd Elizabeth, make no return of the number of paupers which they relieve. Some people's religious ideas are, to say the least of it, eccentric. A woman in Paris was recently detected in a robbery of some thousands of francs. All the lost money was recovered except 250 francs. The woman declared that she had spent 160 francs in necessaries, and had given the odd two napoleoos as hush money" to Our Lady of Bon-Secours." A few days ago, Samuel Perry, Esq., of Bawna, near Clonmel, was engaged in partridge shooting in the neigh- bourhood. when a fine covey of twelve rose at a distance of forty yards Mr. Perry fired, and in one single shot brought down no fewer than five birds. Another shot like this would leave the,c.ovey,easy to be counted. Letters from Cairo, of the 3rd September, report" Mr. Hartley Gisborne has been nominated by the Egyptian Government director of the projected telegraph line to Sudan, with a salary of L750 per annum. Mr. Gisborne has left for England, and is expected back on his return to his duties about the 15th inst."




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