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EPITOME OF ISTEWfj, Hop-picking has commenced in the north of France, but the yield is not so abundant as was expected. Sales of this year's crop are effected at from 105f. to 110f. the 50 kilos. The slock of 1862 is completely exhausted. Pilgrimages by rail appear to be getting in fashion. The Journal du Havre states that between 60) and 700 pilgrims arrived at Honfleur, a day or two ago, by rail, and on the following day they went in procession to Notre-Dame-de- Grace. The rectory of Fladbury, near Pershore, has become vacant by the death of the Rev. Frederick Gauntlett, M.A., formerly of Wadham College, Oxford. The benefice is worth £750 a year, and is in the gift of the Bishop of Worcester. The directors of the Great Western Railway Com- pany recommend to the proprietors a dividend of £1 per cent, for the seven months ending July 31, being at the rate of;S!Hs.3d. per cfent. per annum, leaving a balance of about -61,000 to be carried over to the next account. One evening last week, the halyards used In displaying Admiral Fitzroy's signals on the Dorsetshire coast, were severed by some miscreant. A large reward is offered for the detection of any persons hereafter found indulging in such a senseless offence. At the recent Oxford local examination two pupils of the Royal Asylum of St. Ann's Society obtained the degree of DD., and three of the junior pupils obtained certifi- cates. The Syndicate of Cambridge examined the scheol lately, and reported very favourably of its effic cy. A railway train on the South-Eastern Railway has had a narrow escape, owing to the straying on the line, near Bickley, of a horse, the owner of which had to appear at the Greenwich Police-court m answer to a summons charging him with endangering the lives of the passenger?, and the magistrate bound him over to take his trial at Maidstone Assizes. I The annual account of the county rat JS of England and Wales shows that in 1862 they were' assessed on £ 73,975,96?. This amount increases year by year; four years before it was but £ 65,207,286. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales has generously sent zC-5 for the relief of two poor persons Uviag in Aberdeen. The parties are two women, named MacJonaid, widow and daughter of the late Sergeant-Major John Macdenald, of the 42nd Highlanders, who had served in the army for the ong period of thirty-six years. It is rumoured that serious frauds upon the Government have been detected at Devonport. It is said that the clothing contractor, having had cloth served to him for the purpose of making the articles he had contracted to supply, substituted for that cloth a very infeiior material, consisting of cotton instead of wool, and of this he has been making the sailors' clothes. The nail masters in the South Staffordshire and East Worcestershire districts have determined on resisting the demand of a rise of sixpence per cwt. made by the horsc-nail lrnakers. The men, at the end of last week, gave a fortnight's notice to their employers, and if, at the expiration of that time the advance is not made, they determine at once to strike wo:3s.' The Act of last session prohibiting the exporta- tion of salmon has just taken effect. Between the 3rd September and the 2nd February the law was formerly evaded by salmon being exported for sale in France, but now it is enacted tha: a penalty of £5 shall be levied for every salmon exported, or entered for exportation, within the limited time. It is said that a memorial is circulating, the object of which is to prevent Earl Spencer inclosing Wands- worth-common. The report that Dr. Colenso is coming home has stirred up the clergy of Natal, who are preparing a house- warming for him such as he will find most unpleasant to encounter. A protest against the doctor's writings is the pre- liminary proceeding. A ventilating oilskin waterproof is described with horrible accuracy by the Saturday Rtview as a contrivance for frying people in their own grease. Seldom has Baden-Baden been so full of visitors as during the present year; for, as we learn by a letter, the number last week in the city amounted to 31,000. In a few days the Isle of Man will be placed in telegraphic communication with England. The total enrolled strength of the Volunteers is now 159,000 men of all ranks, of whom 1,300 are cavalry, 23,000 artillery, 2,500 engineers, and 132,000 rifle vo'unteers The Underground Railway and the Omnibus Company are both to return five per cent, to their shareholders. It will be curious to many to know what the exact value of the life of an omnibus horse is-namely, Is. 6d. a week. We regret to hear that the Lass of Gowrie has met with an unfortunate accident at Dundee. The unfortunate female was making her first trip to the Ferry, and blew up by bursting her boiler. She was about 300 tons. We understand that the Bishop of British Co- lumbia will leave England, on his return to his distant diocese, on the 25th of November. It is said that the late Mr. Beriah Botfield, late M.P. for Ludlow1, has left his widow a jointure of £10,000 per annum. He had no children, and bis largepropert/ is estimated at £ 60,000 per annum. Quite a furore has been occasioned to see the ruins of Campden-honse, owing to the recent trial. A con- temporary says that the Sun fire-office might make a good thing of it at a shilling a head. A correspondent of a local journal states that Madeline Smith, whose trial for the murder of her sweat- heart by poison created so much sympathy and interest, has been comfortably married, and mayoccasionally be seen on a Sunday, along with her husband, in a church in the town of Linlithgow. The ridiculous issue of the trial of the life- boat at Hastings was that she nearly became a wreck herself, and the crew had to be rescued by other bo its. Some of the crew were hurt. She ought to be named the Mote henceforth, as a practical application of the parable. The second of the All England matches of this autumn came off on Thursday at Thame. Ploughs of the great rival makers—Kansome's, Howard's, and Hornsby's- competed. Geo. Brown, who has won so many prizes, ploughed for the Howard's, and was met for the first time by James Barker, who ploughed for the JRansome'u, and won the champion prize. The dirty hermit, celebrated by Mr. C. Dickens's visit, is now known to be a Mr. L-, who resides near Hitchin, on the Great Northern Railway, about twenty-five miles out of town. He is as rich in cl1>h as he is in alluvial soil, not having washed