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EPITOME OF NEWS. The Mutual Aid Society of the little hamlet of Belgiojoso, in Lombardy, has sent a letter to their wounded president, General Garibaldi, ipclosing an order for the 24fr. to which, as an "invalided member unable to gain his living," he is entitled by the rules of the society. The general's acknowledgment of the remit- tance went off by the next night's post. He was per- fectly delighted at it. Jacob Saffia, a, Jerusalem Rabbi, is in Australia, collecting funds for erecting Jewish buildings on Mount Zion. The rabbi speaks English, and converses fluently in Hebrew, German, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic. There are now nearly 8,000 Jews' at Jerusalem. An opinien prevails amongst them that scripture warrants a belief tha the Holy City is to be re-established on Mount Zion. On Friday, a gentleman living in Leeds, but who formerly resided in the parish of Birstal, received a visit from the officers of the law, acting on behalf of the Vicar of Birstal, to distrain for Is. 6d. Ea3ter dues, and 6s. 6d. costs. To raise this sum they carried off six chairs worth £ 8. The Vicar ef Birstal has not conciliated his parishioners by the manner in which he has enforced his rights. The first instalment of railway communication between Monmouthshire and Breconshire with the northern and midland, counties, via Shrewsbury and Hereford and Hereford and Worcester, was made on Monday by the opening of the Abergavenny and Merthyr Railway, which will be connected with Brecon by the Merthyr and Brecon line, which is in a fair way of completion. A curious announcement has appeared in the Dublin journals. It professes to come from an officer of the Indian army, at present resident in England, who is desirous of obtaining the agency of an Irish estate. He is of business habits, and has the highest testimonials from general and other officers with whom he has served, but these are not the grounds upon which he rests his fitness for the office. He coolly winds up the list of his qualifications by stating that he does not mind being shot at'" When a train running from Alais to Nimes, a few days since, arrived at the intermediate station of St. Genies, the guard was informed that a young woman, a servant, named Me jean, in one of the third-class carriages, was in labour. A medical man, who happened to be one of the passengers, offered his assistance. The child was born before the train left the station for Nimes, and on arrival there both mother and child were conveyed to the hospital. Another case of infanticide occurred on Thursday. One of the inmates in the house at No. 19, Middle-street, Cloth-fair, on going into the cellar observed a parcel under the water-butt, and on opening it discovered it to contain the body of a fine male child, which, on being conveyed to St. Bartholomew's Ho3pital, was found to bear marks of death by .violence. A very large whale thrasher was caught in Torbay on Wednesday morning, and has since been ex- hibited in the town. Her Majesty's Commissioners of Inland Re- venue, in order to meet the convenience of the public, have altered the hours of 12 to 2, for obtaining the allowance of spoilt stamps, to 10 to 12 o'clock on Saturdays. The French squadron in China has received orders to proceed to Japan, where the heads of the European legations have been subjected to menacing treatment, which compelled them to place themselves under the protection of the vessels in the roadstead. A few days ago two pensioners, eighty years of age, were. driven out of the gates of Greenwich Hospital by order of the governing authorities. The cause of their expulsion is stated to be their having absented themselves for a few days without leave. As the poor men have no pensions they will, of course, be an addi- tional weight to the local taxation. During the past three years the importations of tallow from our Australian colonies have been largely augmented. From the Board of Trade returns just issued we find that in the month of August, 1860, but 2 cwts reached this country, which was increased to 4,439 and 6,695 cwts., in the corresponding months of 1860 and 1861; the imports for the eight months ending August showing, for 1860, 2,418 cwts.; 1861, 13,823 cwts.; and 1862, 51,286 cwts. Kallub, the Vienna post-office clerk, who abstracted upwards of twenty thousand letters, has been tried, and condemned to ten years'hard labour. j Mr. Hall, the father of the young lady who was, so barbarously murdered at Fordingbridge in June last, died a few days since. A Turin