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The Corn ! rade.


The Corn rade. MARK-LANE, SEPTEJCBEK 2L-Of English Wheat a p'ientifa supply to-day, and the currency rather gave way, but much business transacted: new white sold at 4is to 49s, and red at 418 to 45s per quarter. A clearance was made of best sorts. The market for foreign ruled quiet, many parcels were offered for sale, and the prices taken, 40s to 55s per quarter, with a down- ward tendency. Only a small business in American, at 43s to to 47s.—For Flour a quiet trade, and large supplies: rates forr town-made, 3Ss to 43s per sack; country, 2Ss to 31s; tacdi American, 20s to 2 s 6d p r bar.—There has been a good demand for Barley, and prices steady: ra&ltmg selling at 33s to 40s; grinding and oistilling, 28s to 32s per quarter. -Malt was dealt in with more readiness pale brought 62s to 68s, and brown, 54s to 58s.—Supply ot Oats in excess of demand, and the currency weak, ruling for English and Irish, IS* to 24s; Scotch, 21s to 26s and foreign, 19s to 25s.—Beans in fair demand small English, 38s to 46s middling size, 35s to 4is- and large, 33s to 38s.—Pease waiited, and real;se late terms. The' value of Odessa Linseed is GOs to 62#, and of East India" 62s to 70s per qr. LIVERPOOL, SEPTEMBER 22.-Imports, Ireland and coast- wise: wheat, 50 quarters; oats, 481; malt, 17; beans, 31; Hoar, 193-sacks, 4,175; toreign wheat, 40,389; barley, ola; beans. 10,796; peas, 125; Indian corn, 11,143; ílJur, 2,901 sacks sunt 10,290 barrels. TALLOW, SEPT. 22.—The market is steady. Towmanowig quoted 42s 6d; Petersburg Y.C. on the spot, 4>s 9d; ditto old, 42s 9d; October to December, 44s; January to March, 418 6d. COTTON, LIVERPOOL, SEPT. 22.-Fair demand at full pricee. Sales probably about 10,000 bales. HAY, SMITHFIELD MARKET, SEPT. 22.—Messrs. Harvey and Easton report prices without alteration. Prime meadow hay. 80s to 84s; superior ditto, 80s to 91s 6d; inferior ditto, COSIÓ 70s; rowen, 60s to 80s; clover, old, 90s to 120s; ditto, second cut, 80s to 108s; straw, 28s to 34s. HOPS, BOROUGH MARKET, SEPTEMBER 21.—Messrs. Pattenden and Smith report a very brisk demand for all descriptions of the new growth of hops at a further advahce in prices of 2s to 5s per cwt. WOOL.—There is little to be said about Wool o- of the basi- ness transactions during the week. Everywhere the price remained steady, but few sales were effected; consumers having supplied their present wants, there appeared a lack of anything l.ke speculation for the future. FRUIT AND VEGETABLES, CovENT-QABDEN.—SnppHes of both fruit and vegetables are plentiful, and of grapes and pine- apples, the supply is sufficient for the demand. Plums may also be had in great abundance. Of melons there is a good stock f f both English and foreign. There is also a good sapply of Williams' Bon Chretien and Marie Louise pears. Some good ex- amples of Ribston pippin apples have also artived from Jersey. Kent cobs and filberts are now coming in in better condition, and for the cobs a fair demand is springing up at from 60s to 65s per lOOlbs. For potatoes market is still heavy and prices are falling. Cat flowers chiefly consist, of orchids, pelargoniums, asters, marigolds, calceolarias, mignonette, and roses: Pine- apples, per lb, 2s 6d to 6s; grapes, per lb, 2s to 6s'; apples, per 5 sieve, Is 6d to 2s 6d; Pears per i sieve, 2s 6d to 5s: Plums, per 5 sieve, 38 to Gs; figs, per doz, 2s 6d; peaches, per c(C2. 6s to 15s; nectarines, do, 2s to 5s; melons, each, 2s to 4e.; lemons, p 100, 8s to 12s; nuts, small, pbush, 14s to 18s; almonds, do, 18s; walnuts, do, 14s to 20s; cabbages, per dcz, 6d to Is; green peas, per qrt, Is to Is 6d; cauliflowers, each, 3d to 6d; pota- toes, York Regents, per ton, 90s to 100s; Snaw's, ditto, 50s to 60s; turnips, per bunch, 4d to Gd; carrots, do, 6d to 8d spinach, per sieve, Is 6d to 2s; cucumbers, each, Is to Is 6d; beet, per doz, Is 6d; tomatoes, each, 2d to 3d; celery, per bundle, Is 6d to 2s; French beans, per sieve, 2s to 6s; shallots, per lb. 8d; garlic, per Ib, 8d; lettuces, each, Id to 2d; endive* per score, Is to 2s horseradish, per bun, Is Gd to 4s; mushrooms, per pott. Is to ls_9d; parsley, per 12 bunches, 3s to 4a; herbs, per bunch, 3d.

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