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THE ROUPELL FORGERIES. Although the charge of forgery against the prisoner, William Roupell, has been thus far disposed of by his pleading guilty and being sentenced to penal servitude, ,there appears to be very little doubt that there will still be a large amount of litigation before the matter is finaUr disposed of, and as, in all probability Mr. Roupell will have to appear on many future occasions as a witness, it is expected that he will remain in Newgate for a very considerable time, in order that he may be produced by habeas upon any occasion when his evidence may be required. It appears that since his conviction he has been treated in just the same manner as ordinary persons would be under similar circumstances, and the late M.P. for Lambeth has each day his usual task of oakum-picking assigned to him, and he will continue to be so employed all the time he continues in the gaol of Newgate. Now that the prisoner stands formally convicted, and under sentence for the forgery of the will by means of which he was enabled to make away with the great bulk of his father's property, there is no doubt, that the pro- ceedings that were instituted by the heir-at-law in the trial at Guildford to recover possession of the Kingston estate, which was the subject of the deed of gift, will be continued, and that an endeavour will be made to regain possession of the whole of the property, -or, at all events, to induce some of the present holders to consent to a com- promise. It appears, however, that this is not likely to be effected so easily as was at first imagined. It would seem that some portions of the property were sold by Mr. Roupell in comparatively small amounts, under £5,000, and the holders of these portions may pos- sibly be ready to agree to some farms of compro- mise rather than incur the expense of defending an action of ejectment, and possibly losing the whole of the property they had purchased. In a good many instances, however, it appears that very large sums of money have been advanced by insurance com- panies and other large corporations of the like kind upon portions of the property, and it is said that they are de- termined not to lose their money without a struggle, and that they intend to take the opinion of a jury upon the question whether Mr. Roupell has spoken the truth in changing himself with forgery, or whether, after having squandered his inheritance, he has not resorted to this extraordinary scheme with a view to procure a restitution of the property to his family. The will and the deed of gift that were the subjects of the indictments against the prisoner at the Central Criminal Court, have been ordered by Mr. Justice Byles to be retained in the custody of Mr. Avery, the principal officer of that court, in order that they may be forth- coming on any future occasion when they may be required. — —

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