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USK. PREPARATORY SCHOOL.—On Saturday last, a meeting of the inhabitants took place at the Town Hall, for the pur- pose of adopting measures for opening a preparatory school in the building lately used as the Writing School, in connec- tion with Roger Edwards's school. The following inhabi- tants were present: T. Falconer, Esq.; G. R. Greenhow- Relph, Esq.; J Bromfield, Esq.; Revs. S. C. Baker, W. H. Wrenford, J. Cadwallader, G.Thomas, G. Cosens Messrs. T. Dunn, H. Dowell, J. H. Clark, W. H. Bosworth, J. Ed- wards, C. Stockham, and T. Williams. On the proposition of Mr Bromfield, the Rev. S. C. Baker was voted to the chair. The Chairman commenced by reading a statement of the information he had collected relative to the ownership of the school, from which it appeared that the building had been erected on some waste ground, and had been held by the Trustees of Roger Edwards's charity for 19 years, previously to which it had been held by the Sub- scribers to the Lancastrian School, which was originally supported in the town. Mr. Relph enquired", hat minute or evidence there was of a transfer of the property to the Trustees. The Chairman replied there was none, but the Trustees had held it for 19 years. Mr. Bromfield' advo- cated the immediate re-opening of the school, and thought that in time it may be made self-supporting. After some considerable discussion, a subscription last was opened and the following sums entered: G. R. Greenhow. Relph, Esq., £ 5; James Bromfield, Esq., £5; Rev. W. H. Wrenford, £11s; Rev. J. CadwaHa.-Jer, £11s; Mr. J. H. Clark, zEl Is; Mr. H. Dowell, zEl Is; 24r, T. Dunn, 91 Is; Mr.W.H.Bos- wortl, 21 Is; Mr. J'Edwards, iSl Is; Rev. G. Thomas, 10s; Rev. (j. Cosens, 5s. A provisional committee was then formed, and the meeting was adjourned. USK GAS COMPANY. The General Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of the above Company, took place at the Gas Works, on Monday last, present—Mr. T. D unn, chairman; Messrs. A. Shepard, J. Edwards, H. Williams, and J. H. Clark, directors: and Messrs W. H. Bosworth, C. Stockham, and Henry Lewis, shareholders. The following reports were read: — THE DIRECTORS' REPORT: The annexed statement of receipts and expenditure for the past year, is submitted for the consideration of the shareholders. The consump- tion of gas has been 914 10s more than the year previous; that of coke-and tar, each about 9P, more; that of lime about the same; and the receipts for fittings have been zE6 more. The balance in hand is nearly zC5 more than it was last year but there is a heavy list of outstanding debts. The Directors congratulate the Shareholders on the continued prosperity of the Works, and recommend that a dividend of Ten Pounds per cent, be declared upon the amount of Shares; and that the ptice of gas be continued at the present rate of 5s per 1000 feet. "THOMAS DUNN, Chairman." THE MANAGER'S REPORT: I have to report to the Shareholders that the Works are in good working order. 1 As I stated in my last report, that three new retorts would be required in the place of the one old one, I have to report j f that the same have been put up, and are fit for use; and there will be very little repairs required for the next two or three years. The amount of stock on hand consists of fire bricks, burs, &c., £ 5; meters, £ 9 12 gas fittings, £ 6; Total, £ 20 12s. The present price of gas is considerably lower than that of any other gas works of the same size, and the consumers are generally satisfied. The amount from gas, coke, tar, and lime, exceeds that of any previous year, in consequence of fresh customers, and I consider it will be necessary to lay down larger mains in the current year, that all may have a good supply of gas. "JOHN CHERRY, Manager." The reports were adopted, and the following directors, W. H. Nicholl, Esq., Mr. J. Edwards, and Mr. W. Price, who had to retire by rotation, were re-elected. Mr. Griffin was re-appointed auditor on behalf of the Shareholders. THANKSGIVING SERVICE.—A harvest thanksgiving ser- vice was held in the parish church, Llanllowell, on Wed- nesday evening last. The little church was crowded with a most attentive congregation of parishioners and others. An excellent and most appropriate sermon, on the duty of thanksgiving and the mode of its expression, was preached by the Rev. E. A. Williams, Rector of Llangibby. RURAL TREAT.—Last week, the children attending the united Sunday School of Llanllowel and Coedcwnnor, to the number of upwards of 40, together with the aged in- mates of the Almshouse, at the latter place, were regaled with cake and tea; after which, Captain Waddington very kindly exhibited the magic lantern, to the great amuse- ment of a delighted audience. The funds were furnished by subscription, in which some Usk friends generously assisted.






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