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psetlier. DINNER TO THE LORD LIEUTENANT.—One of those incidents of local interest, which it is always our plea- sing duty to record, occurred on Wednesday last, when Lieut.-Colonel Bird, and the Officers of the 2nd Adminis- trative Battalion of Rifle Volunteers, had the honour of entertaining at dinner Lord Llanover, the Lord-Lieutenant of the county. The sentiment which prompted the invitation appreciation of the unflagging interest evinced by his Lordship in everything appertaining to the volunteer force of the county—>was creditable alike to the Officers and to the noble Lord;—whilst the courteous acceptance of it, added one more to the many proofs of his Lordship's devotion to the glorious cause. We under- stand that. the creature comforts were of rare excel- lence and worthy of the occasion. THE MABBIAGE OF CRATVSHAY BAILEY, ESQ., JUN., only son of Crawshay Bailey, Esq., M.P., with the only daughter of the Count and Countess Metaxa, will, we understand, take place on Tuesday, the 29th inst., at Chel- tenham. The day will be observed as a general holiday, and great festivities will take place in honor of the the event, in the neighbourhoods of Nantyglo and Aberaman, the residences of the hon. member for our boroughs. HOMICIDE AT CAERLEON. In the report of Caerleon petty sessions in our last im- pression, it will be remembered, a case appeared in which five men, viz.: James O'Brien, James Powlson, Henry Barry, Michael O'Brien, and Jeremiah Madden, were charged with having committed an outrageous assault upon one Edmund Francis, and for which James O'Brien and Powlson were fined 50s., and Madden 20s.; Michael O'Brien and Barry being discharged. On the day follow- ing the hearing of the case (Wednesday), Francis,who had given evidence against his assailants on the previous day, grew much worse from the injuries he had sustained and the services of Mr. J. A. Morris, surgeon, were obtained for him. The symptoms gradually became more alarming, and on Thursday the patient was seized with lock-jaw. At this stage, the medical gentleman felt it to be his duty to give a certificate stating the unfortunate man's lire"was in danger, upon which authority the police pro- ceeded to again take the men into custody, Powlson, James O'Brien, and Barry being apprehended the same evening, and Madden, who upon hearing that the police were on the look-out for him endeavoured to conceal him. self at Cwmbran, was taken on Friday morning, at that place, by P.C. Bevan, the other man, Michael O'Brien, having, up to the presenttime, eluded detection. The four prisoners were, on Friday morning, taken to the bedside of the injured man, at Pontheer, in the presence of the Rev. William Powell, justice of the peace, when, after the oath had been delivered to him by the magis- trate, Francis identified the prisoners, and then deposed as follows: I was going home to Pontheer from Caerleon between 11 and 12 on the night of the 29th of August about a hundred yards from the turnpike gate, I saw Jas. O'Brien and James Powlson sitting on a gate; I said Good-night;" they said something, and James O'Brien struck me; we fought; O'Brien and Powlson both set at me; Powlson struck me in the eye with a stone in his hand; I was struck down three times; the last blow was given me by Powlson with a stone; the four prisoners were all there; I did not see either of them in the town that night. Having