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Federal Dictator.—Captain Ericsson, in a letter lately printed, -writes;—"The Dictator is fast ap- proaching completion, with her lOJ-ineh iron side armour and 15-inch thiok turret. Her new wron^ht- iron ordnance is also nearly ready. Mark mv word this vessel will as surely prove a Dictator as th« one of her her size has proved a Monitor." A Forest onFire. Toulon and its neighbour* hood were -visited, some time back, bv a violent mistral (north-west wind), which, ravaged the country for miles, tearing up some trees by the roots, and stripping others of all their branches. When thegalo vvas at its height, the forest of Mores, on the neigh- bouring hills, was observed to be on fire, and the flames spread with great rapidity. The forest-soon assumed the appearance of an ocean on fire, and presented a spectaclGl of amazing grandeur. The conflagration continued the whole night and part of the nextdav, and only ceased when it reached the south-east boundary of the forest. Nothing is known as to how it originated. During the gale a, government lighter laden, with military stores, chiefly clothes, about to be shipped for Cochin China, sunk at her moorings and the greater part bf her cargo was soon strewed cn'the beach. Notnlngr ImpossiDi.e.l Ile greatest and most usfftt invention of the day, AGUA AMAREI.I.A — MR.R, J0TM Gosne] and Co., Three King-court, Lombard-street, London, Perfumed to her Majesty, respectfully otier to the pnblic this truly wr- vellous fluid,which gradually restores the human h&tt to "its pristine hue—no matter at what. age. The Agua ATiareUa has none of the properties of dies; it, on the contrarv, is benefioft-l to the system, aiid when th.e-ha.ir is once restored one applieatioc der month will keep it. in pertect colour. Price one guinea por bottle, or in halt bottles, 10s. fld. Testitnonfals f-om artiste*: of the highest order, and from indlvidt-alg of undoubted respecta- bility, may be seen on application.