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DISTRICT INTELLIGENCE. DINNER TO CAPT BARRE PHIPPs.-The dinner which was intended to have been given to Captain Phipps, the Adjutant of the 2nd Mon. Battalion of Rifle Volunteers, as welcome on his return from Hythe, and which, from unavoidable circumstances, was postponed, took place on Tuesday last, at the Angel Hotel, Abergavenny, when 17 officers of the battalion, with their respected Adjutant, and Captain Carnegy, the Adjutant of the 2nd corps, enjoyed a most agreeable evening, under the presidency of the senior officer present, Captain King; most effi- ciently supported by Captain Hill, whose presence is alone necessary to make any social gathering pass off to the delight and entertainment of all present. We un- derstand that it was resolved to institute an annual meeting of the officers of the battalion. A letter was received from Major Butler, expressing his deep regret at not being able to meet the Adjutant on such a pleasant occasion. The Colonel was in London, or there is no doubt he would have had pleasure in joining in the com- pliment paid to Captain Phipps. CRICKET.—MONMOUTHSHIRE V. BRECONSHIRE.-This match was played at Brecon on the 19th and 20th ultimo, and won by the latter; the bowling on their side proving most irresistible. The ground was in capital order, and the weather during both days, was splendidly fine. The following is the score :— MONMOUTHSHIRE. FIRST INNINGS. SECOND INNINGS. G Levick, stumped J Lloyd.. 5 b Griffiths 13 J Rosher, c J Lloyd 3 c Price, b Williams 7 W Thomas, b Griffiths 0 not out. 7 G Worthington, b Griffiths.. 0 b Griffiths. 0 G Peake, b H Thomas 6 b Gtiffiths 8 C Davies, run out 6 b Griffiths 0 R B Gabb, not out 19 c Vaughan,b tl Thomas 7 T Levick, b GriffiLhs 9 b P Williams. 4 E Davies, b H Thomas. 0 b P Williams 0 Hon F Morgan, b P Williams 2 c J Lloyd, b H Thomas 2 lacy, fun out 0 absent 0 Byes 6, leg byes 2, wides 7 ..15 byes 2, wide 1 3 No ball 1 Total.66 Total 57 BRECONSHIRE. FIRST INNINGS. SECOND INNINGS. J Lloyd, b Peake '26 c and b E Davies 33 E Thomas, b G Levick 8 c Rosher, b G Levick.. 2 W J Price, b Peake 2 b E Davies 23 E Thomas, c Gabb, b Peake..11 c Worthington 15 P Williams, c Rosher 2 b G Levick 3 J Morris, b Peake. 0 b E Davies 11 H Thomas, c & b G Levick.. 5 b E Davies 5 D Griffiths, b G Levick 8 c Morgan, b Davies !l3 E Wright, b Peake 6 not out. 0 P Lloyd, not out 16 c Thomas, b G Levick 0 R Vaughan, b Peake 7 b E Davies 7 Bye 1, leg bye 1, wides 5 7 Byes 4, leg byes 2 6 Wides 9 9 Total 98 Total. 127

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