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DAILY PAPERS, AT THREE O'CLOCK, on the Day of Publication, at CLARK'S, USK. NEW MARKET STREET, USK. JAMES FOX, SEEDSMAN AND -FLORIST, BEGS most respectfully to acquaint the Public of Usk arid its Neighbourhood that he has COMMENCED BUSINESS as above, and he trusts that by supplying SEEDS of the best descrip- tion, and by punctual attention to the commands of his customers, to obtain a share of the public support. J. F. has just received a well selected Stock of AGRICULTURAL, GARDEN AND FLOWER SEEDS, For the present Season, amongst which will be found several New Varieties. j ISAACS, STOCK AND SHARE BROKER, 70,1ROGMOEE STREET, ABERGAVENNY. FOR SALE, an IRON CHEST (burglar proof) feet high. 2 feet 8 inches broad, and 1 feet 9 inches deep, with iron shelf, two drawers, and folding doors price, £ 12.—Apply at the OBSERVER Office, Usk. T. EVANS, Boot, Shoe, and Gaiter Manufac- turer, and Currier, 16, Cross st. and Sydenham House- High street, Abergavenny, BEGS to call the attention of the Public to the LARGE STOCK 1M of BOOTS and SHOES of every IlpgH description he has constantly on WWllBH hand. H|| RIFLE GAITERS made from the |H||w primest Cowhide, 011 the most JHifiH Reasonable Terms, Suitable for Shooting or Walking purposes. FURNISHING IRONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT, 24, FLANNEL STREET, ABERGAVENNY. MARGARET DEAN, in returning her sincere acknowledgements for the kind patronage she has received during the last fifteen years, begs to announce that she has recently made extensive al- terations in her establishment, which will enable her to offer purchasers increased advantages and accommodation. Iron Bedsteads of every descrip- tion Childrens' Cots and Basinets Shower. Hip, Sponging, and other Baths best Sheffield Cutlery Britannia Metal, and Plated Goods an eleganFas- sortment of Papier Mache and Iron Tea Trays, and Japanned Goods in general; Goloshes, Winter Boots, Pattens, Lancashire, and other Clogs, Mats, Brooms, and Brushes, in endless variety j Fire Irons and Fenders; an extensive assortment of Dairy Utensils (manufactured on the premises) Modera- tor and other Lamps, Beer Engines, &c., effectually and promptly repaired. FIREWORKS (Sold under Licence). A Large and Varied Assortment of the above just received. Shops and Schools supplied at WHOLESALE PRICES. ABERGAVENNY. No 9, CROSS STREET, Notice of Removal. fFHE Public are respectfully in- 1 foimed that SAMUEL EAMES, W a Tailor and Woollen Draper, has M removed from 48 to No. 9 Cross St., H f where he purposes continuing to JH supply GOOD made, WELL shaped and PERFECT fitting garments, at the LOWEST remunerating price. Shooting Suits, made to order.from zC2 2 0 Neglige Suits made to order ,,250 Eton Suits in neutral Colors, to order „ 2 10 0 Ladies' Riding Habits, made to order ,,250 Ladies'Shower-proof Cloaks & Jackets | 10 0 made to order The Knickerbocker Suits to order ,,110 A large assortment of Clerical Mixtures & Mate- rials for Liveries always on hand. Also a carefully and recently selected Stock of Men's Mercery, Hosiery, Hats, Scarfs, Ties, Dent's Gloves, &c. Farmers-Improve & Increase your Crops with the CAMBRIDGE ROLLER or CLOD CRUSHER, and the Two-Furrow-Wheel LAND PRESSER. MORE than 30 CAMBRIDGE ROLLERS have l been Sold to Monmouthshire Farmers, since FEBRUARY in the present year, at the present RE- DUCED PRICES, being more than 20 per cent below the current prices of other makers. WHEELS. DIAMETER. LENGTH. WEIGHT. PRICES. 