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DENTAL SURGERY. General Notice to Messrs. Mosely's Patients, and those who wish to consult them. MESSRS. MOSELY, SURGEON DENTISTS, i.iJL 80, Berner's-street, Oxford-street, and 42, New Bond street, London, have the honor to announce that they will for the future, devote one week in each month to their practice in the Principality, and by which means they hope to meet the convenience of their patients, and so prevent the necessity of their applying elsewhere during their ab- sence. Messrs. MOSELY'S days for attendance for JULY will be: MONDAY, 11th, George Hotel, CHEPSTOW. UPESDAT, 12th, Mrs. Williams's, saddler, ABERGAVENNY. WEDNESDAY, 13th, King's Head, NEWPORT. Attendance from TEN to FIVE. M ESSRS. MOSELY beg to call the attention of their pa. tients and those who wish to consult them, that they can now supply ARTIFICIAL TEETH with GUTTA PERCHA (itiMS or LININGS, whereby all pressure upon the re- maining Teeth is avoided, and entirely superseding wires or s!gatures of any description. They are also the Patentees and Inventors of the new GUM-COLORED COMPOSI- TION, which is added to the Teeth, and prevents the lodge. ment of the food, and which also restores that youthful con- tour of countenance, so necessary in the adoption of Artifi. cial Teeth. Specimens of these beautiful and useful in. ventions may be seen, and every information given free of expence. Every other description of Artificial Teeth from one to a complete set, at half the usual prices. Stopping Decayed Teeth, Scaling, Children's Teeth attended, and every operation pertaining to Dental Surgery. PRICHARD'S AROMATIC STEEL PILLS ? An acknowledged speci6c for general and Nervous Debility.-Of all the medicines wherewith the Materia Medica abounds, none is so extensively useful, and posses- sed of so many valuable properties as STEEL. The effects of this metal, when combined with proper auxiliaries, are truly wonderful, diffusing its invigorating powers to the whole habit, communicating a restorative action to every portion of the system; and being absorbed by the blood, and forming one of its constituents by intimate union, and circulating through its vessel,, no part of the body can es- cape its beneficial influence.- Prepared by Mr. Prichard, 65, Charing-cross, London. In bottles, Is. ltd., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis. To be had through all medicine vendors. AGENTS: Usk, Mr. J. H. Clark, printer; Pontypool, Mr. Wood, druggist; Newport, Mr. Phillips, druggist; Abergavenny, Mr. Watkins, chemist. GEORGE RUDGE, & Co., BEG- to inform purchasers of MANURES that they are prepared to supply PERUVIAN GUANO,, genuine as imported by Gibbs, Bright and Co., and direct from their warehouses. Also, Norrington and Co.'s celebrated SUPER-PHOSPHATE, at zC7 per ton, and 'their other ARTIFICIAL MANURES all of the best quality. G. R. & Co. are glad to say, that all their friends who favoured them with their orders for the above Manures last year, are so well satisfied that they are increasing them this year. Reference kindly permitted to Mr. George Williams, Slovat Farm Matthew Ion, Roshwen. James Phillips, Tresteven. John Knipe, Llanvreehva. Richard Eley, Green Lawn. All kinds of AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS supplied at manufacturers prices. Pontypool, March, 1859. GEORGE CHARLES -r> xaoTi-mrWUTTT TV + U r-,1".l;n +V»at ho ÐUP- XV plies, at any Station on the Coleford, Monmouth, Usk, and Pontypool Railway, any of the following articles, at the lowest prices :— BEST RED ASH COAL (Cefn-y-Crib Vein). LIME, for either Building or Agricultural purposes. PAVING, BRICKS, SLATES, & PANTILES, of the very best quality. Any other BUILDING MATERIALS. SALT for Farming or Domestic use. THE SECOND ANNUAL FETE OF THE ABERGAVENNY READING ASSOCIATION WILL TAKE PLACE AT RAGLAND CASTLE, On THURSDAY, JULY 21ST, 1859. THE ROYAL MONMOUTHSHIRE MILITIA BAND WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE. TEA. on the Table from Four to Six; DANCING to commence at Five. Tickets, Two Shillings Each. A Special Train will leave the Abergavenny Station at 12.30 p.m., calling at Little Mill and Usk and returning at 10 p.m. Fares from Abergavenny for the Double Journey, Ist Class, 3s. Covered Carriages, Is. 6d. from Little Mill, Covered Carriages, lOd.; Usk, lOd. The principal Tradesmen of Abergavenny will close their Shops at 11.30 a.m., on the above day. TO THE PUBLIC GENERALLY. PARTIES VISITING THE MEMORABLE Ruins of Raglan Castle, 15 Will find every accommodation, combined with reasonable charges, at the SHIP INN, RAGLAN. N.B.