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- Money Market.


Money Market. CITY, SEPT. 15.—In the Stock Exchange attention is still almost exclusively directed to the fortnightly settlement, and there is consequently not much general business. The tendency of the markets, however, is favourable Consols are now quoted 93t to'! for money, and 93f to f for the acceunt (Octobers). The official business report is as follows:—Three per Cent. Con- sols, for money, 3, §; ditto, for account, 931; Tnre" per Cents. Reduced, 92,4; New Three per Cents., 92, Iadia Sioct, 224; ditto, Five per Cent. Stock, 10*. £ £ ditto, Four per Cent. Debentures, 1864 or 1866, lOO*; ditto, Bonds, 16s, 19s prem. Five per Cent, "enfaced" rupee paper, 107J; ditto, Five-anci- a-Half per Cent, 116|; and Exchequer Bills, 3s prem., par.— The railway share market is firmer to-day, and most of the lead- ing- stocks have' advanced. The London and North Western stock is now quoted 101| to |, ex. div.; Great Western, 66J to 67; Midland, 126i to J, ex div.; Lancashire and Yorkshire, HSt to ex div.; Great Eastern, 51J to f, ex div. Caledonian, 121t to 122; South Eastern, 941 to 90i, ex div.; Great Northern, 125 to 12C, ex div. and London and South Western, 101} to f.

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