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- Money Market.

The Corn Trade.


The Corn Trade. MAR.K-LA.NE, SEPT. 14.—Prices ruJed steady to-day fcr English. Wheat, and a good demand prevailed; but a more plentiful supply. The teims obtained- were, fur rosy white, Us 50s; and rid, 42s to 4.)8 per quarter., a clearance teing nearly made ot'best sorts. Many contracts wereconcltiued in foreign at 40s to 56S; and the market 'has, a tteac-y tt)penlw:ce. A fair business in American at 44s -;0 49s per quarter.—There was a la11iè trade in flour, but no improvement in the value: town- made selling at 38s to 43s country, 28s to 84s per Sick; and American, 20s to 26s per barrel —There was a gedd demand for Barky, and the terms realised fur new mailing, atil to 39g, grinding and dis illing, 27s to 32s per. q.ua.teE.—M.<Jt.m steady request, pate, 68s, to 04ts were largely purchased: English andirsh'brought 10* fo 24s; Scotch, 22s t.or26si and foreign,' -20s t? 26s.—Beaus and Bease are afeont as la?t quoted, and in fair request. i.LlYEltCJOOL,-St:iTE3;BSn 15,—Market' moderately attended. Wheat very quiet at Id per cental Luver. Flour, difficult to sell, except choice {iarccle, which are scarce. Indian corn slow sale. Egyptian beans steady, at late rates. Oats and oatmeal duJi, and 6d per load c:,eaptr.¡ H OPS,EOROI;GII MAPJVV?, SKPJTEJIBEE H.-JIEssrs, Pattenden and Smith report afbrisk demand for the new growth at advanced pJÍesof folly 5s per cvvt. WOOL.—The excitement prevai1ir;g in the cotton market has created a much firmer feeling in the for English wool, and the tendency of prices is in favour of selieis. Colonial qualities have changed.hands .to a United extent; nevertheless, the. quo- tations have ruled firm. The import last week wc.s only 810 bales from Port Elizabeth. HAY, SMITHFIELD MARKET, SEPT. 15.—Messrs. Harvey and Easton report trade not so firm for clovers. Good demand for green atJasi day's prices. -COTTON, LIVERPOOL, SEPT. If.—Market vary steady; sales probably 20;000 bales 01-more. TALLOW, SEPT. 15. — Tlie market is quiet. Town tallow is quoted 41s 6d^n:t cash; Petersburg y.'J. on the spot, 43s, new; ditto, old," 42s; October to December, 43s December 43s Gel; January to March, 43;; 9d to 43s 6d.; JIarch, 44s 3d.. FRUIT AND VEGETABLES. UovENT-cAjtDM.—SnppHes of both fruit and vegetables are j lentiful, and of grapes and pine apples, the supply is sufficient for the demand. Plums may. also be had in great abundance at from 63 to Ss a sieve. Of melons there is a good stock. There is also a good supply of \Vílliall1s' Bon Chretien and Marie Louise pe u s. Some good ex- amples of Ribston pippin apples have also arrived from Jersey. Kent filberts fetch from 55s to 65s per lOOlbi. Kent cobs are coming in in better condition than last week, price 4bs to 5us per lOOlbs. For potatoes market is stil very heavy. Cut flowers chiefly consist of orchids, stocks, peJugoniWDs, calceolarias, azaleas, asters, mignonette, and roses, Pine apples, per lb, 2s 6dto 6s; grapes, per lb, 23 to 9s; apples, per I sieve. Is 6dto 2s 6d; Pea-s per -J sieve, 2s 6d to 5s Plums. 1-er 5 sieve, 3s to Cs; figs, per doz, 2s 6d; peaches, per doz, 3s to 8s; nectarines, do, 2s to 5.3; meJQ113, Each 2's to 48; iemons, per 100, Ss to 12s; orange?, pèr box, 30s to 49j), per 100, 5s to 10s; nuts, small, per bushel, Us to 18s; almoudi do, lis; walnuts, do, 14s to 20s; cabbages, rer doz. 6d to Is green peas, per qrt, Is to Is 6d; cauliflowers, each, 3d to 6d; petal toes, York Regents, per ton, 100s to 110s; Sh?w*s d'tto 60s to 70s; turnips, per bunch, 4d to 6d; carrots, do, 6d' to 8d spinach, per sieve, Is 6d to 2s: cucumbers, each, Is to Is Cd; b--jai- per doz, Is 6d; tomatoes, each, 2d to 3d; celery, per bundle' Is 6d to 2s; French beans, per sieve, 2s to Ss; per It; 8d; garlic, per lb, 8d; lettuces, each, Id to 2d; endivE; per score, Is to 2s horseradish, per bun, Is fld to 4s; mushrooms' per pott, is to is 9d; parsley, per 12 bunches, -3s to 4s; herbf! per bunch, ad. f

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