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IMMEDIATE CASH ADVANCES.— JL Money lent in sums of not less than £50, on Personal Security, at a fair rate of interest. Also a large amount ready to be advanced on Freehold Securities, for a term of years, in sums of from £500 to £ 20,000 each, at from 4 to 6 per cent. interest; charges moderate, and the strictest confidence observed. Full particulars forwarded per post, on receipt of 6 postage stamps. Office hours from 10 to 3 o'clock. Apply to Mr. SYDNEY T. EVANS, Land and Estate Agent, Old Masonic Hall, Newport, Mon., or Brook House, Llantarnam, near Newport. PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS of the most JL eminent personages of the day onlv SIXPENCE each, at the Observer Office, Usk Raglan Castle. YlSITORS to the above Ruins can obtain the v accommodation of a Private Room, Tea, Dinner and Tea Requisites, Hot Water, &c., upon the most moderate terms, at CHARLOTTE KNIGHT'S (oppbsite the Cross Keys Inn), Castle street, Raglan. C. K. returns her grateful acknowledgements for the patronage she received last summer. WILLIAM R. LUCE, AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, GENERAL COMMIS. SION AGENT & ACCOUNTANT, GEORGE STREET, PONTYPOOL. W R. L. begs to inform the Legal Profession, e Gentlemen, Agriculturalists, Tradesmen, and the Public generally, that he has commenced as above, and respectfully solicits their patronage; in doing so he begs to assure them that any business ^0, care shall have his best attention and prompt settlement. Rents Collected on Commission. Offices, George Street, Pontypool, 6th July, 1863. OSTEOEIDON, Patent, March 1, 1862. No. 5dch ASTEOETDOK, now Protected by itdyal Letters Patent. Analysed and Reported oh by Professor PEPPER. Prepared in the Laboratories and under the personal superintendence of Mesnrs. GABRIEL, under the personal superintendence of Mesnrs. GABRIEL, The OSTEO-EIDON is glittrititeed free from any ada mixture. Being completely plaStta, {t is moulded with the utmost accuracy to the mouth and jawe, So lie to be at once UNBELT by the wearer, and undistinguished by the keenest observer being elastic, it occasions no feeling of pressure, WHILST THE COATING of virgin gold secures it from being tainted by drugs or abnormal sec. retions. EFFICIENCY OF ARTIFICIAL TEETH. The inventions of Messrs. GABRIEL, the old estab- lished and experienced Dentists, have brought the practice of their profession to so high a degree of perfection, that partial or entire Sets of Teeth can be promptly and per- fectly adjusted, and in such a manner as to be removed and replaced at, pleasure, TO BE WORN WITHOUT the least INCONVENIENCE, to present the appearance of Natural Teeth of great beauty, and to be incapable of any noxious effect upon the mouth. e^P>gabr/|^ THE OLD ESTABLISHED j^CNTIS'T^ 27, HARLEY STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE, AND 34, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON LIVERPOOL, 134, DUKE STREET; BIRMINGHAM 65 NEW STREET American Mineral Teeth, lest in Europe, 4 to 7, and 10 to 15 Guineas per Set, Warranted. STOPPINGS FOR TEETH. More Teeth are sacrificed by the use of injurious Stop. pings, having high sounding names, than by any other process. These stoppings invariably contain quicksilver or some other injurious substance, which slowly but surely undermines the tooth it was intended to save. Gabriel's Chemically prepared White Gutta Percha Enamel Is the best Stopping extant for Decayed Teeth, Tooth. ache, and, no matter how far decayed, renders the injured member again sound and useful, and prevents tooth-aclio. This preparation is entirely free from any metallic sub. stance, and, as its name signifies, is specially prepared for the purpose. With directions for use. Is. 6d. per box GABRIEL'S PRACTICAL TREATISE may be had graris T. EVANS, Boot, Shoe, and Gaiter Manufac- m! turer, and Currier, HL Xfijf 16, Cross st. and Sydenham House, High street, Abergavenny, BEGS to call the attention of the llPn'iHH D Public to the LARGE STOCK Kfljis of BOOTS and SHOES of every description he has constantly on lllliil hand. RIFLE GAITERS made from the primest Cowhide, on the most Reasonable Terms, Suitable for JHyi Shooting or Walking purposes. TITR. R.N. OSBORNE, SURGEON DENTIST, llJL NEWPORT, visits Usk on the First Thursday in every Month, and may be con- sulted at Mrs. Matthews,' Bridge Street. Hours from 11 a. m. to 5 p. m. FITS. J. JONES (late of the Lower F Argoed, Shirenewton), having succeeded in curing those afflicted with the most obstinate Fits ever known wishes respectfully to acquaint the public, that he may be consulted by appointment.