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PONTYPOOL. THE ARBITRATION CASE.—The long-pending case of Wightman v. Pontypool Iron Company, was, at the last hearing, adjourned until the 30th September, for a 4 day's further enquiry, but negociations are at present entered into with "lvr* W;F;hhna. for au "i"1Jlt: settlement of all matters in dispute, which will dispose of further litigation. LITERARY ASSOCIATION.—A committee meeting of this association was held in the Town Hall, on the evening of Tuesday last, for the purpose of announcing the lecture arrangements for the ensuing season. Amongst the com- pany we noticed Wm. Llewellin, Esq. (chairman); Messrs. John Williams, surgeon; T. B. Smith, British School; Thomas, Lewis, and Bytheway. It was resolved that the following popular and talented lecturers should be engaged for the ensuing winter season, viz.: Messrs. George Daw- son, Hugh Stowell Brown, Grossmith, Basil Young, Appleby, Evan Daniel; Mrs. Balfour, and others. Mr. Bytheway, one of the secretaries, said that he had;received letters from Thomas Falconer, Esq., Usk;- and Edward John Lee, Esq., of Caerleon, in which they expressed a willingness to lecture for the society, gratuitously, when fitting opportunities presented themselves. The worthy minister of St. James's Church, the Rev. W.D. Horwood, and Mr. John Williams, have also promised in like man- ner, to promote the cause of the society. From the above programme, which, of its kind, we don't remember to have seen equalled, we may reasonably enough infer that the public may look forward with confidence for the en- joyment of many intellectual evenings during the ensuing winter season. The Committee, we understand, still ad- heres to the laudable practice of issuing season tickets, by which a person, on the payment of 5s., is admitted to the whole course of lectures, and other entertain- ments. WORKING MENS' INSTITUTE.—"A Reading, and Musical Entertainment" was given, in connection with this institution, in the Pontymoile School Room, on the evening of Wednesday last. The audience was very nu- merous, supposed to number upwards of 300 people, comprising the most respectable families in the district; amongst whom we noticed R. B. Roden, Esq. (chairman), Rev. Dr. James, Panteg, Mrs. James C. H. Williams, Esq., Mrs. Williams, and party; Mr. and Mrs. Essex A. A. Williams, Esq., Mrs. WiUiams S. Vernon, Esq., Newport; G. Fothergill, Esq.; T. Cooke,.Esq., Newport; Messrs. Roderick, Bytheway, Jenkins; Miss Jenkins, &c., &c. The entertainment proved of a very agreeable char- acter, which may be attributed to the varied and diversi- fied nature of the programme. The vocal and instrumental performances, which were rapturously received, appeared r' to be comparatively faultless.; and the Readings were given with that correctness of emphasis, and propriety of tone and gesticulation, that enabled the hearer at once to comprehend and understand the meaning of the author. Mother's Last Words," by the Rev. W. D. Horwood, was delivered with such tenderness and emotion as visibly affected the audience.



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