for fifteen years, and could grow a salad all over his body. It is understood (says the New York Herald) that the Government has selected an agent or agents to go to Europe to operate largely to augment the present tremendous volume of emigration hither. It is desired that the tide ot new comers, representing all vocations, shall be turned into the slave States, with a view to put a new people in contact with the freed men. A tradesman, who was robbed about two months back of two watches in Paris, offers, in the French journals, to pay the thief 150 francs if he will return them, promising at the same time not to prosecute hitn. Such an offer would in England be visited by a heavy penalty. A balance sheet of the United States British Resident's Fund, in aid of the Lancashire operatives, gives the total amount raised at 25,800 dollars, which has been remitted, less expenses, in cash and provisions. The Liverpool magistrates have fined a cab- man named Doverson X5 for driving through a volunteer band, and causing injuries both to men and instruments. A fine of forty shillings was also inflicted for furious driving. A terrible accident lately occurred to a little girl in Gallowgate, Glasgow. The child had been looking over a window at a height of three storeys from the street, and in the absence of her grandmother, who had gone out a short time, she fell over and was killed on the spot. The grand review of the troops stationed at the Curragh camp and Newbridge-barracks, was held last week before General Sir George Brown, C.B., commander of the forces in Ireland. Contrary to expectation, the Lord-Lieutenant was not present, but there was a large attendance of spectators. The second great sale of Shropshire rams and ewes took place at Shrewsbury last week. Mr. W. G. Preece sold by auction upwards of 150 rams and nearly 700 ewes from the most noted flocks in thecounty, and nearly all were disposed of at good prices, notnithstanding a very large number were sold at the July sale. Dispatches from Paris assert that the French Government will insist on carrying out the arrangements with regard to the Suez Canal, notwithstanding the, opposition of the Egyptian a nth o-ities. The dividend declared at the general meeting of the Bank of British Columbia was at the rate of 5 per cent, per annum; and a. balance was carried forward of £ 2,000. The dividend, it is announced, is free of income-tax, and is receivable on the 80th inst. A letter from Alexandria speaks of the slaughter on the VVhite Nile of several boats full of ivory traders. They were surprised by the blacks, and every one on board was hilled. The writer of the letter expresses his belief that the slaughter was merely "an act of wild justice," as the ivory traders are neither more nor less than slavery. The autumn show of flowers at the Horti- cultural Gardens, London, was miserably attended, few fashion- able persons being present, and only one band of music. Holly- hocks, asters, gladioli, phloxes, verbenas, and dahlias were in great profusion and in splendid condition. Miss Henrietta Nelson, a lady of independent fortune, residing at Tooting, came to a terrible death by burning a few days since. She had risen early, and, rather than disturb the servant, was lighting her own fire, when a spark is supposed to have fallen on her dress arid been fanned into a flame, from, which ?he was so frightfully burnt as to expire in three hours afterwards. A very heavy thunderstorm broke over the metropolis on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. Throughout the day previous the weather had been sultry and dull, heavy clouds presaging the coming storm, which, for intensity, has not been surpassed this summer. Two men who intruded roughly into an already full carriage on the Metropolitan Extension of the London, Chatham, and Dover Railway, had to pay the clerk of the West- minster Police-court zC3, by way of fine, and as fee for the lesson in politeness to women and children with which the magistrate favoured them. A cloth merchant and commission agent has been charged at Leeds with a very serious eilence. lie had absconded, leaving liabilities behind him to the amount of £ -5,000 and assets to the amount of X200. He had taken a passage to New Zealand, and was captured by a detective on board the vessel. A Stockholm letter confirms the account pre- viously received of an offensive and defensive alliance having been concluded between Sweden and Denmark. Sweden, Nor- way, and Denmark have resolved, it is said, to oppose the occupation of Holstein by Germany. A violent collision took place at Deal during the gales which prevailed, as well on the coast as in the metro- polis, on Sunday night and Monday morning. The Ocean King, a steam vessel, in the heavy sea, r n down the bark Elvira, off Dungeness, and the barque foundered. A curious fatal accident occurred at a tavern in Westminster. The waiter was going 0o*n the cellar steps with an empty wine bottle in his hand when lie stumbled and fell, and, the bottle breaking, his arm was cut by some of the broken glass. The wound bled profusely, delirium came on, and ultimately he died. A monster snake is said to have appeared at Warning-camp. It is asserted to be not less than ei^ht feet in length, and its size round greatly exceeding what is rropor- tionate to ib An organised crusade against the life of this dan- gerous reptile is seriously contemplated. Captain Grant, the Eastern traveller, is to be presented with the freedom of the burgh of Dingwall. The respected mother of the traveller (widow ot the Hev. James Grant, of Nairn) resides in Dingwall. The clergy of the diocese of Natal have ad- dressed a decided prot.st to Dr. Colenso against his heretical teaching. The protest is signed by tha most influential of the clergy, h d by the archdeacon, and speaks iu no mild terms of the writings of the Zulu Bishop. Operations have been commenced for the raising of the Baron Osy steamer, which SUlIk. the other day in the fairway of the Thames. It is to be hoped that the sunken object upon which this vessel struck, wdl be at once removed. A Turin paper announces that the Roman Peni- tentiary Court has demanded a formal recantation from the priests in Italy who profess principles contrary to those of the Roman Curia; and this under pain of heavy ecclesiastical pnn- ishment. The Customs-officers at Haumont, France, last week arrested a lady's maid who was attempting to cross, the frontier with no less than 29 kilogs. of Belgian tobacco con-. cealed in her crinoline.