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SALE OF CATTLE AT BVSHEY-GROVE. A great sale of short-horned cattle took place on the 1st inst., at Bushey-grove Farm, near Watford, the pro- perty of Mr. Stewart Majoribanks, who is discontinuing the breeding of short-horns. About 1,500 gentlemen and farmers were present from all parts of the United Kingdom. Among them were Earls Spencer and Cawdor, the Hon. Colonel Duncombe, Sir Lawrence Palk, Mr. A. J. Robarts, Mr. Tyrwhit Drake, Mr. Kelk, and Captain Oliver, who bid for their own lots. Nearly every feeder of short-horns was present, or was repre- sented by his agent. Fifty-eight cows and heifers, in- cluding young calves, brought each an average price of X82 4s. 6d.; 22 bulls and bull calves an average price of £ 53— the greatest sum realised by any herd of short- horns during this year. We subjoin the prices of the principal lotsRosa Bonheur, red, calved May 3, 1856; by Horatio, dam Rosamond by Lord George; sold to Lord Spencer for j3120 15a. Vesta, roan, calved July 3, 1856; by Lieutenant, dam Maria by Royal Buck; Mr. Stirling, M.P., Keir— £ 210. Helen, red roan, calved May 22, 1857; by Bridesman, dam Haidee by Captain Shaftoe Captain Oliver, near Towcester— £ 105. Lady Butterfly, red. calved December 12, 1858; by Great Mogu), dam Red Butterfly by Master Butterfly; Mr. Betts, Preston Hall, Maidstone— £ 105. Diadem, rich roan, calved February 26, 1859; by Marmaduke, dam Darlington 5th by 4th Duke of Oxford; Mr. Robarts, Lillingstone, Buckingham-£14115$.. Spicy, rich roan, calved March 6, 1859; by Marmaduke, dam Sauce- box by the Beau; Mr. Milne, near Edinburgh— £ 136 10s. Lady Bountiful, white, calved April 23, 1859; by Great Mogul, dam Lady Spencer by Usurer; Mr. RichaTdson, Glen more, Belfast— £ 105. Flower of Bushey, roan, calved September 3,1859; by Great Mogul, dam Myrtle by the Vicar; Mr. Barton, Straffan, Dublin— X152 5s. Rose of iBushey, red, calved July 2, 1860; by Great Mogul, dam Rosa Bonheur by Horatio; Earl Spencer— £ 215 5s. Blushing Bride, rich roan, calved July 5,1860; by Great Mogul, dam The Bride by Young Locbinvar; Earl of Aylesford— £ 178 10s. Lady Love, rich roan, calved Sept. 23, 1860; by Cock-of-the- Walk, dam Locey bv Marmaduke;. Mr. Betts, Preston-hall, Maidstone— £ i36 10s. Geraldine, red, calved Nov. 7, I860; bp Great Mogul, damKhirkee 4th by Marmaduke; Hon. Colonel Duncombe— £ 115 10s. Beauty of Bushey, rich roan, calved Dec. 4, 1860; by Great Mogul, dam Helen by Bridesman; Sir A. Rothschild, Aston Clin- ton, Tring— £ 194 5s. Belle of Bushey, rich roan, calved July 6, 1861; by Young Mogul, dam Rosa Bonheur by Horatio; Duke of Sutherland— £ 105. Ladybird, red, calved November 9,1861; by Great Mogul, dam Looey by Marmaduke; Hon. Colonel Pennant, Penrhyn Castle -£126. Whipper-in, rich roan, calved December 30, 1860; by Cock-of-the-Walk, dam Annie by Captain Shaftoe; Duke of Richmond, Gordon Castle, £168. Squire of Bushey, roan, calved April, 1862; by Royal Butterfly 5th, dam Elegance by Lord Raglan; Mr. Milne, near Edinburgh— £ 115 10s. Messrs. Wetherell, of Durham, conducted the sale, and the excellent condition in which all the animals were brought to the hammer reflected great credit on Mr. Tallan, the bailiff of Mr. Marjoribanks.

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