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VIOLENT OUTRAGE ON A YOUNG LADY. At the Newport Police-court,, on Saturday, John Williams, a young farm labourer, was, charged with assaulting and attempting to violate Amy Daniel, niece of a, farmer residing at Nash, on the previous Monday evening. The young lady being sworn, said On Monday evening, at half-past five, I went from my uncle's house to visit a friend, I was quite aione. When going past the Newall Farm, the prisoner past me just as I entered the first of two fields I had to go through. When I reached near the end of the second field, a little before six o'clock, I heard foot- steps behind me, and turning my head I saw him. I walked a little slower to let him go before me over the plank of a small bridge. He said,- "Good evening, miss, are you going far?" I said, Only so far as Salt Marsh." Shall I come with you?" he asked. Oh, no, I can go by myself," I re- plied. "Then," he said, "I must have a kiss." "No you ..won't," I told him; but he immediately caught me round thi waist and threw me on the ground. I screamed as loud as I could. He knelt on me, and dragged up my clothes; and I struggled with him, and pulled.his hair, and tore-his shirt; but he scratched my face and my hands. He was muttering some- thing all the while to himself, but I could Bot tell what he said. We struggled on the ground for five minutes but he hurt me further than I said. As I thought he might be trying to rob me, I begged him to let me get up and I would give him all the money I had in my pocket. He said, "How much have you got ? I said, I do not know, but if you will let me get up I will Kive you- all I have." Then he let me get up, and I gave him all I had, which was 6Jd., and I ran into the "rhine" (the ditch), and waded through the water and got.under some briars to escape from him. He went away, and I came out again to get my hat and umbrella, and the apples, which I had lost in the struggle. He ran back atter me again, when I jumped into the rhiao again, and was up to my waist irr,the.water. (The poor girl here wept, but she could not. be induced to repeat the dis- gusting threats which the prisoner had used to her, if she did not come out of the water.) When the prisoner-did at last go off, I got out and ran as well as I could to a little cottage, where they took off my wet clothes, and then conveyed met, my uncle's, house. A police-constable said he went in pursuit of the prisoner, and apprehended him at Chepstow. When taking him from the cell to the railway station, he said, What will be dine to me? I suppose they will send me to gaol." Witness replied that he didn't know. In the train, prisoner said, "I wonder what they will do with me-l .suppose they won't transport a felloiw ? Witness again replied, "I don't know," The prisoner being asked if he had anything to say, replied, I am not guilty," He was fully committed to take his trial at the next Quarter Sessions.

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