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The" Vieniia Gazette" of the 29th October; announces that in consequence of recent events in Greece, the Emperor has ordered the immediate departure of an Austrian naval squadron for the Archipelago. It will consist of the frigate No vara, the corvette Archduke Frederick, and two gunboats of the first class. This squadron, placed under the orders of Captain Baron de Pock, has the mission of protecting Austrian commerce and subjects in Greece. Attack on a Funeral Procession. —After the rebel cavalry left Chambsrsburg on their way to Gettys- burg, when about twelve miles distant from the former place, th&y met a large funeral procession, which they ordered to come to a halt. Dismounting from their own horses,. they selected 43 of the best horses in the., proce&- eion, and amongst them the horses attached to the hearse. No violence was used; but, on the contrary, the greatest politeness was displayed towards the surprised, mourners* At length one of the funeral escort demanded to know by whose orders their horses were thus taken. The reply was, By order of General M'Clellan they are wanted for the, army." As soon as the funeral, horses were properly secured by their captors they pursued them way to the Potomac, leaving the afflicted friends to find their way with the corpse to the place of burial as they beat: might. The, following. address has, been sent to General Garibaldi from the Trades Garibaldian Demonstration CciatiiitteeDear and honoured General,—The comr mittee of the Trades Garifealdian Demonstration, a body of working;'men,, being officers and members of London trades societies, numbering about 100,000 skilled artisans, dasira to convey ta you the expression of their deep sym- pathy with your present bodily and mental suffering^ a suffering that must be rendered more acute by the knowledge that the bullet which has laid you wounded on a bed of pain and sickness was a fratricidal one, di- rected against you by the order of a so-called Italian ministry, but who in reality were the instruments of a foreign ruler, to remove whose unrighteous grasp from that fair city which ought to be, and ultimately will be, the capital of a free Italy, you were devoting your energies aad risking your valuable life, that you migjit add another jewel to the crown of that king to whom you have already presented two kingdoms, won by your- self and your brave comrades from a corrupt and odious Government, whose existence was a blot upon civilisation. The working men of London know you to be the friend of, and beloved by, their Italian bretbreu-t-he producers of their country's.wealih— and they long for the, time when, Providence permitting, you will be. able to come amongst them, that they may prove to you personally how much. they acmite your nobleness of character, your social virtues, and yÔur puce and disia- terested patriotism. When that day, shall arrive you will receive the unbought homage of hundreds of thou- sands of England's workmen,, who, in common with all classes ot their fellow-countrymen, will deem that moment to be a proud on.o.. in their lives when they will thus, be enabled publicly and before the world to express their admiration of Italy's noblest son,, hero, and patriot. That; this hour may speedily arrive, and that your valuable life may yet be spared to see your fondest hopes realiSed- VemcQ liberated from Austrian rule, and Rome, r 6f afree, freedfllGm French bayonets, become the capital ef a-free, united, audi constitutional Italy—is the sincere, and earnest prayer of the,working men of The address is signed by the secr«ta*gj. 041 bahgif of. tfcs cosi- 'miUjeat-.