proceeded thus far, the magistrate returned to Caerleon, where the following additional evidence was taken:— James Ablart having been sworn, stated: I am a la- borer residing in the town of Caerleon on Saturday night, the 29th of August, about half past eleven o'clock, I heard quarrelling in the street; heard Edmund Francis say, there is not a man in Caerleon; they are all b- S--8 and b-- simples." The prisoner Powlson and Francis had words, after which the latter went away I beard the prisoners Powlson, James O'Brien, and Madden, with another man whom I don't know, agree to go after Francis and give him a threshing; they went up "Cross street, but Francis had gone up the town. Cross-examined by the prisoners: I did hear O'Brien threaten; I did hear Madden etgree with the others. Amos Duffield stated: I live at Caerleon; I recollect Se^u.-day, the 29th of August; between 11 and 12 that ni^h-o I was opposite Sergeant Povall's house in Caerleon; I heard the wife of Evan Jenkins and Francis have words; a11.; that I heard James O'Brien and Jas. Powlson agree to go after Francis, and give him a hiding; they called Madden and Barry to go with them they went all together up Cross street; I went up the road with some other boys; ,when we got near the turnpike, we heard a row, and upon going up, I saw Francis sitting on the ground bleeding; he rose up and fought with James O'Brien; all the pri- soners were there; I saw Francis down several times; I saw all the prisoners run away. Cross-examined by prisoners: I did hear you [O'Brien] say to go and meet him, and give it him. Henry Richards: I am a shoemaker living at Caerloon; I was going home when I heard a row on the common above the turnpike; I went as far as the gate when I saw a lot of men; I got into a field, and saw Francis and James O'Brien fighting, Francis struck O'Brien down, and Powlson picked him up; while I was there, I heard Michael O'Brien ask Francis to fight, and Francis said he would I then went away, and got on the road; all the prisoners ultimately ran away, and I saw Francis and Henry Harris lying on the road in a pool of blood. Edwin Harris, sworn: I was going home with Francis on the night in question; when we had passed the turn. pike gate, I saw James O'Brien and James Powlson sitting on a gate; Francis said "Good-night;" James O'Brien said, "You challenged the best man in Caerleon;" Francis replied, "Suppose I did, a poor fellow you be Jas.O'Brien thereupon sprang at Francis, and struck him down; I then received two blows in the face from Madden when Francis was down, all the prisoners were at him, and around him; I saw all the prisoners run away, and leave Francis lying on the ground; Francis was covered with blood. John Albert Morris: I am a surgeon residing in Caer- leon; I was called to attend Francis on Wednesday after- noofl; I found bin suffering from lock-jaw there was a scar under the eye, and a severe contusion of the face I think the lock-jaw was caused by the violence he received I now consider his life in great danger. On the application of Inspector Sheppard the prisoners were, at this stage, remanded until Friday, the 18th inst., bail being refused. The unfortunate man, Francis, lingered in great agony until Saturday night last, when death terminated his sufferings. By this time his head and body shewed fright- ful indications of the murderous treatment he had been subject to. An inquest upon view of the body was