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USK. COUNTY COURT.—TUESDAY. [Before JOHN MAURICE HERBERT, Esq., Judge.] James Edwards, Llandenny, labourer, v. Thomas Wil. liams, Gwehelog, labourer. Claim, 6s., for goods, work, and materials. Judgment for full amount by two instal. ments. James Edwards, Llandenny, labourer (by next friend), v. Thomas Williams, Gwehelog, labourer. Claim, lis., for money lent. Full amount by 4s. a month. William Horton and wife, Gwehelog, shopkeepers, v. John Jones, Monkswood, labourer. Claim, 14s. Id., for goods. Full amount by 4s. a month. Charles Coleman, Llanbaddock, miller, v. J as. Pritchard, Monkswood, labourer. Claim, 18s. 9d., for goods. Plaintiff nonsuited. James Morris, Llandenny, carpenter, v. Edward Rosser, Raglan, labourer. Claim, 13s. 2d., tor goods. Full amount in a week. Simeon Trotman, Usk, wheelwright, v. Thomas Jones, Kingcoed, farmer. Plaintiff conducted his own case, and Mr. Bytheway the defence. This was a claim.for £15 Is., for goods, work and labour. The defendant tendered a set off, which amounted to 214 8s. Id. Plaintif fadmitted owing part of the set off, and after a deal of swearing and cross-swearing, judgment was given for 96 2s. lid., by three instalments. Thomas Lewis, Raglan, labourer, v.John Cuxon, Raglan, gentleman. Claim, 92 2s., for goods. To pay in a week. James Morgan, Llanbaddock, farmer, v. Richard Pitt, Usk, haulier. Claim, £1, for goods. Full amount in a month. Mary Williams, Usk, widow, v. John Roderick, Goytrey, labourer. Claim, £ 2 5s., for rent. Full amount by instalments of 10s. a month. At a subsequent hour the Judge reduced it to 5s. a month. Thomas Andrews, Raglan, shopkeeper, v. Richard Stacey, Monmouth, labourer. Claim, 91 7s. 6d. Full amount by 4s. a month. George Fletcher, Llandenny, wheelwright, v. William Williams, Raglan, labourer. Claim, 4s. 6d., for goods. Full amount in a month. James Thomas, Devauden, farmer, v. William Day, Usk, haulier. Claim for 95 on an I O U. Full amount in a week. Jeremiah Wat-kins, Usk, carpenter, v. James Boulton, Usk, surgeon. Claim, jBl 16s., for work and labour. Defendant tendered a set off for £ 2 16s. J udgment was given for defendant on the plea of set off. Hannah Thomas. Usk, shopkeeper, v. James Fox, VEk, gardener. Claim, 93 2s. 3d. Full amount in a week. Richard Satchel], Usk, shopkeeper, v. Edmond Williams, Gwehelog, labourer. Claim, dB4 15s., for goods. Full amount by instalments of 8s. a month. James Williams, Usk, shopkeeper, v. William Jones, Usk, shoemaker. Claim, 92 3s. 3d., for goods. Full amount in a week. Thomas Williams, Clytha, labourer, v. Thomas Tippins, Bryngwyn, farmer. Claim, £ 1 9s., for work and labour. Defendant had paid into court jBI Is. Judgment for money paid into court. John Edwards, Usk, druggist, v. Charles Price, Llange- view, labourer. Claim, dBl 7s. 5d., for goods. Full amount by instalments of 6s. per month. Same v. John' Price. Danhaddock, labourer. Claim, 9s. lid. for goods. Full amount in a week. William Horton and wife. Gwehelog, shopkeepers, v. Edwin Groves, Usk, labourer. Claim, 8s. 4d for goods. Full amount by three instalments. Henry Charles Shepard, Raglan, surgeon, v. Hezekiah Hobbs, Raglan, labourer. Claim, 91 5s., for medical attendance. Full amount by 10s. a month. John Edwards, Usk, druggist, v. Constant Morgan, Usk, veterinary surgeon. Claim, for 98 lis. 10d., for goods. Full amount, by instalments of 92 on the 14th of October, 1862, and remainder by 10s. a month. ^Benjamin Nicholas Price, Bryngwyn, gentleman, v. TV illiam Howells, Clytha, farmer. Claim, £ 26 19s,, for wheat illegally taken. This was a jury case, the defendant having demanded that course. The plaintiff was examined by the Judge, after which His Honor decided there was no case to go to the jury, and nonsuited the plaintiff. Samuel Blaydon, of Raglan, in the County of Mon- mouth, brickmaker, a bankrupt, passed his last examina- tion without opposition, and an order of discharge was granted.