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.'- - POLAND. _t - —-


POLAND. _t —- Order of the Day by the Town Captain. WARSAW, SEPT. 15. The following order of the day has been published by the Town Captain :— Simultaneously with the departure of the Czarewics Constantine, the Muscovites intend to commence a. new epoch of persecution, murder, imprisonment,, transportation, and robbery. While they promulgate through the European press the empty promise of a prospective ConstitutipT for all countries remaining faithful to their ruleëthey mean to introduce within the boundaries of Congress Poland a second specimen of Mouravieff Government as the foundation and guarantee of these liberal reforms. Inhabitants of Warsaw, you are no strangers to this Muscovite strategy. These prohjBses of repression, the announcements that barbams&will becolne more savage, resemble the cunning of a tiger who sees his strength is not sufficient, that it will soon fail him, that he is in reality unable to cope with his antagonists, and therefore seeks to terrify his desired victims into non-resistance by the gnashingtif. his frightful, fangs. The fox-like proclamation that as soon as the-Czar, has annihilated every element throughout his empire that comprehends freedom, fights for liberty, casts. from it the bonds of darkness or of despotism, he will at once change into a liberal ruler and .administer human rights to the remaining emasculated and blinded populace, is a miserable delusion, with which. Moscow may win European tolerance for.its acts of violence, may even induce it to enter into alliance with the tyrant, but will never purchase the subjugation of Poland nor the obedience of Warsaw. For two years and a half the Muscovites have endea- voured to stifle the spirit of freedom and independence which has placed arms in the people's hands. They have essayed extensive and liberal promises, tested and sealed by oppression growing more brutal daily. For two years and a half all their efforts. have been un- availing. Inhabitants of Warsaw! After the. fiery trial yon: have so long ^sustained in common with the nation, you will not be terrified by renewed threats, nor even by renewed persecutions. You will hold out manfully, listening to the counsels by which you have hitherto been guided. None of you will give the slightest assistance to the work of the Muscovites"; each in his sphere will endeavour, upon the contrary, to frustrate their attempts. None among- you will contribute the least part of his .property .to the. payment of the op- pressors or to filling their empty coffers, and if military force shall drag from any one the fruit of his toil, it will not be as a servile gift, but as the prey of savage robbers- None among you, even at the risk of the greatest- danger, will cease to labour at the liberation of the .people, or: leave ,his task unaccomplished; each will be ready to bring his life as sacrifice, as soon as there is need. r The National Government and all tribunals'under its direction will continue their activity without inter- mission, will watch over the regular advance of tHe revolutionary cause, labouring that every step of the oppressor, every Muscovite proclamation., every con- templated barbarity, may be rendered advantageous to the national cause, and turned to the discomfiture of Moscow. The Government reckons upon the unshaken unity, the unlimited .obedience, the entire confidence of the inhabitants "of Warsaw and of the country. Standing upon such foundations, it will be able sns-; cessfully to withstand .the convulsive attacks of tM decaying Imperial power of Ettssia.


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