-Address J. JONES, No. 9, Union Street, Thomas Town, Merthyr Tydfil. Respectable references given from parties cured. PERFUMERY, POMATUMS, and SOAPS of JL the most approved kinds, on Sale at J. H. CLARK'S, Bridge-street, Usk. LILES' EATING HOUSE, TEA, COFFEE, & REFRESHMENT ROOMS. 21 Flannel Street, Abergavenny, Boots! Boots!! Boots! THE CHEAPEST, NEWEST, AND MOST FASHIONABLE. T. E. REECE (LATE SHELLARD). Children's Patent Slippers. 0 0 9k 2 Children's Kid Balmorals. 0 0 12t Children's Buttoned best Cloth and Kid 0 1 9t Maid's ditto ditto 0 2 9 Ladies' House Boots. 0 1 6t Ditto Cashmere (elastic sides) 2s. lid., and 0 3 6 Shellard's Patent Red Balmoral. 0 7 6 Alexandra, Newest Fashion Kid (French) n n „ Cloth and Cashmere) ) A Large Assortment of Strong Working Boots. Gentlemen's (elastic sides) 0 8 11 Ditto Best 0 13 9 Families waited upon, and Bespoke Work promptly attended to. CROSS, POlf TYPOOL. IMPOBTAMT, IF you want to Borrow Money at a Cheap and Easy Rate> go to Mr. W. WILLIAMS, 16, Dock street, Newport, Mon., and Insure your Life, and lie will guarantee that with Approved Personal Security, you can have any Sum from jE50 to £ 1,000, for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years, repayable by fixed half- yearly or quarterly Instalments. .IVOXlr ST. Abergavenny. JJ W. PROSSER, Builder, 8re. MONVIMENTS TOMBS, STONES ND STONES Design. Furniture and Upholstery Rooms, Sydenham House, High Street, Abergavenny. W J. HANDS, bdgs respectfully to announce that he has now on view a LARGE and • WELL-SELECTED STOOK of NEW HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, by the first manufacturers, which he is prepared to offer, either in Complete suites or single articles, at as low a price as any retail house in the trade; The Stodt intrudes t v J DRAWING and DINltfO fiOOM StJlTlS ill Mahoganv, Walnut, and other Woods; PIER and SWING GLASSES j WARDROBES, WOODED and IRON BEDSTEADS, MATTRESSES, &c., &c. An Inspection is solicited. Address—Sydenham House, High Street, Abergavenny. Clark's Series of Guide Books—Just Published. MO. 1.—CAERPHILLY CASTLE. An historical account of this extensive Ruin, and also of CASTELLCOCH, with descriptions of the RHYMNEY VALLEY and CRUMLIN VIADUCTS, with Three steel plates. P.-ice Sixpence. "^JO. 2.—CARDIFF' and ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD, with Historical Accounts of the Castle, Llandaff Cathedral, &c., with plate of Cardiff Castle. Price Sixpence. MO. 3.—TINTERN ABBEY and the WINDCLIFF. A full description of this splendid Monastic Ruin, and the far-famed scenery between Chepstow and Monmouth, with two views. Price Sixpence. XTO. 4.—CHEPSTOW and ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD, containing an account of the Objects of Interest to Strangers in the Town, and the Walks in its delightful vicinity, with views of the Railway Bridge and Castle. Price Sixpence. 0 5.—RAGLAN AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD, giving an account of the Ancient state of RAGLAN CASTLVI -Li t'e in Raglan in the Feudal Times—The Siege—and full description of the magnifi- cent Ruins, &e.—CetntiHa &c.