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POLITICAL GOSSIP. j A NEWSPAPER is published clandestinely at Naples, ander the title of Rome or Death.* The newspaper is of the full size, with double columns; it is printed on fine paper, of a blueish colour. It advocates Republican principles, and recommends an armed rebellion. It announces that a secret association exists at Palermo having for its motto "United Italy—Some its canity) • the plebiscite realised." ON Friday afternoon (says the John Bull) in con- sequence of the illness of the Lord Chamberlain, Mr Spencer Ponsonby received a small deputation instead of the larger one that bad been proposed, who presented a memorial, very numerously and influentially signed, praying that the ancient clause prohibiting the opening of theatres in the Holy Week may be inserted in the I licences about to be issued for next year. The names of one or two bishops known to be most opposed to the innovation will be missed; but we learn that the reason they are not appended to the memorial, which has been got up by the English Church Union with such zeal at this dull season, is that they thought it was a matter for the whole episcopate as a body to take up. We trust their lordships may yet adopt this course, as although the time for granting the licences is close at hand, the forms have, we understand, not yet been drawn up. I iHE iimperor has ordered M. JJroayn de 1'Huys to prepare for him an elaborate report on the internal and external condition of the French Empire. In confiding these duties to Drouyn de I'Hays, the Emperor is sup- posed to destine him to yet higher functions. IT is rumoured that a distinguished English naval engineer has been engaged by the Sultan to superintend the construction of a. number of iron-clad vassels. SEVERE illness of lengthened duration has led Lord Hatherton to place his resignation of Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire in the hands of the Premier. His lordship's successor has not yet been appointed. THERE is little doubt that Count Bernstorff will return to the Prussian Embassv in London, and not be nominated to that at Paris, as stated in the French papers. WE hear that Vice-Admiral of the White, the Hon. Sir Montagu Stopford, K.C.B., is a candidate for em- ployment. Vie trust, says the Court Journal, thit the gal- lant, admiral will not, interfere with the claims whicb. Sir Michael Ssymour has for the command at Portsmouth. Sir Ilanry Brace's time, at our chief naval, arsenal, ex- pires on the first of March next. Å THE Cairngorm, which. has just arrived ia London reports having spoken the Confederate steamer Alabama, the 290," off the island of Flores one of the Azore group. The people of the Alabain -> stated that, they had taken and burnt four Federal whalers, and captured one schooner. This report, contra iicts a recent dispatch from America to the effect that the Alabama had visited Charleston harbour, and received a large amount of specie from a pilot b.;at. The dispatch is also further open to doubt fr.im the belief that there are MW few, if any, pilot boats at Charleston. THE rumour of the. Marquis of Lavalette becoming the successor to the present Freuch ambassador to our Court continues, and seems warranted. MR. A. SHAFTO ADAIR has issued an address to the Liberal electors of Cambridge, consequent on the death, of Mr. A. Steuarr. There is a rumour in Cambridge that Mr. A. Beresford Hope, who lately contested Stoke- npon-Trent, will be the Conservative candidate for the borough. AT the recent coats-it for the county of Oxfordshire it was found that, the register had been much neglected, chiefly from the supineness of tl;,o"e interested. Both Tories and Liberals therefore set to work, and in a short time, in the Hundreds of Bloxham (Banbury included) and Bullingdou (Oxford city and be rough included), and Deddiagtou district, p'acsd on the list upwards of 300 fresh voters. Daring the past week the courts were pre- sided over by the barrister, E. G. White, Esq. The result of the registration, as far as it is known, is sa.id to- be in favour of the Liberal party, who claim a majority of two to one of the fresh voters. THE deaths of Major-Generals Alves and Diggle will place two pensions for distinguished or meritorious services at the disposal of the General Cornmandiug-iii- Chief. As they were not on the fixed establishment of general officers, no promotions will take place in conse- quence cf their decease. THE reason assigned for tbe wavering as to the trial of Garibaldi is now pretty well understood to be that he will not mince the matter, but prove to the world that he acted in concert with the Kini. and, to a certain extent, with the Government.- Court Journal.



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