-No charge for hot water, crockery, or knives and forks. SUMMER FASHIONS! JAMES WILLIAMS Has on shew at his shops in USK and RAGLAN, anew and extensive STOCK of all The Novelties of the Season! Also, a large assortment of PLAIN GOODS for Domestic Uses. In the Ladies' Department Will be found a variety of Materials, suitable to all classes. It will contain a large assortment of Mantles, Shawls, Silks, Hats and Bonnets, Feathers, Flowers, SfC. The Mourning Department Is also renewed with LONDON-MADE BONNETS, CAPS, &c., and lie has engaged very experienced Milliners. 1. Fashionable Parasols, Gloves, Hosiery, Trimmings, &c In the Gentlemen's Department Everything from the HAT to the HOSE, will be found complete. GEORGE CHARLES, "CT S K, HAS been appointed Agent by the Western Counties and General Manure Co. for SUPER-PHOSPHATE, Potatoe, Mangold, Grass, and Corp MANURES, BONE.DUST, NITRATE OF SODA, &c. THOMAS RODERICK, CHEMIST, PONTYPOOL. AGRICULTURAL SEEDS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. GENUINE HORSE & CATTLE MEDICINE. PATENT MEDICINE & PERFUMERY. Agent for the celebrated Rarey's Horse and attle Food' MONMOUTHSHIRE. CALDICOT, SHIRENEWTON, & ST. ARVANS. FOR ABSOLUTE SALE BY AUCTION, BY hve:R,- J- DAVIS=, At the White flart Inn, Caldicot, On MONDAY, the 18th day of JULY, 1859, At l2 for 1 o'clock precisely (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, subject to such con- ditions of sale as shall be then produced), THE UNDERMENTIONED ELIGIBLE FREEHOLD PBOPERT Y3 IN THREE LOTS, VIZ. LOT 1. — A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, consisting of a conve- nient sized Shop, Parlour, Kitchen, and Back- Kitchen, on the Ground Floor, and three Bedrooms over, with a large Garden in front, and a spacious Yard behind situate in the parish of CALDICOT, and now in the occupation of Mrs. DALTON. This Lot is very conveniently situated near the Cross, in the centre of the Villiage of Caldicot, adjoining the high road leading from Chepstow to Magor, and premises belonging to Mr. Stephen Prosser and Miss Bowen. The House is in ex- cellent repair, and the Premises are from their situation well adapted for a general Shop, which has been carried on there for some years. LOT 2.-A FREEHOLD MESSAUGE or DWELLING HOUSE, with Barn, Stable, and Shed attached, and about Seven Acres of very pro- ductive Pasture and Arable Land, situate in the Parish of SHIRENEWTON, and now in the occupation of William Brown, as tenant thereof. This Lot is very pleasantly situated, has a good aspect, and commands extensive views of the River Severn, the Bristol Channel, and sur- rounding country: it adjoins premises belonging to Mr. William Long, William Ford, Mrs. Jones, Mr Alexander Waddington and an ac- commodation road, and is distant about 1 mile from the village of Shirenewton, 5 miles from Chepstow, 7 from Usk, and 4 from the Portskewet Station on the South Wales Railway. LOT 3.-A FREEHOLD MESSAUGE or DWELLING HOUSE, consisting of one-Sitting Room, Kitchen and Back-kitchen on the ground floor, and 4 Bedrooms over, with a good Garden at- tached, situate in the parish of ST. ARVANS, and now in the occupation of Mr. William Hill, as tenant thereof. Also, a COTTAGE or TENEMENT adjoining, and under the same roof, consisting of one Sitting Room on the ground floor, and 2 Bedrooms over, with a good Garden attached, now in the occupation of Mr. Charles Roberts, as tenant thereof. This Lot is situated in the centre of the pleasant Village of St. Arvans, on the road from Chepstow to Tintern Abbey, and within half-a-mile of Wyndcliff, having a good frontage to the Turn- pike Road of 40 feet, and extending backwards 161 feet, and is bounded by the Court House and premises belonging to Mr. William Howell. The respective Tenants will show the Lots, and any further Particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneer Ash Cottage, Chepstow or of Messrs. BALDWYN & MORGAN, Solicitors, Chepstow. MONMOUTHSHIRE. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, SITUATE AT CALDICOT. MR. JOHN DAVIS will SELL by AUCTION, at the WHITE HART INN, at CALDICOT, on MON- DAY, the 18th day of JULY, 185:1, at Three o'clock in the afternoon (subject to such conditions as will be then produced), the following desirable FREEHOLD, PROPERTY, IN TWO LOTS. LOT 1,—Comprising a substantially built MES- SUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, with the Lawn, Walled Kitchen Garden, Malt-House, Stable, and Coach-House, thereto belonging, situate near the Cross, in the Villiage of Caldicot. The Dwelling-House consists of an Entrance Hall, two Parlours, 17 feet 6 inches by 14 feet 4 inches, with three good Bedrooms, Kitchen, Back-Kitchen, Cellar, Brew-house, and other necessary offices. The Malt-House adjoins the Dwelling-House, and contains a Cistern capable of wetting 15 quarters, a drying Kiln recently built therein, and two floors, one seventy-eight, and the other sixty-eight feet long by seventeen feet wide. There is a Store-Room over the Coach-House, and a good Spring of Water at the back of the premises, the whole of which stand upon about one acre of ground. This Preperty is eligibly situated about one mile from the Portskewett Station of the South Wales Railway, in the centre of the Village of Caldicot, and in a good Barley Country. The House, Malt-House, and Premises, having been recently re-built, are in good repair, and replete with every convenience for carrying on a malting business. LOT 2.