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DENTAL SURGERY. ARTIFICIAL TEEm and PAINLESS DEN- TISTR Y, as shewn and Specially Commended in Class 17, IN TERNA TIONAL EXHIBITION. Attendance in the Principality for the last 30 Yeais MR. LEWIN MOSELY, DENTIST, 30, BERNERS-STREET, LONDON ESTABLISHED 1820. APPOINTMENTS FOR 1862. MONMOUTH.—Every fourth THURSDAY, at Mr. J. Powell's, Plumber, Monnow-street. Next Visit, Thurs. day, November 6. ABERGAVENNY.—EVERY ALTERNATE TUESDAY, at Mr. Harris', saddler, next door to the Angel Hotel. Next Visit Tuesday, October 21, and Tuesday, Nov. 4. HEREFORD— Every ALTERNATE WEDNESDAY, at Mr Webster's Surveyor, St. Owen's street. Next visit Wednesday, October 22, and Wednesday, November 5. IFEWPORT.—Every fourth THURSDAY, at the King's Head Hotel. Next visit. Thursday, Oct., 23. CHEPSTOW.—By appointment, at the George Hotel. Private Rooms at all the Hotels. Attendance from 10 to 5 IMPORTANT NOTICE. Mr. Afogelyi Dentist, begs to direct attention to a New and Patented improvement in the manufacture of Artificial Teeth, Palates, &c., which supersedes all impure Metals and soft or absorbing agents, hitherto the fruitful cause of so many evils to the mouth and gums. A portion of this great improvement consists of a gum-colored enamelled base for the Artificial Teeth, which presents a uniformly smooth and highly polished surface, preventing any lodg- ment of food between interstices, thus avoiding the con. sequent unpleasant, secretions, causing: foulness ot breath, &c. Additional Teeth can be added when required (thus saving great expense to the Patient) without extracting roots or fangs, and as the whole is moulded in a soft state, all inequalities of the gums or roots of teeth are care- fully protected, and insures a perfect system of painless Dentistry. Neither metals, wires, or unsightly ligatures are required, but a perfectly complete adhesion secured by Mr. MOSELY'S PATENTED SUCTION PALATE, No. 764, Aug. 1855. *#*Decayed and Tender Teeth permanently restored to Use, preventing the necessity of Extraction. Constant Attendance at Town Residence, No. 30, Berners-street, Oxford-street, Vt., where Patients and let- ters will meet with immediate attention. Consultations and every information, Free. Charges unusually Moderate. • « T)RAYER BOOKS, BIBLES VfiBBgHa* 1 & CHURCH SERVICES in Roan, Calf, Velvet, Morocco, anc^ Antique Bindings, with or case9» "ms» and clasps. Perio lical Publications and ^ew W orks procured from the" London Publisshcrsevery Tliurs- day morning, at J. H. Clarks' Post Office, Usk. THE SHILLING PACKET of STATIONERY containing 48 sheets of Note Paper, 50 Envelopes, sheet of Blotting Paper, Stick of Wax, Steel Pen and Holder, and Black-lead Pencil. THE SIXPENNY PACKET of STATIONERY containing 24 sheets of good Note Paper 25 Envelopes, Sheet of Blotting Paper, and Steel Pen and Holder. THE FOURPENMY PACKET of STATIONERY containing 12 sheets of good full sized Note Paper, 12 Envelopes, Sheet of Blotting Paper, and Steel Pen and Holder. THE TWOPENNY PACKET of STATIONERY JL containing 6 sheets Note Paper, 6 Envelopes, and Steel l'en and Holder. At J. H. CLARK'S, Bridge Street, USK.. uoissaaong ao 'ttoiin-risuninpy- sieqo-ij joj opBui suoHunlu A •sjuarajBisui Lliola-enb JO pJxy Xq alqrXudai 's,ItlaÀ g .10 'Z 'I JOJ 'GOO'TF OI 093P uioj) cung ÂUtI AABQ tiBD ncA 'Ajunoag JBUOS-ioj paAoaddy qjiAi 1UI:{1 oai ll!.i& aii puu'ojl,l anoifaansuj pun '*uoj^ lqiod Ilaaj,4,3 ^OOQ -91 Iluulunoaz)V put? J9«uioijony 'SHVITIIAY KVIT1IAV •'W <>» og ABBE J puB dBaqQ b ^b Xauojc ^oaaog oj no £ MlVXllOdEl Usk. DAVID JONES respectfully announces to the Inhabitants of Usk that he has COMMENCED BUSINESS in the BOOT & SHOE TRADE, in Premises opposite the King's Head Inn, and begs to solicit their Patronage. Raady Made Boots and Shoes in Stock, and Orders in the bespoke department expeditiously attended to. Fits. J JONES having succeeded in curing those sufler- t ing from the most obstinate FITS ever known, respectfully informs those persons afflicted with Fits that he may be CONSULTED BY APPOINT- MENT.—Address J. JONES, Lower Argoed, Shire- newton, nr. Chepstow, Monmouthshire.—Respectable references given from parties cured. Cider ivruit. FOR SALE, a few sacks of excellent Cider Apples. Apply at the OBSERVER Office. WM. POTTER, GEORGE STREET, PONTYPOOL, Respectfully announces that he has RE-OPENED The OLD PREMISES with an entire Hew assortment of Drapery, RIZE MEDAL (1862).—TOILET & NURSERY SOAPS, in A lb. Tablets, at 3d. each, or Four for lOd. smaller Tablets, 2d. each, or Six for 10d.— at J. H. CIARK, Usk. WANTED, in a LADIES' SCHOOL, situated in a healthy locality, an ARTICLED PUPIL. —Address, SCHOLASTIC, Pontypool, Monmouthshire. JUST PUBLISHED. MORRIS & CO'S DIRECTORY, for the Counties of MONMOUTH and HEREFORD, with a Hap of Each County. Trice, 12s.6d.; sold by J. H. CLARK, UjiX.