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LLANTILLIO CROSSENNY. LLANDAFP CHTJECH CHOEAI)ASSOCIATIOK.—FESTIVAL OF PAROCHIAL CHOIBS.—The first of these meetings was held on Monday last, in the parish church of Llantillio Crossennv, at which about 250 singers were present. The arrival of the various choirs was welcomed by the enliven- ing strains of the Rev. Mr. Pigott's drum and fife band. All were drawn up in order, and with their distinguishing banners waving in front of each choir, they formed four deep in the park, and marched to music as far as the church dour, each choir being admitted separately and seated in their respective places. The rehearsal com- menced at 9.45, conducted in a masterly manner by the Rev. W. H. Bliss. B.A. and M.B., of Exeter College, Oxford. At 10.45 a precession was formed at the Vicarage of some of the senior members of the choirs, and of. about twenty clergymen in surplices, who marched to church, chanting a portion of the Psalm appointed for the day, until they reached the entrance to the churchyard, when they led off with the "Becedieite." Chanting this in unison, they marched into the church, when the whole of the choirs there seated took up the strain at the 18th verse with harmony the effect here was grand; the praises of God rung out from every heart with cheerful voice." The service was intoned by the Rev. T. 0. Tudor, of Llan- veynor. The chants for the Psalm were Fussell in F- Imperial in G. Easy chants were chosen for the To Deum at the 19th verse a Minor chant came in, and the last rerse was taken up with a Major, in unison for the first half, and then with full harmony. The Benedictus" was chanted to C, Gibbon in F, and very well rendered. The first lesson was read by the Rev. F. Steele, Rector of Llanvetherine; the Second by the Rev. A. M.Wy att, Vicar of Penrhos. Instead of an Anthem was sung "Jerusalem the Golden," from Hymns Ancient and Modern. This work is becoming very generally adopted, and used in most churches throughout this diocese. The Introit was the Harvest Hymn," No. 224, and the hymn before the sermon, No. 436, or the Old Hundredth Psalm, from the aforesaid version. The Communion Service was read by the Venerable Archdeacon Crawley; the Epistles by tha Rev. D. Davies, Vicar of Llantillio; and a most excellent and appropriate sermon was afterwards preached from the 1st, 2nd and 6th verses of the 95th Psalm-" O come let us sing," &c.) by the Rev. C. F. C. Pigott, Rector of Llanwe- narth, near Abergavenny, one of the Secretaries of the Association. In his discourse the rev. gentleman gave his hearers many evident reasons why they should thus worship their Maker by singing His praises, and by making such outward demonstrations as had been exhi- bited that day. He observed that it was a common thing for people to say-" Gcd is a spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth"—using this quotation in opposition to outward religious ordinances. He would remind such people that the same Holy Word which bade them worship God in spirit and in truth, also bade them worship Him with their bodies, whose they are. The sermon was well calculated to bear with it great effect upon the minds of those present: for, in addition to the richness of its composition, the fruit of much learning and religious thinking, it was delivered EX MEMORIA. A collection was made at the offertory, to defray the expenses of the festival, which amounted to nearly £16. After leaving the church, the choirs marched in procession, through the park, and in front of Llantillio Court, to a spot where a substantial spread of good English fare wask provided by Col. and Mrs. Clifford, the Rev. Mr. Pigott, &c., for the members of the different choirs. This part of the festive meeting being over, and grace having been sung, the clergy and their friends moved towards Llan- tillio Court, where they stood up to a most liberal and sumptuous luncheon, provided for them by Colonel and Mrs. Clifford, after partaking of which, they all re-joined the choirs in the park-sung the National Anthem—and returned thanks with Colonel and Mrs. Clifford, the Archdeacon of Monmouth, the Honourable Mr, and Mrs. Butler, the Vicar of the parish, &c., and then dis. persed to their several homes, all and everyone seemingly pleased and gratified with the happy manner in which the festival had been conducted. The choirs taking part in the proceedings were: Llantillio Crossenny, Penrhos, Bryngwyn and Raglan, Llanarth, Llanellen, Llangattock- vibon-avel, St. Maughans andLIanveynor,Rockileld,LIan.. wenarth, and Llanvetherine.