letter in the Siecle states mat tne number of Garibaldians who still remain prisoners is 1,909. It adds that only 232 young men, under 18 years of age, have been sent home to their families. A corporal of the 20th Regiment of Foot, named Charles Alder, a confirmed lunatic in the Royal Infirmary, Phoenix Park, Dublin, committed suicide on Tuesday "by hanging himself with a piece of tape. Two good-looking girls were taken among the Garibaldians. They were clad as soldiers, and their sex did not seem to be known to their companions in arms. It appears that there has not been a single act of violence committed in the International Exhibition building since the opening, and that the bad money taken has been under £40, including only one half-sovereign. In several of the West-end shops ladies' walking-sticks are being sold. Of course they are not rough bits of hickory, or shillelagh-like, but are rare pieces of wood, jewelled and gold-headed. The Brighton Hotel, on the King's-road, beside the battery, will cost £57,258 for building alone. Messrs. Sawyer and Co. are the contractors. Always in Mischief—On the evening of Sunday week, a congregation in the neighbourhood of Whitby were suddenly,as if by magic, plunged into total darkness. The cause was that crinoline had just entered; a lady's dress caught in the key of the gas meter, the lady dragged the crinoline, the crinoline dragged the key, and light was locked out. About a. month ago a cat belonging to a resident at Townhead had a litter of kittens, which were shortly drowned. By-and-by the people of the house were surprised at seeing a small rat frequently running about the house in an easy leisurely manner. One morning the gudeman looked out of the bed and saw pussy on the floor quietly suckling master rat, and purring over and fondling him.—Axbruath Guide. I hear it reported that the celebrated Anonym a," or rather the fair charioteer who was supposed to be in- dicated by that portraiture, has just started for a winter in Italy, accompanied thither by a certain gentleman of some standing in society, who deserted an amiable wife, leaving her utterly broken-hearted at the desertion, to follow this ignis fatuus.-London correspondence of Saunders' News Letter. At Gibraltar, the other day, the Victoria Cross was presented to Captain H. G. Biowne, of the 100th Regiment, for conspicuous gallantry at Lucknow. A numerous company from the rock were present, and the scene was further enlivened by the presence of the officers and men of the 81st French Regiment, at present encamped outside the gates. Four convicts, who recently escaped from the French penal settlement, Les Hattes, arrived on the 16th ult., under the guidance of a fisherman, at Parama- ribo, and were handed over to the custody of the police. These people were exposed to all sorts of privations in travelling along the coast, and when they reached Port Orsoije, after a distressing journey, they were in a starv- ing condition. Under the subsisting regulations they will be returned to the French Government, which would probably rather have their room than their company. An amusing typographical error occurred the other day among the list of subscribers to the. Garibaldi Surgical Fund. A poor bookbinder" gave 5s., and the next subscriber in order was an Italian lady, married to an English gentleman named Fletcher. This lady's name is A. Lega Fletcher, but her subscription was acknow- ledged as from a ledger stitcher." It appears that the exportation of arms and am- munition from this country is rapidly increasing in pro- portion to the prolongation of the American war, and that the shipments during the first eight months of this year have amounted in value to £1,308,000, or at the rate of about £1,750,000per annum. During the month of August the quantity was especially large, amounting to £ 286,110. The Italian frigate Eurydice, which had run on a sand-bank in the Baltic, has been released from her perilsus position. By throwing all her guns and a great part of her stores overboard, she has been got afloat, and towed into Elsinore, On Sunday afternoon the funeral of Lady Monte. fiore, wife of Sir Moses Montefiore, Bart., took place at Ramsgate, ia the presence of nearly 1,000 persons, about 500 of whom, being Jews, followed. The synagogue was crowded, and Baron Nathan de Rothschild and Sir Anthony Rothschild, Bart., were amongst those present. Many of the tradespeople of Ramsgate partially closed their shops last week, when the decease of the much- respected lady became known.



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