—Price with plates, One Shilling. Condensed edition, 'Sixpence. TTSK and ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD, containing a description of the Castle, Priory, Church, Charities, Corporation, Walks in the Vicinity, the ancient city of Caerleon, Raglan Castle, &c., with view. yl c Paper covers, One Shilling. Cloth, Gilt, One Shilling and Sixpence. rriHE HANDBOOK to MONMOUTHSHIRE and SOUTH "WALES, a descriptive and historical Tour from GLOUCESTER to MILFORD; including the Castles, Abbeys, Towns, and Interesting Objects within an easy distance of the South Wales and the Coleford, Monmouth and Usk Railways. Price, One Shilling, or with Six steel plates, One Shilling and Sixpence. The above may be had of the Booksellers in the several neighbourhoods; at the Railway Book-stands, or post free, from the Publisher, J. Il. CLARK, Usk, for Id. extra. PURE SWEETS. SCHOOLING AND CO.'S PRIZE MEDAL PURE SWEETS, JL comprise a great variety of first-rate MACHINE MADE CONFECTIONERY Of the most wholesome and delicious character. SOLD BY GROCERS, CONFECTIONERS, DRUGGISTS, &C, IN TRANSPARENT AND OTHER PACKETS, AT ONE PENNY PER OUNCE. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. SCHOOLING 6C CO., Wholesale and Export Confectioners. BETIINAL GREEN, LONDON. SOLD IN THIS DISTRICT BY :— Usk-Mr. James Williams, grocer, and Mr.S.Robinson, druggist. Abergavenny- Mr.J.H.Conway, grocer. Pontypobl-Mr. T. Roderick, chemist. THE SHILLING PACKE T of STATIONERY JL containing 48 sheets of Note Paper, 50 Envelopes, sheet of Blotting Paper, Stick of Wax, Steel Pen and Holder, and Black-lead Pencil. THE SIXPENNY PACKET of STATIONERY containing 24 sheets of good Note Paper 25 Envelopes, Sheet of Blotting Paper, and Steel Pen and Holder. riiHEFOURPENNY PACKET of STATIONERY JL containing 12 sheets of good full sized Note Paper, 12 Envelopes, Sheet of Blotting Paper, and Steel Pen and Holder. MMHE TWOPENNY PACKET of STATIONERY J. containing 6 sheets Note Paper, 6 Envelopes, and Steel Pen and Holder. At J. H. CLARK'S, Bridge Street, USK. Onion Seed. FINE WHITE LISBON for present sowing, 6d. JL per oz., 5s. per lb. J. WALTERS, Victoria and Flannel Streets, Abergavenny. The Bankruptcy Act, 1861. NOTICE OF ADJUDICATION AND FIRST MEETING OF CREDITORS. JAMES SCRIVEN, of Cross Lace, in the Parish of Ragland, in the County of Monmouth, Farmer late a prisoner for debt in the Goal at Monmouth, having been adjudged Bankrupt by the Registrar o, the County Court of Monmouthshire holden at Monf mouth, attending at the Monmouth Goal, on th- ninth day of September, 1863, and the adjudicatioe being directed to be prosecuted at the County Count of Monmouthshire holden at Usk, is hereby requirerd to surrender himself to Mr. Henry Roberts, the Registrar of the said Court, at the FIRST MEET- ING of Creditors to be held before the said Registrar on the fifth day of October next, at three o'clock in the afternoon precisely, at the office of the said Regis- trar, in Usk. Mr. Henry Roberts is the Official Assignee. A Public Sitting will be appointed by the Court for the said bankrupt to pass his Last Examination, of which sitting due notice will be given in the London Gazette. At the said first meeting of Cre- ditors the Registrar will receive the Proofs of the Debts of the Creditors, and the Creditors may choose an Assignee or Assignees of the bankrupt's estate and effects. At the public sitting proofs of debts of Cre- ditors will also be received, and the said bankrupt will be required to submit himself to be examined, and to make a full disclosure and discovery of all his estate and effects, and to finish his examination. Notice is also hereby given to all persons indebted to the said bankrupt, or that have any of his effects, not to deliver the same but to the Official Assignee, whom the Court has appointed in that behalf. Signed, W. GRAHAM, JUN., HIGH. BAILIFF. IKTOTE PAPER and ENVELOPES Stamped with Crests-, Initials, Mottoes, or any Design, at J. H. GLARE'S, Bridge-street, Usk. PORTEMONNAIES — PURSES—WALLETS- A POCKET BOOKS—PENCIL CASES and PEN. KNIVES, at J. H. CLARK'S, Usk. