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THE ARTS, LITERATURE, &E. It THE Pope has ordered pliotographs to be taken of his 258 predecessors, from portraits both in the Vatican col- lections and the Papal mosaic manufactory. Pe^agna is the artist intrusted with thi3 task. AN account of the present position of affairs in the Cotton Districts will be published in a few days. A COLLECTION of documents relating to the Seven Years' War, and the military events of the last years of Louis XV.'s reign, formerly in possession of Bernadotte, have been-given over to France by the Swedish Government. NEW WEATHER BOOK.—Admiral Fitzroy, the cele- bratedmeteorologist, is' preparing for publication a "New Weather Book, or Manual of Meteorology." It is intended to form a handbook for general use, and will be written in a popular style, except a few scientific portions. THE large picture by Guido, once in the National Gallery, Trafalgar-square, which represented Venus being attired by the Graces, has been sent to Edinburgh, by way of addition to the National Gallery of Scotland. MR. NOBLE is to execute the Manchester Memorial Statue to the Prince Consort, which Mr. Goadsby, Mayor of the city, presents to his fellow-citizens. This is to stand under a canopy, and bd raised upon a pedestal of elaborate character, in Italian quattro-cento style; the architectural accessories are designed by Mr. Worthing- ton. The whole is to be seventy-five f'et high., the statue itself eight, feet high, in Garter robes, with a scroll in its hand according to the received modern idea of expres- siveness. Mr. Wortbjngton's part of the composition has more interest in somewhat resembling the Eleanor Crosses, works which may be considered the most per- fect examples of Gothic art, and accepted as its culmi- nating triumphs in miner developments. 'A STATUE, which has been erected at Boston to Mr. Herbert flngram, late member for that borough, will be inaugurated on the 6th October. Six pieces of bronze cannon, no longer fit for service, have been brought from Vincennes, and laid the court of the Palais Royal. It is said that they are to be melted down for a statue of the Emperor Napoleon I., probably that which is to be erected in Corsica. THE ROYAL IRISH ACADEMY.—We understand that a member of the above academy has munificently placed at the disposal of the Committee of Antiquities a sum of £ l,5u0 to purchase such doctLments of the late Professor O'Curry as they may consider desirable to be placed for the use of the public in the academy's library. THE Newcastle monument to George Stephenson, the great engineer, is completed, and will be shortly inaugu- rated by Lord Raverisworth. HER Majesty the Queen has been pleased to grant her especial patronage to the Female School of Art, Queen- square, Bloomsbury. THE Academy of Fine Arts has just awarded the Bordin prize for 1862 to M. Henry d'Escamps. The subject was The history of the art of engraving dies for coins, medal?, &c., in France, with the means of preserving the art in all its purity." SOME idea of the interest felt in Garibaldi may be gathered from the fact that a well-known publisher in Newcastle received the other day an order, for the Lon- don and Continental markets, for 42,000 copies of his popular engraving, Garibaldi in his Island Home, Cap^era." FOUR chancel-aisle windows, displaying remarkable beauty of colour and full appreciation of the true character of stained glass, have been placed in the new church at Southgate, near Bainet. The subjects are the Evangelists, with their respective emblems surmounting canopies, under which the saints are seated. There has also been executed a fine rose window for the west e,id of the new church of St. Michael, at Brighton designed by Mr. Bodley. The windows display angels ringing joy. bells round the Virgin and Child; the robej of the angels are yellow and green on a quarry ground of star- like pattern; that of the Virgin is a rich pattern of yellow on a ruby background. Beneath this, a couplet contains in its divisions respectively the figures of St. Michael and Raphael, the former being in armour, the latter in canonicals, alb, cope, &c. Their wings are upturned on a ruby ground of intense beauty; the figures lite-size. This church will be remarkable for the merit and amount of the stained glass it will contain. In the south aisle will be placed the Baptism of Chriatin a two- light window. The Flight into Egypt has been designed, very beautifully, by Mr. E. B. Jones, for a two-light chancel-aisle window angels are seen clearing the way for the ass, by holding aside the branches of trees. MR. STORY, the American sculptor, has sold his splendid statues of "Cleopatra" and "The African Sibyl for 3,000 guineas. The purchaser is Mr. Morrison. MR. A. W. BENNETT has in the press an edition of Scott's Lady of the Lake," illustrated by photographs of the scenery of the poem.




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