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CHEPST)W FARMER'S CLUB. The PloughingMatch connected with this society took place on Tutday last. The fields for the con- test of skill were wo clover leys on Haysgate farm, about two miles istant from Chepstow, belonging to Mr. Charles Candler, and the judges were Mes- srs. Wm. Langle; Lanvair, T P Williams, Beachley, and Henry Butt,Jortskewitt. The start was given at ten o'clock, ad there were 50 competitors, viz- 3 farmers' sons uder 21 years of age; 2 ditto under 18 32 servants f members 8 ditto under 18 and champions, Tø visitors to the field were most hospitably eptertined by Mr. Chandler at his house, At five o'clockhe members and their friends sat down to a very calal dinner at the Black Rock hotel, New Passage, at bich Capt. Savery presided and Mr. T Peachey Williap filled the vice chair. Amongst the company were J. 3 Snead, Esq. and Messrs. J P James, T. Perkins, J. Dobs, and G. Howell, Chepstow; Mr. W. Langley, Lanvair ;[r C Chandler, Hays Gate; Mr Till, Caerwent; Mr H Williams, Mr Duckham, Mr Clark, Mr. John William &c &c, Capt. Savery rose and apologized for the absence of Mr. Curre, the president of the society, who was absent from home on urgent business, or he should say, urgent plea- sure, being at Gloucester races; however be trusted that lie (the speaker) may be found an efficient substitute. As the prizes would have to be awarded he would not delay the business of the evening, but proceed at once to give them the Health of the Queen," which he was sure as loyal subjects they would do honor to. The chairman after giving His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales," gave The Army, Navy, Militia, Vo- lunteers, and Yeomanry Cavalry," and remarked that all the branches of the service were not represented at the table, but the last mentioned were. The toast was responded to by Captain Savery, on behalf of the 36th light infantry, Sergt. Clark, 8th Mon., on behalf of the volunteers and Mr. TimmS) on behalf of the yeomanry cavalry, each of whom made some appro- priate remarks on the branches to which they belonged, and should they be required to face an enemy, they would not flinch from their duty, but would be found ever ready to defend the honor of England. After The Lord Lieutenant," & Bishop and Clergy" had been given, the Hon. Sec. read the AWARD OF PRIZES. For ploughing halr.ali.acre of land in 4 hours with a pair of horses without a driver. I.-To the son of a member not exceeding 21 yrSiof age. First prize, 92 2s,—Son of Mr. INiullins, Duncastle Second pv'ifce, £ 1 Is.—Son of Mrb. Townsend, New passage 2.—To the son of a member not exceeding 18 yrs. of age. First, 92 2s,—Henry Peachey son of Mr. J P Williams. Second, jBl Is.—J Langley, son of Mr Matthew Langley 3—To the ploughman in employment of a member. First, 20, 2s.—W Smith, servant to Mr W Dowle, Chapel Second,gl 10s.—Wm Jones „ Rev E T Williams Third, £ 1—Zach. Arnold „ Mr Valentine Parsons Fourth, 15s-Wm. Green „ Mr. Woodall Fifth, 10s.—Edwin Walters „ Mr Davies, Langstone 4.—To the servant of a member under 18 years of age First, 91 lOs-Jas. Hughes serv. to Mr W Dowle, Chapei Second £ 1—Edwin Jeremy „ Mrs Dowle, Claypits Third 10s—George Morgan „ Mr Cadle, Howick Fourth 5s-Robert Hewlett „ Mr Parker, Caerwent 6—The Champion prize, open to all England. First 92 2s-Peter Lewis, serv. to Mrs Dowle, Claypits Second tl lOs-Isaae Smith, „ Mr T Dowle, Ilton Third A;I-John Rees, „ Messrs Howard, Bedford At the conclusion of the list Mr. T P Williams informed the members that half-a-guinea was at the disposal of the committee to be divided among the unsuccessful compe- titors. The ploughing of the boys was very good, and as there were four unsuccessful ones, he suggested they should be given 2s. 6d. each. Mr. D Baker had also given two guineas for the like purpose, which he considered should be divided as follows; Phipps, Mr. Hilliar's man Thomas Morgan, Mr Davies's man; and ThomasAnthony, Mr. Wm. Dowle's man, 7s. 6d. each. Wm. Lane, Mr Mattliews's man, and Capt. Savery's man 5s. each. Wm. Frain, Mr Parker's man; James Morris, Mr Woodall's man; and Mr J P James's man, 3s. each. The "Health of Mr Chandler," The Successful Com- petitors," The Chairman," Vice-chairman," Hon. Secretary," and a number of other toasts were afterwards given and responded to and tbe meeting terminated SOQU after eight o'eiook, It will be seen by advertisement, that the Annual Meeting of the Monmouthshire District Committees of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, is intended to be held in the Town Hall, Ponty- pool, on Thursday next.