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T O W N TALK. ,/V I-q lp L, honours come to men at an age when the high thoughts and ambition of youth are past, and when things of earth must have ceased to have much interest for all except the most energetic. Lord Campbell became Lord Chancellor, and Lord Clyde Field Marshal, at an age when most men are being wheeled about in Bath, chairs. On. the. other hand, Sir William Atlieno^liss bempoblig^d at fifty-seven to retire from ^p$st*wlrer(!, sootier or later, he would have been made a Chief Justice or a Chief Baron. He is succeeded by Sir Roundell Palmer; and he'by j Robert Porrett Collier, a Queen's Counsel and member of parliament. He is forty-six years old, a pleasant man, and a fair speaker, but not otherwise remarkable in any way. The Prince and Princess of Wales have returned from Scotland, and are cntailaiuing. Kir^g George of Greece, the brother of the Princess, at Marl- boroughr,house, before guing to Sandringham for the pheasant shooting. The unfortunate shareholders in the Great East- ern steamship are at their last gasp. The monster ship has swallowed up thirteen hundred thousand pounds, and seems no more likely to pay now than a year ago. How strange it is that not one of the schemes of so clever a man as Brunei should ever have paid. You get into the Great Western Railway now and travel to Birmingham, by the narrow guage. All' Brunei's pet directors have died or retired. The secretary, Mr. Charles Saunders, a man clever enough to have been a Chancellor, of Exchequer in America, has just retired oh a pension of £ 2,500 ■; a year — the shareholders glad to dispose, of so dangerous a friend at a salary greater than any officer of state can claim exe< pi the. Lord Chancellor. The Great Eastern was designed by Brunei in- stead of three ships of less magnitude, which was the plan of the first company., He found support in wealthy, engineers who wished to see a great experiment tried, and-a pushing iron merchant who saw bis wav to, business: in -the iron supply enthusiasm and newspaper puffs did the rest. The failures from the first attempt at launching were uninterrupted but the great ship turned every one's head, and I have heard that when. the third issue of capital in £1 shares was made, numbers of maid-servants about Birdcage-walk and West- minster took a ticket in this un lucky lottery, Mr. S.cott Russell was being ma" la famous by his share as builder, but it does not.-seem to have done him aity good, as he has since retired from ship- building to his original profession of a. lecturer or talker on science. The ship will shortly be- sold. The shareholders at''their last meet'i?: & 1 riled and talked like se. crew on a wreck, We'- probably neJtfc > hear oil gvnal Leviathan as a French transport 'ship. People are beginning to find out, from such examples as the Great Western Railway, the Great Eastern steamshipi and the Crystal Palace, that some things may be too big to pay. A friend, lately from the Ionian Islands, tells me that themoneyed classes in Corfu ait, beginning to be very uncomfortable, now, that the time ap- proaches for ceasing to be iinkr Brit i uit not; that the. Ionians are more fond of the English than other foreigners, but they are very fond of English money. Now the regiments quartered in Corfu, and the war ships calling there, and the rich people who arrive to visit their military friends, spend a great deal of money, which will be lost when this country gets rid of this very bad bargain. People are beginning to return to town from' the sea-side. It is a pleasure to see the parks filling once more. We see. that the picturèsque i style of dress is still in vogue, though French caprice has threatened more than once to change it, a,nd recall the short waists and scanty skirts of theGreorgian era. There are hopes of abetter season than last. -The Court will" keep Christmas once more with joy and gladness; and the impulse given to amuse- ments by the laying aside of mourning in the 9 1" highest household in the land is expected to be great. Mr. Alfred Mellon's promenade concerts, where the music has been of; the highest character, have been most success- ful.: Miss Pyne. opens Covent Garden for the winter season on Monday next with a new opera. by Wallace. A new play has been produced at the Adelphi, called Leah. It is a translation of tlae;, German play of Deborah, which has achieved a vast popularity abroad from the lessons of toleration towards the Jews which it inculcates. It seems likely to achieve an equal' success in London. Z.Z.






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