opened at tbe Pontheer House inn, on Monday last, before W.H.Brewer, Esq., coroner, and a very respectable jury, of which Mr. Thomas Powell, of Caerleon, was foreman. Mr. R. J. Cathcart, solicitor, Newport, appeared to watch the case on behalf of the prisoners. Edwin Harris, who was with deceased at the time of the assault, having identified the body, and reiterated his evidence as given above, the en. quiry was adjourned until Thursday, the 17th instant, to allow of a post-mortem examination being made. CABRLBON, TnuRsDA. Y. At the adjourned inquest held this day, after the above evidence had been recapitulated, and the deceased's depo- sition read over, John Albert Morris, being sworn, stated: I am a surgeon residing in Caerleon I was called on September 9th to attend Edmond Francis; I found his face very much swollen on the left side, and a great deal of congestion about the eyes; be was also suffering from lock-jaw; I saw him the following morning; the lock-jaw continued and had extended into the muscles of the neck; I attended him until he died, on the evening of Saturday the 12th; he died from lock-jaw, (tetanus) caused by the injuries be had received; on Monday the 14th, I made a post mortem examination of the body, I found all thE, internal organs in quite a healthy state, there was a small liquid in the heart, which also proved the kind of death deceased had died. The Coroner having briefly summed up the evidence to the jury, the latter, after a consultation of about three minutes, returned a verdict of Manslaughter against the five men, viz.: James Powlson, James O'Brien, Michael O'Brien, Henry Barry, and Jeremiah Madden. The Coroner's warrant committing them for trial on the charge, at the next assizes, was then issued accordingly. Mr Cathcart, who appeared on behalf of the prisoners, applied for them to be admitted to bail, but was refused. The prisoners will be taken before the magistrates to. morrow, (Friday). CHEPSTOW FLOWER SHOW. The second, and last, exhibition for this season, of the Chepstow and County of Monmouth Horticultural Society, was held on Tuesday last, in the courts of the time- honored Custle. We are glad to observe that the Society is, each suc- ceeding show, regaining more of its wonted popularity— especially is this noticeable with regard to amateur exhibitors-a pleasing fact, which, we think, may fairly be attributed, in a great degree, to the well-directed efforts of those in whose able bands the management is placed. No less pleasing is it to notice that the misunderstanding, which caused the majority of the nurserymen who had been in the habit of attending the show to withdraw their support on a recent occasion, has, by judicious mea- sures, been dispelled. The Cyfarthfa band was (by the kind permission of R. T. Crawshay, Esq., whose name has long been honourably known in connection with the Society,) in attendance, under the leadership of ivlr. Livesey, and discoursed a well-arranged programme of delightful music. The attendance of visitors Was about the average, and included members of some of the most distinguished families of the county. The successful competitors were, for the most part, exhibitors whose choice productions have enriched the tents at this Show on many former occasions, and upon the merits of which it will be needless to enlarge. The space at our command forbids our entering into an enumeration of the numerous interesting specimens exhibited, and we therefore content ourselves by giving the AWARD OF PRIZES. JUDGES.