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, Two COTTAGES and GARDENS, with ORCHARD containing 3 roods of land, situate in the parish of Llandenny, near Usk, by a good road. Treat with MICHAEL PHILLIPS, on the premises. September 15th, 1863. Abergavenny Agricultural Show, 1863. President: The Hon. J. F. CLIFFORD-BUTLER. THE ANNUAL EXHIBITION OF STOCK, Poultry, Implements, & Cottager's Prizes, WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE NEW CATTLE MARKET, ABERGAVENNY On THURSDAY, the Silt of OCTOBER, 1863. THE PLOUGHING MATCHES will take place in a Field near Abergavenny, the same day. The Teams must be ready to start at Nine o'clock in the Morning, or they will be disqualified. All Entries to be made in writing to the Secretaries, at the Greyhound Hotel, Abergavenny, on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd, 1863, between the hours of Ten in the Morning and Six in the Evening, Nun-subscribers will be admitted at 10 a.m. to the New Cattle Market on payment of Is., and Sub- scribers will be furnished with a Ticket on payment of their Subscription. For further Particulars and List of Premiums offered, apply to the Honorary Secretaries, or to Mr. George Green, Clerk and Collector, Abergavenny. ME. PHILIP MORGAN, Angel Hotel, Q„„a ME. ROGER MORGAN, Llanellen, J Mon- Becs- DINNER at Four o'clock on the Day of Show, at the ANGEL HOTEL. Tickets, 3s. 6d. each, inclu- ding Dessert and Waiter. THE CHAMPION LIVER & STOMACH PILLS. These Pills are compounded from the recipe of one cf the most eminent Physicians of the day are pre- pared by an able and experienced chemist, and are ao- kowledged by the Faculty to be the most valuable medi. dine for all disorders of the stomach and derangements of the liver, ever prepared. Try a box, numerous testimonials have been given of their efficacy. Sold in b(,xes, Is. lid. each, by Messrs. Barclay ana Sons, wholesale agents, London by J. H. Clark, Book. seller, Usk; Thomas Roderick, Druggist, Pontypool; and all Medicine venders. Warden's Last Fete of the Season, On Monday, the 28th of September, 1863. AT RAGLAN CASTLE, (By the Especial and Kind Permission of His Grace the Duke of Beaufort.) TRADESPEOPLE'S, AGRICULTURAL, and SERVANTS, HARVEST HOME DANCE, beginning at 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the Archery Club water-proof Tent, preparatory to its being housed for the winter. A SPLENDID BRASS BAND will attend, and the front of the noble Castle will be ILLUMINATED. Rural Games as usual. Admission, One Shilling each Children, Sixpence. Particulars of Trains next week. Woodlands, near Pontypool. MR. J. PHILPOT respectfully begs to announce that he has been favoured with instructions from C. H. Williams, Esq., (who is leaving the neighbour- hood,) to SELL BY AUCTION, On TUESDAY, and WEDNESDAY, the 29th and 30th SEPTEMBER, 1863. THE NEAT AND MODERN PUBNITURE, Piano-forte, oil paintings, engravings, prints, book- ranges, books, billiard table, carriage, horses, pony, double harness, saddles, bridles, capital Ayrshire cow and calf, two ditto in calf, and yearling heifer, 2 store pigs, 2 ricks of hay, dairy utensils, cart, implements pot flowers, &c., &c. Woodlands is situate 2| miles from Pontypool, and 41 from Usk. Catalogues to be had of the Auctioneer, Ponty- pool and the furniture, &c., may be viewed the day preceding the sale. Sale to commence each morning at Eleven o'clock precisely. Pontypool, 16th September, 1863. Llwyn Crun Farm, TREGARE, NEAR RAGLAN, MONMOUTHSHIRE. MESSRS. GRAHAM & CO. will SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, On MONDAY, the 28th of September, 1863, the whole of the GROWING CROPS, HAY, &c., upon the above Farm. Comprising the Crop of Wheat off 28 acres of land, 3 ricks of old hay, and part of a rick of clover. Sale to commence precisely at 1 o'clock in the aftemoon, Usk Farmers' Club. THE ANNUAL MEETING and PLOUGHING -L MATCH, will take place in the third week in October, and Subscribers are respectfully requested to send in their Subscriptions to Mr. J. H. CLABK., Usk, by the 24th day of September, in order that the premium list may be issued without delay. To be Sold by Private Contract, .4. COPYHOLD ESTATE, in the parish of Llan- ix gwm Isha, called "COURT ROBIN," consisting of a House and about six acres of Meadow Land and Orcharding, near Llangwm Turnpike Gate on the road leading from Usk to Chepstow. Application to be made to Thomas Williams, near the Bridge, Usk. WANTED, a Person residing in Usk to join another in the Country in taking the TIMES."—Apply at the OBSERVER" Office, Usk. LETTER PRESS PRINTING of every descrip- tion COPPER PLATE Cards, Letter Headings, and Bill Heads at the London Charges, at J. H. CLAEK'B Offices, Bridge-street, Usk.