24 in. 24 in. 6 ft. 2 in. 15 cwt. £ 10 6s.Od. 26 in. 20 in. 6 ft. 6 in. 11 cwt. 98 5s. Od. 26 in. 15 in. 6 ft. 6 in. 9 cwt. £ 7 0s. Od. The 2-Furrow.Wheel LAND PRESSER is getting much in use in modern agriculture, in consequence of the many advantages it has over the 6 or more Furrow Wheel Pressers. It can be used with One Horse, to follow in the same field 2 plough teams, thereby pressing the furrows before they are made hard and brittle by the atmosphere. Being only 2 furrow wheels, the impression is uni- form on the furrows. These advantages cannot, with the other pressers, be obtained. The furrows being ploughed some time become hard-3 or 4 horses are required; and in consequence of their having so many wheels, the pressure on the furrows is unequal. Two and three wheel Land Pressers have been, and are now realising (the framing all iron) £ 7 and £9 each; those part Wood and part Iron, are made at £3 10s. each and are of equal utility. Orders received and attended to by the Maker, JAMES LEWIS, IRONFOUNDER, ABER GA VENNT. TO BE LET, in the beautiful and salubrious Vale of U sk, so well known as a pleasant Winter resi- dence, PART of a GENTEEL HOUSE, furnished or unfurnished.—Apply to C. F. Post Office, Usk. TO BUTCHERS, DEALERS, FARMERS, & OTHERS. THE TON FARM, TREDUNNOCK, Midway between Caerleon and Usk, Monmouthshire. MR. H. VENNOR is favored with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, at the above place, at Twelve o'clock at noon, On TUESDAY,, OCTOBER 21st, 1862, The whole of the superior and pure-bred STOCK OF HEREFORD CATTLE, FAT AND STOCK SHEEP, HORSES, &C., Implements of Husbandry, Dairy Utensils, 110 Tons of Hay and Clover, Of the very primest quality, STRAW, and part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, And other Effects, the property of Mr. EDMONDS, who is giving up Farming, THE STOCK consists of 10 pure bred young Hereford cows, to calve in good season 1 ditto very fine cow and calf, 1 fat barren, 6 prime fat three-year-old Hereford steers, 7 ditto heifers, to calve in good season 7 very fine yearling steers, 3 ditto heifers, 4 steer calves, 3 heifer ditto, 25 fat wethers, 57 prime fat ewes, of the Leicester breed; 30 lambs, 4 tup ditto, 2 ditto yearlings, 5 strong, young, active cart horses, 2 two year-old cart colts, 2 well made year- ling cart colts, 1 superior half-bred brown colt, rising three years old I thorough-bred horse, 4 years old (got by Whaley) 1 sow, 1 ditto with 13 pigs, 9 store pigs, and 2 strong ditto. THE IMPLEMENTS consist of 1 nearly new broad- wheeled waggon, 2 ditto carts, very strong well-con- ditioned dog cart, 2 iron ploughs, ditto harrows, ditto drags, 1 superior horse rake (Howard's patent), 2 haul rakes, 1 roller, 1 turnip ditto, 1 turnip cutter, 1 chaff machine, sheep rack, ditto troughs, pigs' troughs, sieves, pikes, rakes, cow chains, shovels, about I ton of old iron, quantity of oak planking, sundry wheels and axle-trees, 3 sets of long harness, 3 sets of short ditto, 2 pair of G.O. ditto, 1 set of gig harness (nearly new), the whole of the dairy utensils, and part of the Household Furniture, &c. Also about 110 tons of Hay and Clover of first quality, about 10 tons of Wheat and Barley Straw, and about 5 acres of Swedes. Also the Grass in suitable lots, to be grazed until the 2nd of February next. N.B.—The Auctioneer begs to call the attention of his Friends and the Public to the above stock of Hereford Cattle, it being of first-rate quality many of them are from the well-selected breed of Mr. Price of Pembridge. To Purchasers of L20 and upwards, approved Bills at Two Months will be taken. Refreshments on the Table at 11 o'olook. Auctioneer's Offices, 4, Llanarth-st., Newport, Mon. September 24th, 1862. MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, a JL desirable little ESTATE, called "Tir-y-Evan," situate in the Parish of Llanellen, about 1 mile