—A Piece of FREEHOLD ARABLE LAND, situate on Caldicot Moor, near Collister's Pill, in the parish of Rogiett, in the said County of Monmouth, being an allotment under the Caldicot Inclosure Award, and containing by admeasurement 1 rood and 21 perches (more or less), and numbered 278 on the said Award. Mr. GEORGE HOWLE, Jun., of Caldicot, will shew the Property, and further Particulars may be had of the Auctioneer, Ash Cottage, Chepstow of ALEX- ANDER WADDINGTON, Esq., Solicitor, Usk, and of Messrs BALDWYN & MORGAN, Solicitors, Chepstow. USK, MONMOUTHSHIRE. MR. J. DAVIS begs to announce, that lie has received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, in the MARKET-HOUSE, on WEDNESDAY, JULY 13th, 1859, a general assortment of CABINET AND UPHOLSTERY G O O 3D S Comprising Dining and Drawing Room, Bed Room and Kitchen FURNITURE of every description, Beds and Bedding, Brussells, Kidderminster, Felt, and Straw Carpets and Hearth Rugs, Velvet Pile, Cloth, and Damask Table Covers, a quantity of Plated Goods, 500 piaces of Paper Hangings, a Rifle, by rogswell, London, with bullet mould and powder flask, also a capital single-barrel Gun, with various other articles, for Particulars of which see Bills. The Auctioneer begs to call the attention of parties furnishing and others to the above, as the whole will be sold without the least reserve, being ths property of a party about declining the upholstery business. Sale to commence precisely at Two. -An early attendance will greatly oblige. LOYAL VICTORIA LODGE, USK. THE ANNINERbARY of this Lodge will take place at the CASTLE INN, on MONDAY, JULY 11, 1859. The Procession will Form at Twelve o'Clock. The attendance of Brothers from other Lodges and of friends to the Order is respectfully solicited. The FACTORY BAND will be in attendance. A BALL will take place in the Evening, when Mr, POLLOCK'S BAND will attend. SOIREE IN USK CASTLE. The Tenth Annual Soiree In aid of the Funds of the Usk Mechanics' Institute will be held, by the kind permission of Hia Grace the DUKE OF BEAUFORT, in the above Castle, On Monday July the 11 th, 1859 The Royal Monmouthshire Militia Band will be in attendance. Tea on the Tables from Four to Six o'clock. e Tickets, to Members of the Institute, and Children under twelve years of age, Is. each to Non-Members, Is. 6d. each. JAMES CORMICK, Hon. Sec. SPECIAL TRAINS Will leave Usk at 9 20 p.m. for Pontypool Town, and at 10 p.m. for Monmouth, calling at the inter- mediate stations. Ordinary return tickets will be available by these trains. The principal Tradesmen of Usk will CLOSE THEIR SHOPS at Three o'clock in the afternoon of the day of the Soiree THREE SALMONS HOTEL, USK. A BALL will take place at the THREE SALMONS, on the Evening of the Soiree. Tickets, Is. 6d., to be had at the Bar. CRICKET. A MATCH at CRICKET will be played on MON- DAY NEXT, the ltth instant, on the Ground near the Prison, between the PONTYMOILE and USK CLUBS. Wickets to be pitched at 10 a.m. precisely. H. BAILEY, Secretary. TO BE LET, FOR A TERM, A COMPACT detached VILLA RESIDENCE, situate near BLAENAFON, Monmouthshire, con- taining entrance hall, dining, drawing, and breakfast rooms, 5 bedrooms, pantry, larder, kitchen, &c. Capital walled-in GARDEN, with vinery and fruit. Coach-house and stabling. Also, if desired, a com- pact FARM YARD, with requisite buildings, and several enclosures of good pasture and meadow LAND, containing about 60 acres, with an extensive sheep walk on the mountain. Possession may be had immediately. Stock and crops to be taken to at a valuation. May be viewed, and Particulars obtained of Mr. J. G. WILLIAMS, Blaenafon or Mr. J. PHILPOT, Auctioneer and Estate Agent, Pontypool. TO THE ELEOTOHS OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. GENTLEMEN, I BEG to return you my sincere thanks for the honor you have this day done me in Electing me one of your Representatives in Parliament, and to assure you that it shall be my earnest endeavour to merit the confidence you have been pleased to place in me, by devoting myself to the performance of my Parliamentary duties, and giving my best attention to your Interests. I am, Gentlemen, Your obliged and faithful Servant, POULETT SOMERSET.


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