—Mr. Drummond (Bath), and Mr. Hodge (Chelten- ham), of Plants and Fruits—Mr. Sealey and Mr. Hobbs (Bristol), of Vegetables. FOR AMATEURS. FLOWERS.-3 Stove Plants—1st, Dr. C. W. Kerr, the Haie, near Newnham. 12 Exotics, variegated and ornamental-1st, Thomas Brown, Esq., Hardwick House; 2nd, Dr. Kerr; 3rd, W. -55. Esq. 6 varieties ITerns (erotica) in growing state -1st, Dr. Kerr; 2nd, Thos. Brown, Esq. 3rd,W. M. Seys, Esq. 6 Achimines—1st, Mrs. King, Portskewitt. 6 Scarlet Gera- niums—1st, Jas. Evans, Esq.; 2nd, J. P. Carruthers, Esq. 6 Japan Lilies—1st and 2nd, Mrs. Sandford, Mounton. 12 varie- ties of Roses (single blooujs)—1st, B. M. Bradford, Esq.; 2nd, Hon. Mrs. Herbert, Llanarth; 3rd; Mrs. Sandford. 9 varieties ditto ditto — 1st, Mrs. Sandford 2nd, Mr. H. Baker. 6 Fuschias—1st, Mr. John Taylor, Courtend, Alvirgton 2nd, James Evans, Esq. 12 blooms of Dahlias (different varieties)- 1st, Mr. E. Alder, Cheltenham; Hon. Mrs. Herbert, Llanarth Court; 3rd, Mr. H. Baker, Backwell Hill, Bristol. 6 blooms ditto—1st, Mr. E. Alder; 2nd, Mr. C. Price, Mead, Tidenham; 3rd, none. 12 blooms ditto (fancy)-Istv Mr. E. Alder 2ud, Mr. H. Baker 3rd, none. 24 blooms German Asters, 12 varie- ties-1st, Mr. John Taylor, Courtend; 2nd, Major Noel, Clanria Falls 3rd, none. 12- blooms ditto, 9 varieties—1st, Major Noel; 2nd, ditto. 12 blooms French ditto, 12 varieties-1st Thomas Evans, Esq., Tutshill; 2nd,. Mr. John Taylor; 3rd, none. 9 blooms ditto ditto, 9 vadeties-bt, Thomas Evans, Esq. Mr. John Taylor. 6 Cockscombs, in pots-1st, Mr. John Beyzant; 2nd, James Rennie, Esq. 12 Hollyhocks-lst, Hon. MLS. Herbert; 2nd, B. M. Bradford, Esq. 12 varieties Ver- benas, cut flowers, 4 stems -1st, Dowager Countess Dunraven, Clearwell Court; 2nd, Mr.E. Alder; 3rd, Hon. Mrs. Herbert. 18 varieties ditto, ditto, ditto—1st, Mr. H. Baker; 2nd, Mr. E. Alder; 3rd, Hon. Mrs. Herbert. 6 Balsams, in pots—1st, J. Kennie, Esq., Maindee Park, Newport 2nd, none. Orna- mental Basket of Plants—1st, Mrs. King, Portskewitt; 2nd,TV. Æ. Seys, Esq.; 3rd ind 4th, none. Ornamental Basket of Cut Flowers—1st, Hon. Mrs. Herbert; 2nd, Mrs. King; 3rd, W.Æ. Seys, Esq. Collection of 24 Wild Flowers, named-no competi- tion. Specimens of British Ferns-Mr. Jas Foster. FRUITS.—Pines—1st, 11. T. Crawshay, Esq., Cyfarthfa Castle. Black Grapes, not less than 2 bunches—1st, Lord Tredegar; 2nd, R. T. Crawshay, Esq.; 3rd, T. Brown, Esq. White ditto— 1st, R. T. Crawshay, Esq.; 2nd, Mr. John Robinson, Hewels- fieldCourt; 3rd, J. P. Carruthers, Esq. Ditto, out-door-lst, Mr. Sidney Roberts 2nd, J. P. Carruthers, Esq. Melons-1st, Hon. Mrs. Herbert; 2nd, ditto; 3rd, Thomas Evans, Esq. Plate of 6 Peaches—1st, Rev. R. Vaughan Hughes,; 2nd, J. P. Carruthers. Esq.; 3rd, Dr. Kerr. Plate of 6 Nootarines-1st, J. Rennie, Esq.; 2nd, Rev. R. Vaughan Hughes,; 3rd, Mr. John Taylor. 12 Figs-lst, R. T. Crawshay, Esq.; 2nd, Lord Tre- degar 3rd, Mr. H. Baker. 