from the Village of LIanellen, comprising a Barn and Five Pieces of very superior Meadow Land, con- taining together about 8 acres, now let to Mr. DAVID GWILLIAM. at the moderate Rent of £15. There is a plentiful stream of never failing water flowing through the estate. Mrs. Rosser of Goytrey Mill, near Rhyd-y-meirch will shew the property, and for further Particulars apply to Messrs. BLOUNT and DAVIS, Solicitors, Usk. WM. POTTER, PONTYPOOL, HAS just had consigned to him a VERY HAND- SOME STOCK of Paisley Shawls. At 25s. and the best not exceeding JE3. THE CHAMPION LIVER & STOMACH PILLS. These Pills are compounded from the recipe of one of the most eminent t-liysicians of the day are pre- pared by an able and experienced chemist, and are ac- kowledged by the Faculty to be the most valuable medi- diue for all disorders of the stomach and derangements of the liver, ever prepared. Try a box, numerous testimonials have been given of their efficacy. Sold in hexes, Is. lid. each, by Messrs. Barclay ana Sons, wholesale agents, London by J. H. Clark. Book. seller, Usk Thomas Roderick, Druggist, Pontypool; and all Medicine venders. 1863. Clark's Illustrated Family Almanack AND Advertiser for the County of Monmouth. TNTENDING ADVERTISERS are requested to I forward their Advertisements to the Office as early as possible, as the best positions are given by priority. "OBSERVER" Office, Usk, Sept., 1862. THE FOLLOWING PERSONS 1 are AGENTS for the USK OBSERVER," through whom Papers may be obtained, or Advertise- ments forwarded. Abergavenny-Mr. Meredith Llangwm—Mr. Northover. „ Dodson. Llandenny-Mr. Wintle. „ „ C. Price. Llanarth-Mr. W. Hunt. „ „ Richards. London—Messrs. Mitchell & Abersyeban-Mr- Martin. Co., Red Lion Court, Bettws—Mr. Williams. Fleet Street. Blaenavon-Mr. J. Vincent. Mr. W. Brownlow, Caerleon-Mrs. E. Thomas. 16, Claremont place, Cardiff- Miss Howell, books Judd Street. Chepstow-Mr. W. E. Clark Monmouth—Mr. P. James. „ R. Taylor. Newport—Mrs.Read,Higbst. Croesyceilog—Mrs. Jenkins. „ Mr.J ohns,Com. st. Cruu lin-Mr. Willis, grocer. Newcastle-Mr. Weare. Dingestow-Mr. J. Burtt. Pontypool—Mr. Hughes. Goytrey—Mr. Williams. „ Edwards. Grosmont-Mr. J. Price. „ „ Richards. Kingcoed-Mrs. Jones. Pontnewydd—Mr. Mogford. Lianvibangel Torymynydd- Raglan-Mr. J. Jones. Mrs. Lewis. Shirenewton-Mrs. Fry. Llanvetherine—Mr.Watkins TinternAbbey—Mr. W.Jones Llansoy—Mr. Griffiths. Trelleck—Mrs. Jones, grocer TENTS and MARQUEES LET on HIRE by W. COOPER, BRIDGE INN, ABERGAYENNT. USK PLOUGHING MATCH. President: MAJOR M'DONNELL. SUBSCRIBERS. £ s d His Grace the Duke of Beaufort (for Farm) 3 3 0 His Honor Judge Falconer (Champion Prize) 5 5 0 G. R. Greenhow-Relph, Esq. 5 5 0 A Friend, by Mr. Relph 1 0 0 Mrs. Pocock, Beech Hill 2 2 0 Mrs. Hanbury Leigh ..2 2 0 Octavius Morgan, Esq., M. P 2 2 0 Crawshay Bailey, Esq.. M. P. 2 2 0 William A. Williams, Esq 1 1 0 Henry Montonnier Hawkins, Esq. 2 2 0 W. R. Stretton, Esq. 2 2 0 Rev. IltydNicholl 2 2 0 Iltyd Nicholl, Esq. 2 0 0 George Whitlock Nicholl, Esq. 1 0 0 Major Edmund Herbert 1 1 0 Major M'Donnell 2 2 0 E. Lister, Esq., Cefn Ila 2 2 0 James Bromfield, Esq Llanbaddock. 106 Mr. James Williams (for Pig) 1 1 0 Mr. Dunn 1 1 0 Mr. Henty Roberts 010 0 Mr. Herbert Williams (for Fowls). 0 10 0 THE ANNUAL MEETING is fixed to take place at the RHADYR FARM near Uskr on FRIDAY OCTOBER 17th, 1862, when the following Prizes will be offered for competition. PLOUGHING. Fur Ploughing Half-an-Acre of Land in the beet and most workmanlike manner, within four hours, with a pair of horses, without driver. CHAMPION PRIZES.—Open to All England, to be competed for by Ploughmen who have gained first prizes in any year, in the first and second classes. First Prize, £ 5—Second Prize, R3. CLASS 1.