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Mrs MTjachlan, the Sandyford murderess, has been respited by the Secretary of State til] the 1st November, to allow time for further investigation. A Boy Killed We (Inverness Advertiser) regret to hear that a melancholy and fatal-occurrence has happened in GleDmoriston. A few days ago two boys, of the ages of about eight and eleven years, whoee names we have not ascertained, had quarrelled, and set to battle with their fists. The younger of the boys, it appears, was getting the better of the other, when an older companion stepped in, and, seizing the lad, gave him a kick in the spine with so much severity that the lad had to be carried home, and died five days thereafter, it is believed, from the effects of the kick. The authorities are engaged in an investigation of this painful case. Infanticide.-A Curious Dispute.-On Fri- day, Dr. Lankester, the Central Middlesex coroner, and the jury re-assembled at the Elephant and Castle, King's- road, Camden-town, to conclude an inquest on the body of a newly-born child, the illegitimate offspring of Rosa Clifford, an under housemaid in the service of Mr. Scadding, of 2, Gordon-street, Gordon-square, St. Pan- eras. On Thursday last, on the resumption of the inquest, the police inspector in charge of the case peremptorily refused to accede to the coroner's request to allow the prisoner to be present, on the ground that he had no authority to permit her to be removed to any other court but that of the magistrates. The jury firmly protested, and adjourned to enable the coroner to make formal application to Sir Richard Mayne for the prisoner's presence, in order to maintain what they deem to be the rights and privileges of the coroner's sourt. The coroner said that there was not the slightest chance of having the woman before them. The course now would be for the woman to be committed, and then for him to apply to the Home Secretary, but his experience warranted him in saying that they would be only met with a refusal. In this instance the answer was not exactly a refusal to give the prisoner up, but it amounted to the same thing. The sense of the jury was then taken, when six voted for another adjournment, and nine for coming to a verdict. The coroner accordingly adjourned for a fortnight, with an understanding that in the meantime he would apply to the Home Secretary for the production of the woman.



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