12 Plums—1st, Hon. Mrs. Herbert; 2nd, ditto; 3rd, Dowager Countess Dunraven. Dessert Pears, not less than 8—1st, Mr. H. Baker; 2nd, W. JE. Seys, Esq.; 3rd, J. Franks, Esq., MountBallan, Caerwent. Winter ditto, ditto- 1st, Mrs. King; 2nd, ditto. Cherries, not less then Ilb-Ist, W. Æ. Seys, Esq.; 2nd, Major Noel. Dish of Mulberries-1st, Mr. C. Price; 2nd, Mr. G. Waters, Chepstow. Dessert Apples, not less than 8-lst, J. Rennie, 2nd Mr. Perkins, Chepstow; 3rd, J. Rennie, Esq.; 4th, Mr. T. Perkins. Culinary ditto, ditto—1st, Mr. T. Griffiths 2nd, J. Franks, Esq. 3rd, Mr. T. Perkins 4th, Mr. P. Creese. Filberts, not less than lib—1st, Mr. John Taylor; 2nd, W. Æ Seys, Esq.3rd, Mrs. King. Nuts, not less than lib—1st, W. JE. Seys, Esq.; 2nd, Mrs. King. Gooseberries (extra prize)-Dowager Countess Dunraven. VEGETABLES. — Half-a-Peck of Potatoes—1st, Hon. Mrs. Herbert; 2nd, ditto 3rd, J. Rennie, Esq. 2 Heads Brocoli- 1st, Hon. Mrs. Herbert; 2nd, ditto. 4 Sticks Celery—1st, J. Rennie, Esq.; 2nd, Hon. Mrs. Herbert; 3rd, ditto 4th, ditto. 12 Carrots—1st, Hon. Mrs. Herbert; 2nd, ditto; 3rd, Mr. P. Creese, Chepstow; 4th, T. Evans, Esq., Tutshill Lodge. Tress of Onions-1st, Major Noel; 2nd, Hon. Mrs. Herbert; 3rd, Mr. R. Hawkesford, Chepstow; 4th, ditto. 12 Parsnips—1st, Mrs. King; 2nd, Rev. R. Vaughan Hughes, Wyelands; 3rd, Hon. Mrs. Herbert; 4th, J. P. Carruthers, Esq. Basket of Vegeta- bles, 8 sorts—1st, Hon. Mrs. Herbert; 2nd, Dr. Kerr'; 3rd, J. P. Carruthers, Esq. Dish of 12 Tomatoes—1st, Hon. Mrs. Herbert; 2nd, Lord Tredegar. 6 Red Beet—1st, Rev. R. V. Hughes 2nd, Hon. Mr. Herbert. Savoy Cabbage (extra prize) -T. Evans, Esq. FOR NURSERYMEN. FLOWERS.—18 CIUSteisofRoses-Ist, Messrs. Garraway and Co. —2nd, Mr. C. Brydges, Cheltenham. 18 single blooms ditto—1st, Mr.C.Brydges. 18 Dahlias, different var.-lst, Messrs.Garraway and Co.-2nd, Mr. J. Sealey, Bristol. 12 ditto, fancy varieties— 1st, Messrs. Garraway and Co. 21 German Asters, 12 varieties- 1st, Mr.J.Pillinger, Chepstow-2od, ditto-3rd, ditto. 18 French ditto, ditto—1st, Mr. C. Brydges. 24 varieties Verbenas, 6 stems in a bunch—1st, Mr. J. Pillinger—2nd, ditto. Stand of Dahlias-Mr. John Sealey highly commended. FRUITs.-Black Grapes—1st, Mr. J. Pillinger-2nd, ditto. Melons—1st, Mr. Pillinger—2nd, ditto. Apples (extra prize)— Mr. Pillinger. FOR COTTAGERS. Half-a-peck Potatoes—1st, 5s., Robert Parkman, Matherne- 2nd, 3s. 6d., 2s. 6d., J. Miles, Caerwent. 6 Parsnips— 1st, 5s., William Brown, Woodcroft—2nd, 2s. 6d., R. Parkman. 12 Carrots—1st, 5s., W. Brown-2nd, 2s. 6d., J. Miles. 6 Gar- den Turnips—1st, 3s. 6d., J. Stockham, Caldicot-2nd, 2s. 6d., R. Parkman. Kidney Beans—1st, 3s. 6d., Patrick Driscoll, Woodcroft-2nd, 2s. 6d., R. Parkman. Tress of Onions—1st, 5s., G. Shepherd, Portskewitt—2nd, 3s. 6d., R. Parkman—3rd, 2s. 6d., J. Appleby, Woolastone. 2 Heads Savoy Cabbage—1st, 3s. 6d., G. Shepherd-2nd, 2s. 6d., J. Miles. Dish of 6 Apples —1st, 3s. 6d., J. Miles—2nd, 2s. 6d., Elijah Sayce, Tidenham. Dish of 6 Pears—1st, 3s. 6d., Elijah Sayee-2nd, 2s, 6d., ditto. Basket Cut Flowers—1st, 5s., George Price-2nd, 3s. 6d., R. Parkman—3rd, 2s. 6d., P. Driscoll. Basket Vegetables, 6 sorts —1st, 5s., R. Parkman-2nd, 3s. 6d., W. Edwards, Matherne- 3rd, 28. 6d., J. Cooksley, Crossway Green. SPECIAL ruizes FOR COTTAGERS. Ifost Ornamental Basket of Fruit and Vegetables. Awarded subject to Rule 12. £1 Is., given by Colonel Somerset, M.P. for MonmoutAshire-J. Miles. Basket of Fruit, grown by a cottager in Monmouthshire. Subject to Rule 12. 5s., given by Miss Bedford, Stoulgrove House. — R. Parkman. Basket of Vegetables, 6 sorts, not more. Given by the Inhabl-. tants of Caldicot, for Cottagers in that parish. 1st, 7s. ad., R. Squibbs — 2n4* 5s., J. Stockham — 3rd, 2s. 6d., R. Squibbs. Basket of Vegetables, 6 sorts, not more. Given by the Rev. T, Hollier, Curate of Mathern, for Cottagers in that parish. 