—To the Farmer (being a member) or hia son. First Prize, £ 3—Second Prize, zC2. CLASS 2.—To the Ploughman or Servant of a Member. First Prize, £ 3—Second Prize, £ 2—ThirdPrize, £1 10 Fourth Prize, £ 1—Fifth Prize, 10s. CLASS 3.—To the Son cc Servant of a Member, under twenty years of age. First Prize, £1 Prize, 21. Teams to be in the field at 8.30 a.tn., when lots will be drawn, and the signal for starting will be given at Nine o'clock. If not more than two compete, the second prize will be withheld, unless the work- manship be commended. Flays to be used, and the Ploughing to be Six Inches deep. Each unsuccessful competi o win be paid Two Shillings and Sixpence by Mrs. Pocock and Mrs. Greenhow-Relph. NEATEST FARM. CLASS 4.—A Prize of Thiee Guineas, to the Tenant Farmer who shows the Neatest Farm, and the best kept Fences and Roadways, and displays the greatest Economy in the Management of his Home- stead, especially in the Husbanding and Preparation of Manure. Entrance Fee, 2s. 6d. THATCHING. CLASS 5.-For the best Set and Thatched Ricks, done by a Son or Servant of a Member of this Club, regard being had to the number of licks. First Prize, JE1 Is.—Second Prize, 10s. 6d. HEDGING. CLASS 0.—For Hedging Three Perches (twenty-one yards) within six hours. First Prize. El-Second Prize, 10s. The Hedging to commence at Eight o'clock on the morning of the Ploughing Match. The Prizes will be withheld unless there are three competitors. PRODUCE. CLASS 7.-A Prize ot One Guinea, to the Farmer's Wife or Daughter who shall exhibit, at Two o'clock on the day of the Ploughing Match, at the Three Salmons Hotel, the best Sample of Butter (not less than 6 lbs.). The exhibitor must have been >11 the habit of supplying the Inhabitants of Usk with this A rticle, either by attending the market or disposing of her goods at private houses. CLASS 8.—A Prize of One Guinea, to the Farmer's Wife or Daughter who shall, at the, same time und place as above, exhibit the best half cwt. of cheese, of her own mak ng. CLASS 9.—A Prize of 10s. to the Farmer's Wite or Daughter who shall exhibit the best Couple of Fowls for the Table. To be bred and fed bv the exhibitor. CLASS 10.—A Prize of j61 Is., for the best Fat Pig, fed by a Cottager. Notice of Competition for the Neatest Farms and Ricks must be given to Mr. CLARK before 6 p.m. on. the Saturday previous to the Meeting, and for the Ploughing and Hedging before 6 p.m. on the Wed- nesday previous to the Meeting. The Committee reserves to itself the power of withholding any Prize where the Judges consider there is not sufficient merit. Subscriptions are requested to be forwarded to Mr. CLARK on or before the 15th of October. The Members and their Friends will dine together at the Three Salmons Hotel, punctually at Four o'clock. Dinner and Dessert, 3s. 6d. Tickets to be had at the bar. J. H. CLARK, HoN. SEC. pro tern. Town-Hall, Usk. WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, October 22nd & 23rd. The Cremona Musical Union, EIGHT SISTERS AND BROTHERS, WILL have the honor of giving a GRAND Vocal and Instrumental Entertainment en- titled OUR BOUQUET," as above. Reserve Seats 2s. Second ditto, Is. Tickets to be had of Mr. Clark, Bookseller, Usk. RAGLAN. London House. WLANE begs to inform his friends and the pub- • lie generally that he has returned from Lon- don with a NEW and FASHIONABLE STOCK of DRAPERY GOODS, comprising-NOVELTIES in DRESSES, SHAWLS, MANTLES and RIB- BONS, with a CHEAP ASSORTMENT of MEN'S READY-MADE CLOTHES, BOOTS, HATS, &c. Having bought for Cash prices, W. L. assures those who may honor him with a call, that they will com- bine economy with novelty and fashion. Oct. 9, 1862.