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BLAENAFON. ATTEMPTED INFANTICIDE — CONCEALMENT OF BIRTH! -A report was freely circulated through this town, on the evening of Sunday last, and subse- quently, to the effect that- a young woman, named Lot, who resides near the Railway Station, had at- tempted to clestroy an infant of which she had been delivered on Sunday evening, by burying it in the soil in a water closet, behind the house, but that a neighbour hearing the plaintive wailing of the infant, succeeding in extricating it from the unpleasant spot where it had been deposited. The facts of the case are these The young woman in question was enciente, but the fact was kept a profound secret by herself and mother. On Sunday evening, she was taken in labor, and as her father and several brothers wore in the house at the time, she hastened to the water closet, and calling her younger sister, requested her to send "mother" to her assistance. When "mother" ar- rived, the young woman had been delivered, but the infant had, unfortunately, dropped into the water closet. The seat, however, was instantly removed by the mother, who, with astonishing celerity, recovered the child, who immediately placed it, with its mother, in bed and, up to the time we write, are making as favourable progress as can be expected. It appears the circumstances obtained publicity by oozing out in the following manner A person was in the privy adjoining Lot's, at the time of the occurrence, and having heard the groans of the mother, and wailing of the child, and thinking there was something illicit going on, at once gave information to a police officer, who proceeded to the spot forthwith but upon his arrival, found that the mother and child were safely ensconced in bed in the house, the child appearing none the worse for the mishap. As current rumour generally loses nothing by being communicated, this affair was speedily magnified to the proportions deno- ted in our heading. SUPPER AND BALL.—A public supper was given at, the Town Hall, on Friday evening last, under the superintendence of Mr. C. Edmonds, of the Brewery Tap." A most substantial repast was provided, and the manner in which it was served up, reflected great credit upon the catering abilities of Mr. Edmonds. Dancing was afterwards introduced, and indulged in by a large number of persons, to the inspiriting strains of a harp, performed upon by Mr. Pollock, of New- port. EISTEDDFOD.—We are happy to state that final arrangements have been made for holding two com- petitive meetings, and a concert, at the Town Hall, on Christmas day next. A fair number of prizes have been offered, and we have no doubt the meeting will be quite as successful as the one held. last year, as the management has been entrusted to the same hands,





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