1st lOs" R. Parkman—2nd, 6s., W. Edwards-3rd, 4s., Hannah Watkins. Basket of Vegetables, 6 sorts, not more. Given by the Inhabitants of Tidenham, for Cottagers in that parish. 1st, 7s. 6d., W. Brown-2nd, 5s., G. Price-3rd, 2s. 6d., ditto. EXTRA PRIZES.—Wild Flowers—H. Ellaway. Asters-G. Godsall. Vegetables-G. Godsall. Device (Swiss Scene)-C. E. Janes. Device (ditto)-W. Harris. SPECIAL PRIZES. Collection of 12 Stove and Greenhouse Plants, given by the Inhabitants of Chepstow, open to All England—1st, X3 St., Dr. Kerr-2nd, zC2 2s., T. Brown, Esq.—3rd, jEl Is., W. Æ. Seys, Esq. (Calceolarias, Fuschias, Orchids, and Pelargoniums were excluded from this eollection.) Stand of 24 Bunches of Roses, of different names, not more than three stems in a bunch, with their own foliage and buds. Given by the Wye Steam Packet Company. Open to all England. £3 3s.—Garraway and Co. Stand of 24 Dahlias. L2 2s., given by the Wye Steam Packet Company. Open to All England—Mr. J. Sealey. Stand of 36 Dahlias. Open to All England. 1st, E3 3s., given by T. Brown, Esq., Messrs.Garraway and Co.-2nd, £11s., given by the Society, Mr. T. Hobbs, Easton, Bristol. 8 Fuschias. ze2 2s., given by Mr. J. P. James, George Hotel, Chepstow. Amateurs only -Dr. Kerr.. 6 Cockscombs, in pots. £ 2 2s., given by the Rev. F. Lewis, St. Pierre. Amateurs only—Mr. J. Bezant. Collec- tion of Lycopodiums, six varieties, in pots or pans. 10s. 6d., given by Mr. Pillinger, nurseryman, Chepstow. Amateurs only-Dr. Kerr. Dish of Peaches and Nectarines, not less than twelve of either sort. Amateurs only. given by Capt. Savery—Major Noel-J. Rennie, Esq., commended. Basket of 6 different Fruits, viz. :—1 bunch of black grapes, 1 ditto of white ditto, 6 peaches, 6 nectarines, 1 melon, and 6 pears. £2 2s., given by Mrs. Ward, Beaufort Arms Hotel, Chepstow. Open to All England—R. T. Crawshay, Esq. Collection of Gourds. 10s., given by Dr. Kerr. Amateurs only-Hon. Mrs. Herbert. Collection of Vegetables, not less than eight sorts. 1°" given by Dr. Kerr. Amateurs only-Hon. Mrs. Herbert. Stand of Cut Gladioli, 9 spikes, different varieties. El,given-by the Rev. Edward Freke Lewis, Portskewitt. Amateurs only— Hon. Mrs. Herbert. Basket of 6 Different Fruits, Amateurs only. 91 Is., given by F. Levick, Esq-J. Rennie, Esq. 12 French Asters., different varieties. Open to amateurs. £1 Is., given by J. Lawrence, Esq., Crick House-Mr. J. Taylor. 12 Dahlias, different varieties. Open to amateurs. £1 Is., given by John Franks, Esq., Mount Ballan—Mr. T. Hobbs—Mr. E. Alder highly commended. 12 Hollyhocks, different varieties. Open to amateurs. 10s., given by the Innkeepers of Tinterll- Hon, Mrs. Herbert. Basket of Scarlet Geraniums. Amateurs only. 10s., given by Mr. T. Griftiths-J. P. Carruthers, Esq. Device of any kind. Open to All England. jEl Is., given by the Society-Afr. J. Bezant. Floral Device. Open to All England. El, given by 20 Subscribers of Is. each, collected by the Clerk-Hon. Mrs. Herbert. Collection of 12 British Ferns, different varieties, in pots. Amateurs only. 10s. 6<1., given by R. C. Jenkins, Esq., Beachiey Lodge-Mr. J. Foster. Stand of 12 bunches of Annuals, cut flowers, named, different varieties. Amateurs only. 10s. 6d., given by R. C. Jenkins, Esq.-Dowa- ger Countess Dunraven. Stand of 12 Cut Specimens of Wild Ferns, named. Open to All England. 5s.-Mr. J. Foster. 6 Begonias. Amateurs only. £1 Is., given by Mrs. Curre, Itton Court—Dr Kerr. Certificate of Merit for Device of Fruit- T. O. J. Brooke.