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AMERICA NEW YORK, SEPT. 14. General Beauregard reports that 113 Federals were captured in,the recent unsuccessful assault upon Fort Sumter. NEW YORK, SEPT. 15. General Pleasanton's cavalry has crossed the Rar- pahannock and passed through Culpepper, driving the Confederate cavalry before him and capturing three. guns and 100 prisoners at Culpepper. He afterwards, advanced to the Rapidan, where he found Lee's forces in a position to prevent his crossing. An impression, however, prevails that Lee has sens a large force to reinforce Beauregard and Bragg, and is falling back towards Richmond. General Gilmore, it is said, has received instructions to shell Charleston until it surrenders. Southern accounts state that the Massachusetts State flag floats over Fort Wagner, which is garrisoned by Massachusetts negroes. The capture of Little Rock, Arkansas, by the Federals is not confirmed. 17,000 Confederates are reported to be on this side of Little Rock awaiting Steele's advance. Negroes man the upper batteries of Vicksburg. Peace propositions in the Virginia Legislature have been voted down by 38 to 1. The President has refused to accept General Burn- side's resignation. The Canadian Parliament has voted a sum of 400,000 dollars for the organisation of 10,000 fresh militia. NEW YORK, SEPT. 17. President Lincoln has suspended the Habeas Corpus Act throughout the United States in all cases where the military, naval, or civil Government officers hold persons under their command or custody as prisoners of war, spies, aiders, or abettors of the enemy, enrolled, drafted, enlisted, or mustered officers, soldiers, or seamen in the Federal service, or deserters. This suspension will be continued in force during the dura- tion of the rebellion, or until President Lincoln revoke it. The reported capture of Moultrie and the occupation of James Island by the Federals is untrue. General Gilmore has tendered his resignation OIL account of a disagreement with Admiral Dahlgren.' It is supposed the latter will be superseded. The Confederate rams building in England, and the probability of the French recognition of the South, attract much public attention, and cause uneasiness. Earl Russell's reply to the Emancipation Society is considered unsatisfactory, and the ill-feeling against England continues. The New York Tribune says there is unanimity in the Federal fleet in favour of war with England. The New York municipality has tendered a public reception to the officers of the Russian frigate, being the first ever visiting New York, and as an expression of the appreciation of Russian steadfastness and fidelity to international obligations, as contradis- tinguished from the course which certain other- European Powers have thought fit to pursue. Great Battle impending in Tennessee. NEW YORK, SEPT. 18. The Confederates hold a strong position on the Rapidan, but are not in large force. Considerable- skirmishing has occurred, and 150 Federal cavalry are said to have been captured by the Confederates. The Southern journals state that. the Confederate General Wheeler had a skirmish on the 11th inst. with. the Federals near Lafayette, and retired before a superior force. Buckner has captured 300 Federal prisoners. The capture of Little Rock by the Federals is officially reported. The Confederates retreated south- ward, pursued by the Federal cavalry. 'NEW TORK, SEPT. 19. The whole of General Meade's army is moving for- ward, and a general engagement is. expected on the Rapidan. No. positive information has been receiver as to the strength of General Lee's army, but it is. supposed to have been depleted by the dispatch -of troops to Tennessee and other parts. It is stated at. FortiMonroe that Lee is evacuating Virginia) but this amounts to little more than surmise. 16,000 Confederates attacked General Negley's di- vision, 5,000 strong at Bird's Gap, and drove him back three miles and a half. On the following day, how- ever; General Negley recovered his ground with the- loss of thirty-five men. General Bragg has massed his army at Lafayette and holds the gaps of Pigeon Mountain, directly in. front of the Federal General Thomas's column. The lines of the opposing armies are represented to be a, crescent, shaped by Pigeon Mountain, which extends, like the arc of a circle, around Lafayette. The Con- federates hold the interior and the Federals the exterior lines. Both armies are within a few miles of each other, but separated by a range of mountains. General Longstreet is reported to have passed through Resaca with 20,000 men. His advance is positively stated to have reached Lafayette. The Confederate troops were hurrying to Atlanta from all directions. According to advices from Charleston of the 15th inst., General Gilmore was shelling Fort Moultrie from Fort "Gregg. The Confederates had strengthened Fort! Moultrie. The Federals from New Orleans are moving on Texas in three columns ope by way of the Gulf to Sabine Pass, another by way of Red River to Opelousas, and another along the Teche. Two gunboats of the ex- pedition arrived at Sabine Pass, which was found to be. well fortified. One of the gunboats was destroyed by the Confederate batteries, and the other was captured v by two Confederate gunboats, which came out for that purpose. The remainder of the expedition retired 1———

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